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how does the ai work in this app? or is it meant for two players? description doesn’t get to into detail on these points. Cheers!

available type of game play with artificial intelligence only. But you able to change it :) Cheers!

Does it have any option menu or high scores page, game saving, restart level, etc? Thanks, good job !

This game not include menu, scores and saving. It is not difficult to create.

Hey is there a reset button within the game?

For reset just touch the screen…

Hi, I like this game, but it does not reset after the first round, to a new one. The fire button does not work to reset the game. How can I reset the game without a fire button? Can I add a button on the game page that would reset the round after someone wins? Please help me solve this problem. Thank you for your time, Brian

For reset just touch the screen. Let me know – if you have any problem.

can i get apk or link to google play?

You can create apk in Eclipse . This game not published on GooglePlay. You have a chance!

Hi is this Game Admob Supported

Yes , you able to add AdMob ads

TOOLS: what design tools does one use? (e.g. Eclipse, Flash Builder)

Full eclipse project.

Good game! Please make some final touch to your game! it’ll make good sales!

It already has AI in place. BUT: -no ads -no highscore -no reset or restart