Goodang - Warehouse Inventory Management Android Apps and Website

Goodang - Warehouse Inventory Management Android Apps and Website

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Goodang – is an inventory management Android App with Web Dashboard for manage your multiple warehouses, tracking moving in and out asset with existing barcode/qrcode or generating by Goodang labeling features. Automatically reminder while stock is running low will help you to keep stock always available.

Demo Account

Mobile Android App
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Password 123456

Web Dashboard
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Goodang Benefit

Warehouse On the Go
Manage your multiple warehouses operation anytime an anywhere.

Movement asset tracker
Realtime tracking your assets moving In and Out from warehouses using internet connection.

Easy Implementation
No additional investment for device capabilities, Using common computer and android device.

Manage stock
Using android phone or PC Goodang app capable to chek your last stock by shrinkage in long period and decrease qty by other factors.

Good User Experice
Mobile app with amazing design and funcional feature

Goodang Feature

  • Dynamic Type Code. You can choose the format code according to your needs, both barcode and QRcode
  • Easy to use. The application can be used anytime and anywhere and can be accessed on the Web or Apps
  • Prediction Stock. Can find out the availability of stock in each warehouse quickly and precisely
  • Multiple Warehouse. Manage all warehouses with just your fingers
  • Flexible ID. Naming difference QRcode for each goods or using one QRcode for same type of goods
  • Stock Opname. Checking physical to know for sure and exact quantity as a part of internal control
  • Open API Generator. Realtime data communications from other system or your existing ERP using JSON Web Service
  • Statistic Builder. You can generatr dynamic graphics dashboard for easy tracking or realtime monitoring using big screen


  • Android Phone OS v5.0 – v10.0
  • Apache web server
  • MYSQL database
  • Laravel Framework running under PHP
  • One purcase code is legal for using one domain only

Change Log

Version 1.1 – Jun 2020

    - Reduce size file download
    - Fixing issue Android and Website

Version 1.0 – May 2020

    First version released