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Do any of your charts have the ability to add a toggle / switch that visitors can use to adjust values in the chart? For instance, if I wanted visitors to be able to show projected debt levels based on interest rates that they can select with a the toggle, is that possible?

Hi I can’t make this work. Made a google spreadsheet that I wanted to show with your plugin. First I tried one with 1 column for names and 1 column with numbers eg. Food 120 Beer 200 Clothes 300

and so on.

Then I tried making it only 1 column with numbers, to se if that made a difference, but no.

Don’t you have a guide for this plugin?

Best regards. Michael

Can I return? This is not working for at all.


Is it possible to work with decimals for the ‘Company Performance in ColumnChart’? Like 11,32 or 11,20..


I bought your plugin yesterday.

I need show a Google Map with some locations (pins) loaded from a Google spreadsheet.

Is it possible with your plugin?

How I can do?


Hi: I purchased this plugin. I keep getting this error message: error in query: Request timed out The google spreadsheets are published. I changed all the data cells to plain text to see if that changed anything. I have been struggling with this for a couple of hours. Thank you.

I fixed my issue. The issue is how the google spreadsheet is made public. Do not simply Publish the doc to the web. Rather, make the doc private, but create a “shareable link”. Click the blue “Share” button in the upper right of the screen. Another dialog box appears. In the upper right of this box is a “create shareable link’ button. This is the link that should be pasted into the google chart url field.

Hey, nice plugin.

- Can we change the colors? - Change legend position?

Size of the first column in bar chart??

If I include a bar chart, I can only see little text and then …...

I am desperately looking for the code to increase the width of the text column. Can you help


I have a problem with the line Chart. My Vertical Axis begin to 2300 to 3600 but the preview show “general2300” and “general3600” to the Vertical Axis Value.

How to remove “general” before the value ??

How can I change the width? Is there a way to do it.

Hey, I am using WordPress 4.1.4 and the Plugin is not working. Could you give me any advice?

Not working – want a refund please

I’ve got a support question I would like to ask – could you provide an email address I can send it over to?

Can you please tell me how to change the colors?

I am trying to get the pie chart to show up and all I see is the title: Cleveland County Industry Breakdown

I created a pie chart in spreadsheets and I believe it did it correct?

Can you please help or tell me what I am doing wrong?

Can this be altered to connect to a mysql database?

Hi. How i can customize size fonts of chart? Bar colors?

i get “error in query: Request timed out” some any idea why? google sheet is accessible.

Please make sure the google sheet is public?

Can you send me the preview page too? And please try to update the data more friendly?


aeikman Purchased

Doesn’t work. And cannot add to dashboard.