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Thanks for this module, It don’t work with my opencart installation, my custommers can’t complete orders if the file is on my server.

Can you help me for that ?

I use OC

Thanks in advance !

Hi. By the looks of it you have another extension that is doing hardcoded modifications to a core file (order.php model) instead of extending functionality. This is a big programming no no… Anyway, you can give me ftp access if you want so that I can take a look but please be aware that if this is the case it might be difficult to keep both my extension and this offending extension. Please mail me at jhn.doe@gmail.com. You can give me access details there (not here on the public forum).

Issue was resolved by removing the other script that caused this. The behavior was not this module’s fault.

Yes,thanks a lot for your help !

I’m not seeing the ecommerce tracking code on the success page. Think you could help me troubleshoot?

You probably have some extension that is messing with the code there :) Send me an email with access details on jhn.doe@gmail.com.

Hi, does the module work with the latest OC version??

This has been tested with OC There were no tests yet with version 2.X. It theory it should work with minimum modifications but I can’t guarantee it. A standalone version for version 2.X is scheduled for May. Thanks!


We have used the Opencart version 2.0 with no major modifications but the plugin doesn’t seem to be working at all.

Could you help us fix the same


Hi, I will need to know where you inserted the code and what error are you getting. As stated before this version has only been tested with OC A proper release for v.2.x is scheduled for May.

Hi, We have placed the code inside the Vqmod/Xml directory. We are unable to see the code in the source file throughout the website and the transactions have not been captured in Google Analytics as well

OC 2.x no longer uses VQMOD the way OC 1.5 used to. It’s a totally different procedure. The best way would be for you to wait util I will release the official extension for OC 2.x. I can’t provide support now for an extension that was designed to work with OC 1.5. If you don’t want to wait you will need to look at what the XML modifies and manually edit the corresponding code in OC 2.x. Please note this requires programming knowledge.

Hi, I just bought and installed this before I realised I am using 1.5.4…..doh. Can you help? Thanks

Hi, I have let it run for a day now and still no sign of anything in analytics, would be grateful if you could take a look, how do I email you? Thanks

Please mail me your access detail to jhn.doe@gmail.com

Thank you for all your help


I baught your extension and i read in description the following:

This add-on uses the new Universal Analytics code (analytics.js). Please note that it is not compatible out-of-the-box with the old analytics code (ga.js). If you want to use the old code this add-on can be modified (I can do it for you) but I really suggest using the new Universal Analytics code.

but, in your code there is not link to analytics.js and is used old analytics code (ga.js)??

ok, i figured it out, you ment in admin :: settings analytics code is used new analytics.js – yes i use this new, but still no tracking visible? Do i do something wrong or just need to wait longer?

Glad you figured it out. :) If the OC version is correct and you don’t have any other scripts that interfere with checkout/success the data should be showing in GA in a few hours.

Hello Purchase code: 764a54c7-4b2f-445a-9678-e6b20ee12366

I have installed your script as instructed but it does not seem to be working.

Hi, Thanks for reaching out. For the data to show in Analytics you need to wait a while (up to 2-3 hours) after the order is sent to see the ecommerce analytics data in your GA Account.

If the opencart version is correct and there are no other modules interfering with the checkout/success page the script should work without issues.

If you run a module that interferes with the checkout/success page or a heavily modified theme that interferes with that page some adaptations might be required.

Hi Its been installed for 2 days now

If you had orders for the shop during these 2 days it’s most likely the second case -> other extensions / themes interfering with the script. If you want me to take a look you can provide the access details by email to jhn.doe@gmail.com


My opencart version is I have already set up google analytics but it is not showing the ecommerce detail.

Will this extn work?

can I also check the source of the revenue?