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looks good, add to my to buy list ;)

hi The video link doesn’t work. Can you fix it please?

I cannot get this to work! www.lucysocial.co.uk (and second of your plugins I bought today, other one works!)

Hey send me an email with the problem you are having. This plugin is pretty rock solid and theres not much that can go wrong with it leading me to think its a simple installation error.

Excellent. Works great on my site.

You should consider releasing an all in one pack with the +1, like and tweet buttons.

Most of the free plugins don’t work on all sites.

Anyway 5 stars on this one.

Great idea I have actually been laying the framework out, it should be ready to roll today or tomorrow :D

hi :-) unfortunately I cant get this plugin to work, my url is eGeriatrics.md can you please advise? it seemed to install OK and I added it in the post Test 1 and no luck, can you please advise?

Please send me an email with the code you are using.

hi Tyler, I didnt know I was supposed to use further code. What code shall I use in the post or page to make this show up please?

Works like a charm (sorry for the hassle). I love this plugin. Highly recommended

Hi, installed this, and while it appears easy enough to use, I keep getting the following error no matter what page on my site I try to use it on.

404. That’s an error. The requested URL was not found on this server. That’s all we know.

I’m grabbing the page URL from the permalink, so that should be just fine.

Any clues as to why this is happening?

The plugin does not affect anything in your URL structure. While advanced it only effects template tags and shortcodes and nothing else on your site so I would have to say it’s unrelated or maybe an incorrect install. There’s not really any way this plugin could cause 404s.

Send me an email with the URL and I will take a look anyways.