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Hello, Looking for some help setting up a team stableford tournament? I don’t see anywhere that I can setup 4 person groups?

thanks Mike

Hi mgreeley83,

The recommended method for setting up groups – assuming they input as one score, rather than four – is simply using their names in the input field. For example: Smith / Jones / O’Brien / Roberts

If this does not help or answer your question, you can email support@golfdeputy.com.

So having groups where each person enters a score is not an option ?


Is the thought that “four players would input a score, the plugin would keep the highest score”?

If that is the case, unfortunately, no, it is not supported.

The only options available is to enter them either as a group scorer, or as an individual scorer.


I am setting up a tournament and have purchased the plugin. I have one issue and that is that I dont want the scores to be availible for all contestants (to keep the exitement until the winner cermony in the evening) during the tournament. Is it possible to give each participant a password to their own scorecard and not show other scores from the same tournament?




You can certainly create individual PINs for each player (the “Generate Player PINs” button in the Tournament Settings page will do just that).

However, if you wish to hide the Leaderboard from all of your players, you will need to edit some code.

Specifically, in two files:

/functions/content-area.php: remove or comment out line 180, the line that begins with ”<?php echo do_shortcode(”.

/functions/single-tournament.php: remove or comment out line 121, the line that begins with ”<input type=”submit” name=”submit” value=”<?php _e( ‘Watch The Leaderboard’, ‘golfdeputy’ ); ?>” id=”watchleaderboard”>”.

This will remove the Leaderboard from scorecards and remove the “Watch The Leaderboard” button on the golfer sign-in page.

While in the [Add New Course] or [Edit Course] any numeric entries in the Yards, Par or Handicap area above the number 127 will default back to 127 after updating.

(1-126) will hold after updating ( 128, 129 and up) default back to 127

Here is a truncated version of my purchase code. d9f6-4efb-b672-2bab7cfc7e0b

Running WordPress 4.7.3 Fresh install No other Plugins running or installed before Bill


I am sorry for this bug and good find; I will rush through an update to fix the version on CodeCanyon.

In the meantime, if you prefer to fix it yourself, it can be done by editing lines 75 and 185 in functions/api.php. Change “tinyint” to “smallint”, so that it loooks like this: “holeyardage” . $c . ” smallint DEFAULT 0,\r\n”;


Tried and verified the code by deleting the old to make sure it was fresh when I uploaded the updated version.

Still defaulting to 127

The site is for an upcoming PGA Pro-Am tournament. I will give the plugin onsite credos if you help me through this FAST.

Otherwise I will need to try another plugin and this is already my second plugin I have tried.

I need to get this done soon.

This bug has been fixed in v1.5.1, currently in review with CodeCanyon.

Hi; I’m interested in your plugin.

Is it possible to have a page showcasing the results of all the past tournaments/winners?

Appreciate your help, Thanks :)

Hi inviewant,

You can absolutely create a page like this.

Since each tournament has it’s own unique id and therefore, its own unique leaderboard, you can create a page that shows the tournaments throughout the years, or create an archive with notes, pictures, etc.

As a real-world example, here is a tournament I run, and this is the permanent 2016 tournament page: http://pmcup.ca/history/2016-results/

Macca72 Purchased

I see you were asked 10 months ago, have you created a solution to add mixed tees (red, yellow or white) to a tournament?