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Awesome work, well done! :)

Thanks a lot..

Do you have plans to add user registration so people can create an account and import their contacts too etc?


Yes this can be done…it won’t take much time…thanks for your suggestion…will add it in next rlease..

all this for $20? what a steal. Good job!

good work ! :) i wish you all the best for your sale ;)

thanks a lot..

is there a way to make it a multi-tenant app where each user can import their google contacts?

See…multi tenant app cannot be sold at this cost…but I can design it for customers if they are interested with affordable customization charges…it won’t take much time…might be 2 days…let me know if you are interested…

Well I understand that and we don’t mind paying more. However, I am more concerned with continuously updating every time you update it. We already have in-house developers who could do the customization but we want to take advantage of the continuos upgrade as your project evolves with time.

Yes btw you can send your requirement anytime..thanks a lot..

Thanks. Well we’ll wait until it’s multi tenant as there’s no need for now.

I haven’t set any date yet but it would be completed by 5th Jan..

ok thanks. I will keep an eye on it. I will purchase it when done.

Hello nasserali, I am not getting time for updation. But whenever I complete it, I will leave a message. Please send me your email id.

Dear your support system not working I have a problem installing the script while I have checked the server requirement and it is ok

You can mail me at support@wmlab.in

hi, can i install the script in my server

please check the image


Everything is ok….you just point that ‘check’ folder to any subdomain and then you will be able to install this application easily.

Interested in your script but need some custom change

Can you please email me the changes you want?

A RoleController is missing

Can you please send me your email so that I can mail you that file?

Current demo has many alerts with no text… So it cannot be evaluated properly…

Hello, I have planned to update the script in next month…you can try again once it is updated…

hey.. I am interested to purchase this item, but it has lot of error when i open the demo

Unfortunately, the demo is not available online.

while sending the email, i am not able to change the subject. subject is always ‘welcome ‘

The project is not supported any more.