Discussion on Chicken, Meat, Fish Delivery Flutter App with Admin Panel - GoMeat

Discussion on Chicken, Meat, Fish Delivery Flutter App with Admin Panel - GoMeat

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Hi Tecmanic, I have sent a mail on the support ticket and via whatsapp but no response yet.

What is your ticket number?

Have you checked the ticket recently?

please update this application

We are working on the update and it will be ready soon.

I would like to know if you will update? and what the updates will be. Thanks

We are working on Updates for GoGrocer, GoMarket and GoFresha for this month, Next month, we will update GoMeat

My pleasure

Please update GoMeat soon, I want buy

We are working on it, will be released soon.Thank you.

please update this application

We are working on the update and it will be ready soon.

Are the bugs still there at the project? When to expect an update

Dear customer, We appreciate your purchase. Right now, we are working to publish updates for GoGrocer and GoFresha. Once we are done with those two projects, we are gonna start fixing all the bugs in GoMeat. I know this is frustrating, but we don’t have the resources to work in all of our scripts at the same time. So, I will ask you a little bit more patience.

Hi, I brought this project but it facing issues in the mobile library unable to compile it, Can you please help.

Please open a support ticket at

after installing there was a error coming like this

{status purchase code is invalid, please contact support!",data}

we have entered correct details still it was coming , we raised a ticket too please let us know

hi can you upload the admin panel please

We are working to fix the issues in GoMeat

when will you finish fixing the issues please let us know

Hello Team,

Do you have a pick up feature on the app ? For customers to have the option to pick up from the store. Please advise

No, we don’t have that, but we can customize it for you.

Do you have plan to update it? I want to purchase..

Yes, sir, we are gonna finish updates to GoGrocer, GoMarket and GoFresha before coming back to this app, but yes, we are working on updates for this too.

Does it have a web version? Or only android and ios apps?

For now only Android and iOS

I am Interested in this product, but I have few questions 1) what is functionality different between GoGrocer and GoMeat 2) I was buying GoGrocer but GoMeat’s UI is more attractive, are you planning to update GoGrocer’s UI in near future 3) GoMeat’s user app demo is not working can you please solve the issue or share the Screenshots 4) I don’t want to attach SMS service so can user login through username password option? 5) What are the major functionality difference between GoGrocer and Go Meat 6) can we use multiple warehouse in same area with different products (I have multiple warehouse in same area for multiple categories). 7) Can I use my local SMS service?

4. You will need to configure firebase and they are the ones sending the OTP message to the users, so you don’t have to worry about it. 7. We only support Twilio and MSG91 as sms providers

We can discuss it in more detail. Please contact me at

user is adding a product in the cart but in the check out page the single product is shown us 5 times can you please help me it urgent

open a support ticket at

Hi iam Interested to buy this App Code,, Can you please tell us When will you release a update. The demo app is not working in Android 12 version.. getting there was a error while parsing.

Probably the update will be out next weekend

Hello friend. Is this a multi or single version? Is it only for app, no web version to order?

There is no web version right now. We might start working on a web version soon. If you buy it now, you will receive the web version with the update once that one is ready.

your demo app not working showing errors like there was a problem parsing the package

Where are you seeing that error sir?

while installing your demo apk in mobile

We will check that issue.

What is the difference between $50 and $200?

The type of use you can give to the source code. You can check the details here:

What is the login details for the driver and vendor demo apps? Phone/ password/ email

Those instructions are on the product page

Hello…. In how many days updated version of gomeat App come approximately can you tell I can wait for that

I can’t provide a timeline yet, but we are planning to update it in the near future.

any plans to add flutterwave payment ? want to buy

We don’t have plans to add new payments methods for now. We might do it in the future.

which version of flutter dose the application work ? I have tried v2.5 … It is not working

Dear customer,

We use flutter 2.8 and we are working in an update to 2.10.4. If you have any issue you can submit a support ticket at and our support team will help you.

Hello Im still getting the same errors even after using flutter 2.8

” Error: Member not found: ‘Error.throwWithStackTrace’. ” ” Error: A non-null value must be returned since the return type ‘Never’ doesn’t allow null.

any advice ?


We are working on updating all our apps to work with the latest version of flutter. In the meantime, can you please try with the version 2.0.6


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