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Is Google Address Autocomplete compatible with “WooCommerce checkout field editor” ?

It will not automatically work with “WooCommerce checkout field editor” because our plugin adds a new field to type the autocompleted address, but the plugin “WooCommerce checkout field editor” resets all the fields.

But don’t worry, just manually add the names of the fields our plugin needs in the back-end of “WooCommerce checkout field editor” an it will become compatible. The names of the fields to add are : “billing_address_google” for the billing informations and “shipping_address_google” for the shipping informations.

And with other checkout fields plugin ?

It’s compatible as soon as :

– You can add some fields, choosing their id. In that case, add two fields with the ids : billing_address_google for the billing informations and shipping_address_google for the shipping informations.

– You don’t remove the country field. (Used to verify that the selected address can be used regarding the authorized countries)

Some fields aren’t correct after autocomplete… (wrong state, misspelled street, incorrect house number…)

Please try the same address here : http://www.mbcreation.com/google-api-test/

It will display all the data that the Google API gives us regarding the address you selected. If you got the same issue (for example, wrong state, no house number…), that means that Google send wrong/incomplete data. Unfortunately if Google send us incorrect data, there is nothing we can do :(

If the you don’t have the same issue here, depending on the case, maybe we can improve the plugin to use Google data in a better way. In that case, please send us an email to support@mbcreation.net with copying into your email all the textarea result and any other information that could be helpful (witch piece of data is the state, the city, etc., especially for non latin languages).

I notice that some customers don’t put their house number in the address field… (often for dutch addresses)

For dutch addresses (and also all countries where house number comes after the street name) it’s very common, because customers start to enter the street, and Google suggest an address with the correct street name, postal code… So the user select the address before he types any house number and forget about it.

You can add a validation for that at WooCommerce level. If you add this code into your functions.php theme file, the customers won’t be able to validate the checkout form if there isn’t any number in the address 1 field : http://pastebin.com/SagEZiDX

Can I force the language of the drop-down list provided by Google ?

With version 1.10 and higher, you can force the language of the Google drop-down list by adding a small piece of code into your functions.php file in your theme directory.

Here is the code to paste : http://pastebin.com/GMCD6pm2 (Just change the code of the language by the one you want)

I have a separate field for the house number, does your plugin support that ?

Yes, since version 1.12, our plugin supports the separate field for the house number. Your have to paste this code into your functions.php theme file : http://pastebin.com/innGTBdk and just customize it with the name of your fields.

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