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Nohud Purchased

Hello, i have an issue with the script. The very last section (Mobile, keywords etc…) is empty. It worked some times ago but not anymore. Can you help me please ? Thank you.



Nohud Purchased

Can you please tell me what file did you fixed ?

That’s link file


Hello! pre-sale question! Can I create for each of my clients a user who will go to see the statistics of his website? I tried to sign in with the customer user but it does not work! Thanks!

ES from http://www.astateoftrancelive.com/

Yes, Script supported this feature.


Nohud Purchased

Hello, I changed my hoster and script is not working anymore. I think there is a htaccess problem. Can you help me to solve it ? Thank you very much.


Nohud Purchased

I sent it one more time (and with the envato contact form)


Please try to again


Nohud Purchased

Thank you very much for your support

Hello, I want to buy this script, but I need to make sure I can sync this with the data from google analytics, and how is the authorization ?

you can sync this with the data from google analytics. And authorization very easy

Hello, i have configured website. Everything is working except Mobile and Source/Medium tabs

Hi Tien. You have nice scripts and I was excited to see this one, but let me tell you – it’s missing one BIG feature: The ability to export reports. I know you can take a screenshot of each section, but I know there a lot of people who do monthly reports (myself included) and it would be a HUGE selling tool for this script.

Hi tienpham, i have bought the script yesterday but i found that, GEO pagination not working Behavior pagination not working Technology no data Mobile no data All Traffic no data Am i downloaded the older version or something?


Send for me FTP via support form. I will help you fixed it :)

Hi tienpham, i have sent my ftp access via support form. Please check ya. Thanks.

Was this project abandoned? there have been no improvements or upgrades since 2016 …

I noticed that you did not release any updates and then a customer had a problem with the geo.php file and you asked him to buy another license for you to upgrade.

If you want success with a script you have to have updates when an API gets old

Does this give your the referrer and the IP Address? I, and my clients, want to know the referral site for reports saying which site has sent how many visitors to the site, and different pages that was viewed.

DEMO not works. Is it still works and updated?


Script still working you also demo at here with anthor script: https://codecanyon.net/item/gamw-google-analytics-multi-website-pro/19719995

Hi Why was the “GAMW” removed? Is it no longer upgrade ?!

It’s willl return back soon. Do not worry for this :)

Okay, I’m waiting. I need some support and I wait. good luck

We still support you let me know any problem?

can i see real time from one place for all my websites ??? some list for real time for all website

yes, right

i cant see demo and all real times i can see here on this app or on the PRO . where i can see this demo and pro demo to see and buy some of them

hi Pinterest Auto Post Multi Accounts I don’t download

mate you don’t sent pinterest auto post

Hello, presale question: 1- The demo site isn’t working. 2- Can I add a custom menu item that opens a page on the center? TY


Script still working fine. and you can add custom menu item very easy.

Let me know if you want help when you bought it


Customer login isn’t working, I have just checked it now. Not working

On demo verison. We are disabled all features



fgorman Purchased

I can’t install the plugin. I already tried twice. The message I’getting: The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

Please give us your all info at email: info.vtcreators@gmail.com

Thank you!

Hi I have an error message with the file highstock.js TypeError: d is undefined | File : highstock.js:291:409

Link : http://code.highcharts.com/stock/highstock.js

Possible to help me understand Thanks

We replied via email.

Hi you do not reply by Email :( No answer. Thank you for helping me Regards,

Hi brother,

We have just fixed it, pLease confirm it again Thanks

Hello, in the demo does not load the information in firefox for android. https://i.imgur.com/KadXZyP.png

It also does not show in safari for IOs

Demo domain is expired. Please send the correct demo.


seji2906 Author Team

Hi bro,

There have the problem with our server. So you can view demo again.