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I would love to show you a demo but unfortunately this is just a jQuery plugin without any fancy back-end collecting data for Google Analytics. If you want to see how the collected may look in Google Analytics check out the screenshots.


Love it,

Do you have time to help me with the error tracking?

Do the errors show up within analytics event tracking section? I just would like some more information regarding this process.

Thanks! Great stuff!


Hi there, I just finished the initial setup, but I’m having some issues figuring out how to implement the error tracking. We’re currently using valform.js for the form validation. How would I go about adding in the additional code that you specify in the read me documents?

You ever going to respond back to my issue?

Hey, now nothing is being tracked on my website. I followed every step and now no goals or data is being passed to Google Analytics.

I’d really appreciate it if you would respond back with some type of information.

Day 4 still no response.


please remember that I do support for free. Selling stuff here doesn’t pay any hours I put in support.

I answered one of your emails, take a look.

Regards, Tim

Hi Mate,

Just purchased this script although the main one I wanted to use is “Google Analytics jQuery Event Tracking” that comes free, please could you send me the read me for this explaining how to attach the events to HTML elements.




Awesome work. I’d like the same thing the last guy just asked for as well.

Since you said on this script that it “Includes the full version of Google Analytics jQuery Event Tracking!” I think it would be good if you included the readme for that as well.

Anywayyy, keep up the great work and when you get a chance, please shoot that readme file over to me.


Just wondering how the script works as I have set it up at http://www.vengent.com.au/findanagent but does not send any events back to google analytics.

Your help would be appreciated.

Best Regards, Blake email: blakejg2@gmail.com

This looks great, good luck