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Great app Concept. Good Luck with Sales.

Please share demo

APK Test Please

Thanks for the comments, added demo download link.

Hi, it includes a pdf document that explains how to import the project into Android Studio, make necessary changes and export the apk for Google Play.

eclipse version ?

can you make me Eclipse versiobn because I never used android studio ?

Ok, I can do it, just purchase the item and send me a private message, so that I can prepare the project.

Ok, I can do it, just purchase the item and send me a private message, so that I can prepare the project.

Hi there,

Testing your apk demo, i’ve realized that it doesn’t work properly when sharing on Facebook.

Would you be able to fix it?


Clicking on the Facebook share button, the Facebook app appears with the “post” to share, but it’s empty. It doesn’t show the information it should share. Here’s a screenshot http://i58.tinypic.com/rswj6a.png. I’m using Android 4.4.2. Thanks!

Hi again, personally I’ve never used facebook in my life:) But I researched the issue and found that you can’t send plain text to fill a facebook form. But you are aloud to send a website link or a photo. The issue is explained: here. Now instead of sending text, I will try to print the text on an empty image and send this image instead.

I sent the fix to Codecanyon, you will receive a notification when it is approved.

Hi I have a problem after the translation the app stop working , also there no button to switch between languages can you check it please… maybe I did something wrong?? Another thing I want to change the name of the app, can I change it from the strings.xml only ??

H?, If the app stopped working after translation, you should start from the beginning and do it step by step, testing the app. Switching between languages is done by android OS, there is no need for button. The name of the app is app_name in strings.xml. Visit this link for more info.

Great app One thng though, the demo apk showed the money saved in my local currency, the one l bought the apk showes USD currency, how do l change this kindly?

Thanks. I remember having it done as to display device’s selected language and currency. Please change the locale and let me know if there is problem.

Thanks, it worked good luck with more sales

is this support RTL .

It doesn’t have rtl support.

can change indonesia language? and change $ to Rp ? thanks


The error message is not visible.

canyou help me to fix it.? via teamviewer .? please help me..

can you update this app? please update this app.

can you help me. this new message error. http://prntscr.com/cd69ua

Very Nice Work :)

Thank you.