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Hello, this plagin worked in Russian region and language?

Hello, this plagin worked in Russian region and language?


We are using a plugin called ‘autoptimize’, when enable we are unable to use your plugin… Could you please give us a list of the script that we need to exclude in order to be able to continue using your plugin?

Thank you

Hi Trinitech, i’ll test it right now and let you know !

Strangely seems to be related to a google map AP bug that shows up with the autoptimize.

You can keep the plugin enabled and filter the map API call like this :

add_filter(‘woogoogad_gg_api_other_parameters’, function(){

return '&v=3';


This will force version 3. Code needs to be placed in your functions.php.

Check woocommerce general settings and also settings general within wordpress. I can not see where you add in the API key.

Hi, weird. what version of the plugin do you have ?

Hi there. Love the plugin. I do however notice that if I use any custom checkout fields plugin, your plugin no longer works. I have tried about 4 plugins and your plugin still stops working. Can this be fixed?


Sparql Purchased

Hi, Does this work ok for the UK?


Sparql Purchased

Thank you. Just purchased it, installed but getting loads of [????] on the fields?

Hi, Can you help with this issue?

Hi, did you set up correctly the API ?

To make the API key work correctly there are two steps :

1- Create it here (then paste it in the text input in WooCommerce > Settings > Google Autocomplete API :


2- Activate the correct service here (places library) :


This should fix your issue,


MikeyTT Purchased

Unless I missed it, in which case it’s not very clear, but would be useful to show/describe where the API key is entered. Took me a while to figure out it was in the main page of the Woocommerce settings. Worked a treat, once I’d found that tho…

Hi, you are absolutely right. I’ll update the doc ASAP. Benoit.

Hello, I want this to be used in woocommerce wholesale registration page as well. How it can be done with this plugin as its doing in the woocommerce checkout page. Please reply ASAP



First of all, great plugin!

I have one problem, sometimes getting a javascript error (not everytime): “InvalidValueError: setComponentRestrictions: not an Object”

I’ve googled and tried some things, but the error is still showing up about once every 3 sessions.



Is there any way to show the house number for addresses when a customer inputs just a postcode.

At the moment it only shows a single result which is the street name which about 20% of our users then click without entering their house number.




Is there any way to show the house number for addresses when a customer inputs just a postcode.

At the moment it only shows a single result which is the street name which about 20% of our users then click without entering their house number.



Plugin was easy to install. However, there was no information how to setup the API onto the word press site to make this plugin work. I came across this plugin and within a few clicks got plugin to start talking with google API for it to work.


Hi – great plugin. Encountering following issue though, which I couldn’t resolve.

Autocomplete works, but once I selected one of the autocomplete suggestions, it will still give me an error message once I want to place the order, i.e. “Billing Full Address is a required field.” It seems like that the filled-out field is not recognised as such. Please advise. Thanks!

Hi, I purchase the plugin and it is not working for my website paulineolivier.com. I sent you an email on January 30th and February 7th but I still did not get any answer. If you do not answer in the next days I will have to ask you to give back the money I spent on a plugin that it is not working…

I have already done all of that and it is not working. How could I please get a refund ?

Hi, i think you have a button or an option to “ask for a refund” in your account on the website

I ask my developper to look in the code in case there is any conflict with my theme or another plugin before asking for a refund. I will keep you posted about it

I have just purchased the plugin. However, it didn’t seem to me that Indonesia address format is supported at the current form. As per your previous comment, I would like to request support for this localisation format {name}\n{company}\n{address_1}\n{address_2}\n{village}\n{subdistrict}\n{city}\n{state}\n{postcode}\n{country}.

Here is an example of the address returned from Google API

“Jalan Bendungan Hilir Gang 10, Bendungan Hilir, Central Jakarta City, Jakarta, Indonesia”

“10210” is returned as “postcode” “Jakarta” is returned as type “state” instead of “province” “Central Jakarta City” is returned as “city” “village” is optional and is null for this instance “Bendungan Hilir” is returned as “subdistrict” “Jalan Bendungan Hilir Gang 10” is returned as “address_1”

Currently, only postcode and address_1 are populated correctly. All the remaining fields are empty. For your reference, I’ve already get the subdistrict field added to the checkout and account form. Therefore, the only missing bit is to get the Google returned address as delimited values so that I can assign them separately.

Thanks in advance!

Hi, tankies, this is your call to ask for a refund through you codecanyon interface, not mine !

Sounds like you really have nothing to do with it? I made my refund request via CodeCanyon more than a week ago and has been pending for your approval. I even left comments here asking for the same and explained the reasons. Now, you were telling that you were not involved?

Hi Tankies, i’m really sorry but i don’t have any refund request from you in my dashboard. Did you do it for the right plugin ?

Bonjour, le plugin est t’ilcompatible avec n’importe quel thème woocomerce ?

Plugin is not working with New Zealand addresses, it is still adding a “state” for the city which is making the address invalid. Please resolve

But the generated address is NOT the one used ?! The plugins populate it into fields. Your example is turn to

13 Castor Bay Road Auckland 0620 New Zealand

When order is done, right ?

The plugin stops checkout process from working and generates an error

what error ? could you send me an email at support@mbcreation.net with access to website ? and / or ask for a refund it doesn’t make it


Nagytalp Purchased

Is this plugin works with hungarian addresses?

Hi, please make a lot of test here : http://www.mbcreation.com/checkout/


Nagytalp Purchased

It works, thank You!

It seems it does not work with Google Places? Eg. search for Jadala Place in Nairobi. Works on Google maps but not on the plugin demo.