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Awesome job! Keep up with the good work!

When will eCommerce be available?

it’s done, I submitted to CC, it’s in approving queue

Is the eCommerce available on your demo?

Yes, htpp://www.gomy.mobi/

hi buddy i just install the script and i was unable to login. plz help me

please check “material-portfolio” for examples

Hi prescriptz can u tell me what r things this update contains

- improved: + structure & loads of frontpages + move documentation.html to root of script

http://html5ok.com/app/account/login/ In order to protect your account, please re-login again

yes, may send email with FTP access to debug?

My email is 80939369@qq.com Has been sent to you received?

yes, thank you, will let you know issues soon

Hello! I’m highly interested in your product but I don’t understand very well how you sell it. As far as I understood, this is a php product that enables me to host my own website builder on my own server.

Questions: 1. Is there a PRO version of this script? I saw there are some features listed in the description with the tag (PRO). If yes, please indicate the link with the pro version. 2. With this product, any user can register and create a website. I must buy a VPS hosting package in order to grant my users the possibility to setup their website using subdomains (eg: userlink.mydomain.com) Is this correct? 3. I saw that there is a feature of your product to take care of the payments, so all I have to do is to purchase, install and setup my paypal account, promote the service and wait for income? 4. Is there a demo for admin? 5. What is the price for a full working script with all the features? As far as I understand, the price tag of 50$ from here, will not give me the right to sell membership for this sitebuilder service. What other limitations are with the 50$ license purchased here on envato? 6. Do you plan to update? If yes, when is the update scheduled and what it will contain? 7. Is there a way to create new elements and make them available for users to use them in the process of creating their websites? By elements, I mean accordions and stuff like Visual Composer offers. 8. How do I edit the front page of this site builder? Is it wordpress based? Is it editable from the admin area? It looks so ugly and outdated. I would like to use a wordpress template for the landing page of this product. Is it possible?

Also, if you are kind and grant me a minute or two, I would like to chat in real time on Skype. My id: cata.avr

Thank you and waiting for your reply. Depending on it I will buy the product today.

Thank for your interest

1. This license is also all Pro features, you please check all key features and higher licenses at http://www.prescriptz.com/script/gomymobi-site-builder-platform/
2. Yes, need at least VPS to run subdomain feature

3. Yes, only need setup all necessary information then start earning, but you need Extended License to charge end users

4. Full demo at http://www.gomy.mobi

5. Yes need Extended License required to charge end users, there’s no any limitations with this Regular License, it’s only rights of using. You may check higher licenses at http://www.prescriptz.com/script/gomymobi-site-builder-platform/ for a perfect simple business solution

6. Update is very regular, mainly fix bug and add suggested features if these suggestions are enough good to consider

7. No, this builder doesn’t use elements, it uses website te create sites quickly, please read more FAQ at http://www.prescriptz.com/script/gomymobi-site-builder-platform/ , it contains all important questions about this script

8. This script doesn’t involve to wp, but you may use a wp for frontpage with a small custom. We’re preparing documentation for building new frontpage, new themes and store themes

And sorry we don’t use chat, also apologize for any type, I’m typing on mobile

I don’t seem to understand the way you sell this script. :( On http://www.prescriptz.com/script/gomymobi-site-builder-platform/ you say for Business+ which costs 149$ I get 1 year of updates but if I buy gomymobi from envato, I get lifetime updates, right? As every other product from envato (I guess it’s in envato’s policy). Anything above 50$ I find it way too expensive for what I get. The cheapest VPS with only 6GB storage costs 214 Euros / year. Adding the price of this product, another 50$, that’s approximately 280$ just to get started. This means that I must sell minimum 280 subscriptions of 1$ each just to recover my investment in the first year!

Without saying that Wix, weebly and other global known site builders will give a much better service and offer all the things that I could offer by using this product, FOR FREE. I can’t compete with that!

The only reason I want to buy this product is because I have a digital agency and I would like to offer this service as well just for marketing reasons ONLY. I can’t find this product business profitable.

So, I ask you again, what do I get by paying 50$ here? I’m willing to buy it today, but first I want to understand all the aspects as I saw you don’t grant any refunds (although this is also a issue well documented in Envato’s policy)

Thank you! Best regards

6 months on Envato is just support, and follow terms, regular license does not have rights to charge end users, but you may earn by ads or services or support

And this script coded almost by each line, so speed and performance are best, vps with 256 mb is still enough good to run


Inside Theme Where to Change Names and Classics


Well, did you edit something? If not please open console debugger to see its error

Or just give FTP access to debug

hello this price for ecommerc+ ! volum !

price for ecommerc+ volum

in youe site i not find this price 50 dollar just eCommerce+

$399 !!! but i tak same price Business+

50$ is regular license, you don’t have rights to charge end users

What is the full version, which can record user through?

it’s still full version, no any difference

Sorry I did not understand? Why difference in price? ! If there is no difference between them and the full version! What is the price of a copy ecommerce+

1/ you have discount for it ecommerc+ 2/ i can see your demo link for its ecomerce+ eCommerce – Business Website & Online Store Builder

1. no, we don’t have discount for eCommerce, Business+ only

2. Business & eCommerce uses same demo link, eCommerce is just a big upgrade

I wanted were seen. How are design shops

Really can not understand your question

Please be specified

In this copy ecommerce+ I said that it can build a shop templates I want that were seen demo

yes, eCommece allows users upload new store theme for sharing or selling. But unfortunately, this feature is not available now, would be released in next big update

Therefore, only 1 store theme now, http://www.gomy.mobi/


andaonm Purchased

Hello Buy your Drag-n-Drop Business Webite Builder and Host Platform script – Business License and Shopping Carts GomymobiBSB: Ecommerce – company website and online store building install them locally and they work fine, when I install it on the server it gives me a blank screen and it does not pass from there. Can you help me install it please.

Amazing job! Good Luck With Sale :)


aryabh Purchased

what r things u added in this new update…


aryabh Purchased

what r things u added in this new update…


Nice work on your product, looks great. Pre-sales question – does this website builder use a certain PHP framework (Code Igniter, Laravel, etc.)?

no, it does not use any framework but pTemplate

Hi, what is the difference with the other script of $399 value? thx

can you please help?

it does not wotk

Please give FTP access to test


I want to buy your builder but I can not accept paypal payments can only receive them with Stripe.com you can solve this problem? Thank you

Yes, Stripe was in our plan, will be added soon