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Does this work with Google Photos?

Thanks. I am looking for a plugin like this, but specifically for Google Photos. I looked on the WP repo and here on CodeCanyon, but I cannot find it, so it may be a nice one for you to develop :-)

There are several plugins that let you embed photos from Google Photos on your WP site, but no one lets you browse the Google Photos account, pick a file, and download it to the WP media libary. So if you could make a plugin just like this one, but working with Google Photos, it would be awesome!

So I made a few tests. Apparently Google Photos uses the Picasa API. I’ve read that it should still work with the Drive API but I couldn’t get the plugin to display pictures from there. I’m not entirely sure this is supported, but if I find anything else I will let you know. Depending on what I find, I can potentially update this plugin or create a new one.

Thanks man, I appreciate that. I hope you manage to make it work. I’ll buy it right away.

Good morning I have a wordpress site with different users. I wish that each user could make a submission of a file just uploaded to an email. In practice, it would enable my users to send large files to a user for which you know the email. The receiving user receive an email with the link to download the file. The form to the user sending these requests may contain: - email sender - upload files - email destination - Text to include

It’s possible?

Thank you Andrea

hi. this plugin is intended to download files from google drive into wordpress. it’s not going to do any more or any less than that. what you are describing sounds like a specific scenario that requires custom development

Hi, please excuse if this is a basic question, but I wanted to save excess load on my server by having my users use their google drive accounts to store their files by ability to upload AND download from Google Drive? Are both ways possible? Also, are videos and images on display kept server, or can these be linked from GDrive as well? Thank you!

Hi. this plugin is meant for downloading only.

I have some mp3 stored on my google drive… ¿Will it link them to the media library on my Wordpress? So can I embed is as it were on the media library?

you can see and download files, such as mp3 from google drive into the wordpress library. you can also host a link, but not in the sense of having a song playable in the site

So the file has to be stored on my own media library ? not in Google Drive?

if you need to render it, yes. there are other plugins out there that may be able to render directly from google drive. this plugin is mainly for downloading

can you plugin replace the wordpress media library with google drive

no, it relies on media library to save media files

I want that if any media is added into wordpress, it will should directly goes to google drive/dropbox. The media file should not be saved within wordpress website.

I want that visitors can not access the data through direct link.

Is it possible with your plugin?

this plugin should be able to work as a CDN but I’m not sure it behaves the way you want it to. you are welcome to give it a try.

i am wanting to have a shared media library that i control and is used to serve the same images across multiple sites… so i can edit and all sites are updated etc.. – is this something your plugin might help with?

hi. yes. with the plugin you can both download media or host it directly.