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Hi. The script no longer displays source/medium, landing page, etc, which are HUGE part of analytics for me. I’ve logged support call but you haven’t answer. Can you help me out please? Thanks

Hi, Do not worry. I will update new version on two next day.

Hello, re-downloaded the script, but there is no data. Is there such an error code: “Highstock.js 287 Uncaught TypeError: Can not read property ‘linewidth’ of undefined”

Hi, Do not worry. I will update new version on two next day.

It is still a problem (i cant see highcharts diagram )

update: my fault, i have wrong id… THX all, nice script

Hello. I still haven’t heard from you regarding the issue with source/medium, technology and mobile tabs which are no longer working and it seems others are starting to notice the issue. Are you aware of the issue and working on fixing it? You said you get back to me several days ago and never heard back. I’d really appreciate it.

Are organic/paid keywords available? Does it have access to WMT? Is it opensource?

HI I have installed the script followed all of the instructions and added my first website, but it isn’t showing any data even though i can see the data in google analytics, it isnt coming through to the progam. Any ideas?

What your skype?

Lee Straderick


Hi, this looks perfect but just seeing if it still tracks where the visitor came through such as the source and what keyword or search phrase was used to reach the website

Look amazing but is it not being updated anymore? dont want to buy it then it not work in a month with no updates.


databen Purchased

Can anyone provide a link to the documentation? I bought through Flippa so I don’t have the usual documents. Thanks.


databen Purchased

I just emailed you. Can you at least send me the documentation?


databen Purchased

Just purchased.

Okey contact me via skype tienpham1606. I will help you. Or send for me your skype

What about this error

PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library ’/usr/local/php54/lib/php/extensions/no-debug-non-zts-20100525/ixed.5.6.lin’ – /usr/local/php54/lib/php/extensions/no-debug-non-zts-20100525/ixed.5.6.lin: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Fixed ;)

:) thanks! though i notice the Demographics images arent working. is this something that i can fix or do you need to have a look at that also?

You need enable Demographics on your account GA

You also said you would update in a day or 2 a month ago and its not been updated since February…

Hello , LOCATION function who display a world map , doest work in démo ? why ?


cuevis Purchased

Hi. I’m getting a 404 error after install and config. Please help

Hi pls contact me via skype tienpham1606. I will help you


cuevis Purchased

Hi I’ve been trying to contact you on Skype (as instructed by you) for over a month. I need support and have received any response. I’ve provided you with the FTP login information. Please let me know if you can fix the issue.


Oh, Pls contact me again. Because i have a lot of customers so something i forgot support a some customers. Sorry for this



daviber Purchased

Hey man I just buy your code now, and I want to know is that possible to you bring the e-commerce data? And is that possible to save those data in my database?

Hello, I have bought your script. how can I add Google Analytics dashboard to my simple PHP website?

Please check email

What email? I don’t see any your email


There are few sections that does not return any data? (Screenshot: https://goo.gl/9mwqT4)

Thanks Mohsin


I Buyed the system, but today I have noticed that the graphs do not work anymore and I do not give the information of Google Analytics, can you help me?


Pls renew license support to get help


yurikan Purchased

Hello, tienpham1606!

Will be new upgrade of your product?

Can you help me, a little bit? I wanna connect jsGrid with you product.

Skype: yurikan.dev

Hello. Technology & Mobile not showing data, but in my google analytics page I have the data. Can you help me? Thanks

Yes Pls send for me FTP account, website and account login via support form. i will help you fixed it

sent. thank you


Bozzie Purchased

Can you help me with the setup?

Hi, Free tax support install is 15$