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Hello and thank you. I have bought and installed this helpful add on last night. But now I notice that in Analytics the amount are rounded to the full euro. 3,50 becomes 4,00 etc. How can I change that? Please note I am in Europe, we use ’,’ and not ’.’ as separator. The problem is not in Analytics since it handles decimals well in my other web-shop.

Also I would like to exclude shipping cost from the total amount sold in Analytics. Can that be done?

I know this is a very cheap and handy Plug-in and I like lean and mean. But it seems to need some tweaking.

Please download a new version 1.0.1

Thank you. I can’t see if the version here is 1.0.1 but, I downloaded it and put it on the server through FTP. Decimal problem resolved, except for in the product detail view. Shipping issue seems well resolved.

New features, rounding sophisticated, optional postage. Download new version 1.0.2.

Hi Roger!

I bought this plugin too, hope it will work fine as well.

what you want is in the php file.

in files 26, 27 and 28 erase “round”


New features, rounding sophisticated, optional postage. Download new version 1.0.2.

Thank you Arkivera,

Like this: //”<?php echo round($item->product_final_price); ?>”,

@Arkivera Doesn’t work product name is no longer given through.

New features, rounding sophisticated, optional postage. Download new version 1.0.2.

Hello, I’m setting-up the plugin in my website, but i still get the “Status: Tracking Not Installed” in my google analytics account!! as if the plugin is already activated in the Virtuemart 2 backend

Thank you

You must wait 24 hours for the data will be displayed. (from the first sale)

Hi, I see in the code that it uses the old analytics ga.js tracking. Will it work with Universal? If not, how do I make it compatible with Google Universal tracking?

Nothing old is not there, try and everything will work

I don’t understand. I mean the reference in the code in your script is ga.js and if one is using the new Google Analytics Universal code the javascript is called analytics.js (not ga.js). Isn’t the code written for Google analytics standard and not Google analytics universal? I’ve had the code activated for some days now and still nothing is reporting. I assume it’s because the script is not compatible with GA universal?! Is it not?! How can I make it work?

Adds the latest Google Universal Analytics JavaScript tracking code to your Virtuemart 2 – Please download new version


Will your plugin work with VirtueMart 1.1.4 and Joomla! 1.5.22 ?

This product does not work at Themeforest Joomla 1.5. Buy a plugin here and email us, we will send a functional version of J1.5 and VM1

Hi, just purchased. great plugin. Need to know something. Where does this plugin insert the conversion code? i mean can u let me know how does it find the order success form? is it standard in joomla if yes what is the url usually?

Is this working with Joomla 3 and Virtuemart 3 ?

Yes, fully supported

Does it track the Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce?

Google evaluates conversion order automatically

Nice and clean