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I can’t open a support ticket because it says my purchase code is invalid. I cannot get the plugin to work with my theme.

Filed a support ticket and still no answer on that or this comment. This app does not work, and I can’t even get someone to help me fix it.

Hey kato3000, and thanks for your comment. If you can’t use the support form on my website, please use the one on my profile page on CodeCanyon instead. Please provide temporary access to your blog + maybe FTP access so that I can check what’s wrong.


hello, why I found a limited results ?

Hey sanayar2008, unfortunately I don’t know what you mean exactly. Can you describe what’s the problem? Thanks!

Hi, I can’t get this to work with my premium theme, presumably because they’ve changed the standard WP searchform.php file elements too radically.

You were unable to get it working through ftp access. I replied to our email chain asking how to get refunded and didn’t hear back.

How do I get refunded?

I just searched my spam folder and inbox, I could not find your reply.

But I gave you my ftp credentials at first, as you requested, and it didn’t work out acceptably. I had explained to you how when I activated your plugin with certain settings, it broke my header, so I had turned those settings off. But when I got back in to check on the site after being away all day, apparently you had changed some of the php code to turn those features back on, and the site looked broken – I don’t know how long it was like that – but I had no confidence to give you the admin credentials after that.

I had also supplied you with detailed screenshots of the code I was using in the searchform.php, the customizable area of your plugin, how it made my site look in various configurations,etc. I also sent you the diagnostic download file that your plugin produces specifically for you to troubleshoot. I offered to provide any info you requested, I just couldn’t give you admin credentials after what happened with the ftp credentials.

All the screenshots and bits of code and the diagnostic download from your plugin aren’t enough? Tell me what you need and I’m sure I can provide it. But what more would you need than that? The reason I’m leary is because after giving ftp access yesterday morning, I looked at the website in the evening and it had been changed to have the nav bar search form styled in a way that breaks the entire header and looks ridiculous, and I can’t have someone doing that to the site and leaving it that way all day.

All that said, I actually like your Google Custom Search plugin, and would recommend it to those with the standard searchform.php file in their WP theme. But I couldn’t get it to work with the premium theme (“X”) I purchased through Themeforest. And if it only cost $5, I would chalk it up. But I can’t pay $25 (+$2 processing) for a WP plugin that I ended up having to deactivate.

So is going through Envato customer support my only option to get a refund?

Hey Kris, Imagine that a good friend of yours needs help with his computer because there is an error you’re able to fix. You know the issue because you had the same problem over and over again and can fix this in a minute. But this friend doesn’t give you access to his keyboard and mouse. Would you be able to fix his issue? I don’t think so. And so it is here. I’m pretty sure that I can help you out but sadly my hands are tied.

So is going through Envato customer support my only option to get a refund?
I think so.

Like I told you, I ALREADY GAVE YOU FULL ACCESS TO MY WEBSITE, at least via FTP. Yes, I understand that doesn’t provide GUI WP Admin interface, BUT, you still managed to change things around enough to break my site and then just leave it that way without even a courtesy email warning. I got home late that night and wondered just how long the site looked mangled. Now I don’t trust you to get into the client’s site and have free reign. I don’t know how much clearer I can make this.

I also spent a lengthy amount of time gathering screenshots and code and the diagnostic file your plugin spits out specifically for you to get the info you need to troubleshoot an issue with your plugin, then I sent it all to you in an email with a detailed description of how my searchform.php file is different because of how the theme designers changed it, and showed all this to you. Then I explained how if there’s any other info you need, I will get it for you.

Sorry, it didn’t work out, but I would like my $25 back since I’m not able to use the plugin.

Estimated Try to avoid fights with customers, however you have the right does not look good. Regards

This is a Question before i buy !

can we use this with my adsense for search ?

will i be able to earn through this search ?

Hey Harshmeet, and thanks for your comment. I hope you’re doing well today.

To answer your question: yes. That’s possible. But you have to associate your Custom Search Engine account with Google AdSense first. On this page you can read how this works.

Hope this helps.

Yeah ok ! I have an approved AdSense account. So i don’t think i need to read that. I already use adsense for search. Can u provide a tutorial for using the code from my AdSense account to your plugin and then use it with my blog’s search bar on the right top corner.

Blog url rootmyandroid.org

If this works ill buy the plugin !

Oh there is nothing special to do within the plugin. You just have to link your AdSense with your Google Custom search (described in the link that I shared in my previous comment). Then activate and customize the plugin, following these steps (there is a video on the end of the page, too). After that go to the settings page of the plugin, click the “Layout” tab, scroll down to “Ads” and enter your AdSense “Ad Client” and “Ad Channel”. That’s pretty much it.

If you buy and need any help, please don’t hesitate to contact me again ;)


I use a theme A Knowledge Base WordPress Theme with a live search, if I connect the search without violating design topics? Will the live search? Thank you so much.

Hey Aritolla,

and thanks for your comment. Unfortunately I don’t know exactly what you want to achieve.

Do you ask if the input field is a search field that provides suggestions? Is that what you mean? If so, the answer is “no”. Sorry. I don’t really know if this is currently supported by Googles custom search.

Hope this helps. Greetings to you.

Is there a place to advertise?

Hey Aritolla again,

you can easily add AddSense to the custom search. This must be set up on Google CSE online.

Hope this helps.

It seems that your plugin is INCOMPATIBLE with HHVM

Today more and more sites use NGINX + HHVM

When we enable it it causes fatal errors. Can you please solve this issue? We use around 50 plugins, others they don’t have this problem

Hey beyondtrading,

and thanks for your comment. I will have a look into that and go back to you as soon as I can.

Many Greetings

Hi, you have plans to create a plugin for the custom search of Yahoo Boss or Bing Custom Search? I’m using Google CSE today, but as my site has grown, Google is charging me absurd $ 750 per year. And Yahoo and Bing options are much less expensive.

Hey moisbach,

and thanks for your comment. Currently there are no such plans.


Hello, Does it works with Divi theme ? Best Regards

Hey Roland57500, yes it does. However it’s not possible for the plugin to replace the main search field (on the top right) as this has been hardcoded by the ElegantThemes team (means, they do not use the searchform.php). However I wrote a child theme for Divi that supports that (as I’m using it on my own).

Hope this helps.

1) I deleted the google account this plugin was using to work, I do not see an form of changing the google account to another one, since the plugin does not let me do it. 2) I would like to know whether your plugin by any chance create query strings at the end of URLs. I am asking because very recently we started seeing this and coincided with the time of deleting the google account which was being used. 3) Currently I have your plugin disabled because it is not working for the reason mentioned above Sorry, but I do not see why do I have to pay for an issue with the plugin which is the inability to change Google account

Hey beyondtrading, okay. Now I understand. You cannot change the Google account username and password on the settings page because of the overlay, right? I will provide a fix for this today and hope that this will help you out.


thanks, solved

Great! ;)

Hello! Please, tell me! In the search box on the Google version appears the logo of google and “Custom Search” phrase, I do not want to appear this message, I would replace it with another message “What you’re looking for.” Is change is possible to do it in your plugin? Thanks, Claudio

Hey Claudio, you can remove the Google Branding if you’re on a paid plan. See this help question in the CSE help.


Have opened a ticket please check i hope january 7th is some kind of the joke because if u wont be online more than a year this is a complete joke and will try to find ways to refund product…

Hey there, of course I will answer a little earlier as indicated ;) You should have an email in your inbox.


Hi is your plugin compatible with jarida theme?

Hey there, is this theme a paid one? If not, I can check for you.


yes also plugin not working as when i try to login to google it is not getting success

What exactly is not working

Note that (as the sales page already told you), that the login-functionality is currently de-activated as it’s no longer possible to directly connect to the API. I will provide a fix as soon as I have a solution for that. However this does not affect the general plugin functionality. So you should be able to use the plugin accordingly.

This is a Question before i buy! Add only one search engine ID?

I was referring to the site, not the page. One site one ID is (now), I would like to one single page one ID.

Real estate search on one page to another page, search for the car, on the next page to create a job search. All this on one site, but on different pages.

Hey there again. As far as I know you can use labels for that. No need for different search engines.


I continue having issues with this plugin, waiting for a solution for months. Google login resulting into 404 errors, it does not allow to change Google data as password which one has to change often

Hey beyondtrading, and thanks for your comment. Unfortunately there is still no solution that I can integrate to automatically set on demand index and/or removal for Google CSE. As you already know, Google has announced last year that it will migrate CSE index with the Search Console. And as far as I know it’s only possible to add new or remove old pages from the index manually (see this help page on how to do it). Since then Google returns 404 (page has been removed) for the login-page :(

Many greetings


I want to try search comments result, can you provide some purchased user’s website.


I tried WP GOOGLE SEARCH plugin , only show before 7 days results, no results in 7 days. So I want to try in 7 days comments results, your demo no comments in resent days.

If your plugin can show same days comments content search result, I will buy.

Hey there again. I’m not sure what you try to achieve but in the end my plugin integrates Google CSE. If you want to find out more on how you can configure the search engine, jump over to Google CSE to learn more.


Hi wpbuddy, do you plan to create something for Google CSE?

No, this is not planned.


qsumter Purchased

Hello I just brought this plugin and I am getting a this page is not working when I try to access the settings… https://www.dropbox.com/s/7g8q9yi0f9h6y75/Screen%20Shot%202017-07-01%20at%2012.19.51%20AM.png?dl=0

Hey qsumter, and sorry for my late response. I hope you had a great weekend.

As mentioned on the sales page of the plugin (and as you can see on the support tab on CodeCanyon) I’m no longer supporting this plugin. This is because Google has discontinued Site Search as of April 1, 2017. Sorry.


qsumter Purchased

Well can I get my money back please. I did not see that.

It could still work. It would have to be altered. You should return the money to those who purchased if it cannot work. Just makes sense. Support is support. But a functional plugin is a diff story. Great Idea though.