Google Drive Downloader and CDN

Google Drive Downloader and CDN

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This is a plugin for WordPress that displays and downloads files from Google Drive to WordPress Media Library.

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Current Version: v2.8


- NEW FEATURE: Folder Selection (both Google folder and local save path)

- NEW FEATURE: Possibility of displaying/hiding folder items from the list

- Per-user settings. this allows each site user to set up and access their own Google account in WordPress, without seeing other users keys or files

- Copy URL to Clipboard (use objects as CDN links instead of downloading them to the local server) Note: in order to use direct URL reference, make sure to set the folder and/or file sharing access to “Public on the web – Anyone on the Internet can find and view”

- Added section in new post “Add media” dialog for adding items while adding posts

- Google Documents Support (conversion to PDF)!

- Now supports any downloadable file types, not only images!

- Support for storage selection (WordPress Media Library or File System)


List all images from the Google Drive account of a user, and enable them to be easily added to the WordPress Media Library in a single click.


- Internationalization support (English and Portuguese)

- Detailed instructions and print screens


- Google Drive Account with images (can be organized in folders)

- Drive API and Drive SDK enabled in Google Console

- OAuth 2.0 App created for API ID and API SECRET

- Simple WEB API enabled for Browser/Developer key

Release Notes


- show file names to easily identify each file

- audio files now have a a specific icon to help identify them

- supported file types: “image”, “audio”, “pdf” (google docs) and “file”


- stop using DIR to support older PHP versions


- fixed exception: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘[‘

- fixed warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent


- new feature: user can customize the destination folder in the file system

- new feature: user can customize the origin folder from google drive

- new feature: user can choose whether or not to display folder items

- fix: Google REST api exception warning on first auth redirect


- added multiuser support (each user saves and uses own key/secret to google account)

- fixes for multisite support

- added message when no files are found

- corrected wrong redirecturi link in documentation area


- fixed encoding issues


- added section in new post “Add media” dialog for adding items while adding posts


- added google docs support (conversion to pdf)


- bug fixes (options issues, function call issues)

- added features (storage selection, file type selection)


- placed menu position on bottom to avoid overlaps


- connect to the current user’s google drive account

- show a list of existing images

- dowload images individually per click, getting them copied into the WordPress Media Library