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WOW! man this thing looks AWESOME! about to dive deeper into it.

Got some issues on Mobile Phone View with the text you may want to adjust. Also, I dont see a way to submit contact at bottom?

So $30 is just for the LITE and does not come with any of the nice features like Theme Marketplace or Subdomains for sites am I right? I’d have to pay $299 & up to get those features right?

Hi pharill,

1. If want to contact, you need to type at least 1 field to show the Submit button

2. Yes, these PRO features are available in Business+ License only, LITE has the builder + 1 site theme only

”$299 & up to get those features right?”

Thank so much for your interest, papix2001

Yes, these PRO features are available in Business+ License only, LITE has the builder + 1 site theme only

hello nice work i will buy it but need add RTL for menu in design new site ( right to left ) if can add RTL to menu i will buy thank you

Thank so much for your interest, netmasr

Do you need RTL for the builder, or for sites created by builder?

How can i put this work? This install explanation is very confusing…

Thank so much for your purchase, AdWorldGroup

But this LITE License has the builder + 1 site theme only, and no need to install / setup

In case I buy the Pro version can I change the script to a new domain? Because your page says that only one domain is allowed.. In case for some reason I want to change the script to a new domain what I need to do?

Thank for your interest, cubanito2002

Yes, you can change the script to UNLIMITED domains, but it can only work on 1 domain at the same time.

Before move script to new domain, just let us know.


where do you get the pro version

Thank for your interest, compropc

You may check all features, functions & license at

Please let us know if you still need anything else.

If I have a client, than the client do have his site in a subdomein, it can Not Like

And can I test it whit full functions…..

Thank for your interest, visionto

- If you run script on a VPS/server:

- If run on a shared host:

You can also try full features & business functions at


I have shared host, but I wann

This script is designed to work with subdomain mainly

But with shared hosts, you may also change the directories easily, such as:

- Default:
- To:

As you wish.

Hi friend, may i know if there is e-commerce module in this CMS?

Thank for your interest, cloudbliz

You’re talking about e-commerce for created sites, or for the platform?

The platform has payment systems & subscriptions to manage user’s payments


I mean E-commerce for created sites

oh, at present it’s not but added in next big update

Hi there; I am don’t know anything about PHP but very good in Wordpress. I got few sites. How I can install or setup the thing? What are the components are required? if you could help, I want to buy this. Thanks.

Hi mirshad01

Thank for your interest, it’s very easy to install, like you install a WordPress blog

And we’ll help you to make sure it works

Please order your copy at here


Hi any idea when the e-commerce update will be ready? as looking to buy the pro-business licence but will wait for this big update.


if you buy Business+ License now, we’re sure you’ll get free update once shop function is available


You got a admin demo section? I would like to see whats under the hood.

Yes, please try unlimited features at

what a great script! I have a question. If I get one website with this system I can then upload to another host or remain all websites on one hosting?

yes, you can download all created website then upload to any other hosting

Not working. Whatever button i click on the menu options asks some aditional licence (that do not even exist in the author portfolio!). Looks nice but zero results.

Your item description for the product you sell here fir $14 contain features that now you say that are not included, unless i pay you outside codecanyon $3000?

You may want to consider full refund or providing the full features that you presenting on this item as included.

really sorry for any inconvenience, but item displayed this is lite only & has these features

Drag-n-drop HTML Site Builder
Built-in Media Browser
3 Site Themes for Creating
No need to install / setup

may give me URL for checking?

You are cheating your buyers.

Most of this product are just links to the author website, there you are asking for aditionsl $3000 for the exact features that here in THIS item description is showing very clear that they are included in this LITE version, but are not.

I will kindly wait for the full refund, for this item and its other 2 items/templates until monday.

If I publish my website in the demo I can not watch this.

oh yes,

so sorry for this, because of some reasons, feature of custom domain & subdomain is off in this demo mode, just sub folder mode is used

If you want to try, please use


Can you only create one style of page on each site? i.e how do they do an ABOUT page which is different LAYOUT to HOME page?

Can you merge site themes?

Hi there

This script works & creates sites base built-in templates, not elements / widgets like other scripts

So you’ll need to choose a theme then start filling your information to finish a site, you don’t need to combine or mix the elements


how could I get a many of themes ?

what script do you want to ask?

this Lite version does not have user registration

if you talk about AMSB, then users can not register, you (admin) create users, 1 email sent to user’s email once you created


what are the big differences between the lite one and the pro ?

please check more details about them at

Basically, LITE is just site builder only with download feature, Business+ is SaaS script with auto payments

What exactly do we get with this package? What does builder look like FOR THIS PACKAGE, not the full site selling package? I want to create unlimited sites and three themes is fine but I need to be able to make unlimited sites from those themes and host on my domain or download html package to upload via FTP to another domian of mine. Can I do this with THIS package? Thanks

Confusing info. If we don’t install this, how do we access it? Is it just an offline HTML page with components? What do the three demo themes look like?

Hi there

This LITE version has a site builder only, you may create unlimited sites with 3 themes, but you’ll must download the sites after finishing; then use FTP to upload to your domains

If you want hosting features & custom domain, subdomain pointing solution, you’ll need a Business+ version


This is interesting developement and i feel i should get it but could you please tell me if this is SaaS software and if it can be bought on codecanyon here or if skrill payment method could be accepted and also can other payment method like 2checkout be included or to recieve payment from users as both stripe and paypal don’t works in my region here. only few payment method that works globally can works fine with it.

Really sorry but auto payment can be processed via PayPal at present

Refund me, I didnt know i have to pay extra

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