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Hi, issue with the API Key i guess ? Google takes https for a new website :/

Yes, and issue with multiple API keys loaded by different plugins. All sorted now. Thanks for the super speedy reply. Much appreciated!

Hi, unfortunately this breaks the view of the Billing Address fields on the checkout page (strangely only in Chrome) as it loads. Are we able to get someone to take a look? thanks

Did you updated WooCommerce to version 3.0 ? Might be the cause of the issue

Support – I have have written several emails to get support with Japanese addresses not filling in the address_1 field. Can we get an update or resolution please.

Hi, like i said several times, there is nothing i can if somes region of the world are not well covered by the Google Api. There’is a link you can make some test before buying. All i can offer now is refunding your order. API response are not on me unfortunately.


live preview is not working!

Hi, is it safe to upgrade to WC 3.x?

yes, version has been updated. And support@mbcreation.net for any issue


besfe70 Purchased

why it does not work with the shipping field which is the most important, woocommerce 3

Hi, could you please open a support ticket ? http://www.mbcreation.com/support/ Benoit.

Hi there. I’ve seen a few comments complaining about the plugin not filling the Neighborhood field. Could you please make this field visible in your live preview URL so that I can test if it is working for my area? This field is required by my gateway.


Daziaus Purchased

Hello, I would like to know if it is possible to type in a Place name rather than the address and it auto fills in?

For example, instead of 111 Main Street, Colorado. They can enter, Colorado Shopping Centre. Then client can click on correct address?


Hey, does this plugin still work? It’s not working on my site.

@Daziaus: Yes, that’s possible – I just tried it—> Access Road, Edgewater, Colorado.

@mbcreation: Please update your changelog. :-)

Hi, just purchased plugin.

I sell to two countries but when typing in address it shows all countries and takes a long time to find local countries address. What Can I do to show Uk & Ireland only?

Is it possible to STOP sales off mainland UK, i.e DO NOT SELL to Isle of Man?

Not sure if it’s an issue with WooCommerce 3.1 but the plugin switches the unit/appartment number and the address number around the wrong way or removes the unit number all together. I confirmed this on your demo site.


I want to buy this plugin, however, I have the following doubts:

1- I notice that it shows autocomplete options for all countries.

Is it possible to show autocomplete options for only specific ones listed on woocomerce shipping countries?

2- Also, what if I don’t want the address dropdown option. Is it possible to apply the autocomplete feature on the address directly instead of having a separate line where the customer types his full address?

Best regards, Gabriel