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I have a few Problem that need to be fixed

There are some bugs.

When I add a course I am unable to add individual hole details. I noticed this problem was fixed when I disabled my “Monarch Plugin”. I do not want to have to disable any other plugins for this plugin to work properly.

Secondly, When I publish a tournament I get a 404 and am unable to access frontline scoring for the tournament since its a 404.

golfinred: I am replying to your email in the next ten minutes.

golfinred: Did you receive my email? Were you able to solve this?


Tomter Purchased


I have installed the Golf Deputy plugin and is currently setting up my turnament. I have a issue, when i create a course I dont see all input fields for the course. I only see the “course information”(Adress, City, State/Province and Phone) the rest of the fields below is just blank. I have tested in different browsers, but get the same issue in all browsers.

Is this a compability issue or a common issue?

Apriciate quick reply.

Best regards.


Tomter Purchased

Sorry, I was able to solve this. Was a plugin compability issue


Glad you were able to solve this. If you have any further issues or questions, email support@golfdeputy.com.

I also got add course issue. I can’t add hole information. Please let me know how can I fix it. thank

I just activate Revolution Slider license it solved entry hole information but I have problem to view leaderboard there is nothing show even I feel-in few player score http://tgcpro.com/tournament/tgc-test-201604/

Hi, I have problem to view leaderboard there is nothing show even I feel-in few player score http://tgcpro.com/tournament/tgc-test-201604/

Any idea how to fix it?

license code 430d242c-119a-4dc5-bdee-e0f5e9476afa Thank you Panya

Hi, I did email to you already. Waiting for your reply :) thx

I got another problem. When I use tournament pin to entry score for some players and select back the hole (record till hole no. 10-par5 and select back to hole no. 5-par3) It not retrieved the players score that I saved to edit but it use par 3 as score.(every player score have 3 as par). Can it fix?


I just replied to your email.

I am unclear as to what your last comment is asking, but I think you are asking if you go back to a hole, why does it default the hole score to par? If this is the case, the plugin defaults every hole to par, and allows you to edit the score from this as a baseline.

If this does not answer your question, you can reply to my email.

I have installed the plugin but it doesnot save the course details. When I hit save all fields go blank..

Please help

Hi Glennbosch,

Do you have the latest version of the plugin installed? (I ask this because there were some issues on earlier versions with fresh installs that have since been fixed).

Do you receive any errors?

Try deactivating and reactivating?

If all of this fails, send me an email at support@golfdeputy.com, we’ll get you sorted out.

This would be awesome if the users (instead of the admin) could add their own course or if you could search for courses from a database that would pre-populate. I want to offer this tool as a service to my users but it won’t be beneficial if they can not add their own course information and are relying on me to add their course. Does that make sense? I would make most fields optional in case they do not have the hole yardage information. Hopefully I understand correctly that only the WordPress admin can add courses? I want my guest to be able to organize their own tournaments. Thanks for any feedback.

Permissions to edit a plugin (whether that be a golf course, in this case, or a website color in other plugins’ cases) are based on permissions. This plugin will check the permissions of the logged in user, to see if they can edit courses, tournaments, etc.

I run a website that has used “User Role Editor” with great success (https://www.role-editor.com/). It is free, and allows you to set permissions for individual users, or create groups for permissions (example: “players”). I would recommend you look in to a plugin of this nature, to accomplish what you have asked.

If this does not help answer your question, email support@golfdeputy.com and we’ll get you sorted.

Is it possible to have simultaneously different tees in one tournament. We have every Tuesday a mixed tournament Men from the yellow tee and Women from the red tee , unfortunately these tees have different stroke indexes. Please advise

Hi wimgbax,

There is currently no way to have two tees for one tournament. I plan on adding this in the future (or, at the very least, displaying all available tees), but for the time being, this feature does not exist.


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Hi! I really need some help.

I have the same problem as one other user wrote:

“Can I be guided or helped to setup my site please. Just unable to understand how to allow players updating through mobile. What short code to use, where do I find it. I only see one short code in the Tournament section, nothing else.”


soolsb Purchased

When I try to access the permalink page I just getting: “Oops! That page can’t be found.” How does the frond end scoring system work? (can’t find where to enter scores, including the PIN) AND where can I find it? I have managed to get the scoreboard (using the ID) onto my website, but that’s all.


soolsb Purchased

To sum it up: where are the “front-end, player input scoring system”?

I have responded to your email sent to support@golfdeputy.com. If you require further help, let me know.


realce Purchased

Do you provide installation instructions for the Golf Deputy Tournament Plugin?


As with all Envato plugins, themes, etc, installation and documentation instructions are included in the purchase.

Instructions are also provided on the golfdeputy.com website: http://golfdeputy.com/how-to-install/ http://golfdeputy.com/help/

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I don’t understand why the tournament page lists all of the team with checkboxes and lets anyone edit scores without a pin. I though the purpose of the Pin was for teams to enter their Pin and get access to enter just their scores. What am i missing here? I like this plugin a lot, but the front-end aspect of it doesn’t seem like it works very well. Can we hide the team names and checkboxes and just have a box to enter a pin??


Have you set a PIN in the admin area?

While it is true the tournament page shows all golfers for the purpose of selecting a golfer to enter scores for, without a PIN (if one is set), they will receive an error page.

Hi there,

I hope you’re well.

I have a pre-sales question about this plugin. Does it have a singles match play competition feature?

On this page of your demo…


... it shows the singles as teams?

If so will it display like this…


Thanks advance



You can absolutely use this plugin for a singles match play competition. As the author, I use it for this type of competition all the time. As an example: http://pmcup.ca/ (Round 2 is singles). The example uses teams, but you could simply choose “Individual” instead of “Teams” in the admin interface.

Unfortunately, it does not have the bracket design that you are looking for.


Macca72 Purchased

Hi, I have purchased your product today and will be passing it on to my WP developer tomorrow. I was just wondering if you could answer a couple of questions for me.

I want to put this function on my website which is clubface-golf.com, our app is in development and will be released for ios and Android in the next week or so. This is a social media site for golfers and golfclubs and can be used anywhere worldwide.

My questions are

1) Can a user select handicap scoring systems by country? 2) When a golf club uses this tool for competitions or societies, once the club has input the course hole information once (Par, yardage, SI) is that then permanently saved? (but can be edited by administrator) 3) Once a tournament/competition is complete can all of the input information be downloaded as a .csv? ( This is so the pro can do handicap adjustments within the golf club) 4) We will have 40,000 + Golf courses on the website/app, is theor any restrictions/limitations I need to be aware of?

Thanks for this plugin, great idea



Macca72 Purchased

sorry about the format of the questions, I did enter them on seperate lines?

Hey Macca72,

1) No, the handicap system is global to the plugin.

2) That is correct. Enter course info once, use it over and over.

3) There is currently no “export as CSV” function. This will be built in to future releases. However, since the data is saved in its own mySQL table, your WP developer should be able to export from there.

4) No, none that I can foresee as a part of this plugin.

If your WP dev has any questions, they can email support@golfdeputy.com.


Macca72 Purchased

Wow, incredibly quick response, Thank you very much

Hi, It seems that after the last WP updates I run into some issues with your extention. I am no ling able to see/add players to a tournement. (At least not with my mobile phone) Is this a common issue?

It seems to be worse than what I reported, none of the tournement information is saved to the database, except for the name. Any idea what this could be or how to resolve it? The golf course information seems to be fine.

Hi nvanthof,

I have not run in to any issues with WordPress 4.6 yet. I have several personal sites that have updated without issues and I have created several new tournaments on them.

Does the issue appear on a desktop machine as well? If the issue persists, please email support@golfdeputy.com and we can try to solve this for you.

Is this kompatible to Disc-Golf?

Hi up4web,

The plugin was not designed for disc-golf, but there have been some customers that have used it for such. There is also a customer who uses it for foot golf.

i did not seen any infos about the courses and photos – can you give admin access?


I am unclear what admin access you are asking for. If you are referring to the demo site, unfortunately, no, I can not give admin access. If you are asking for something else, please email support@golfdeputy.com and we’ll get you sorted.

link not found, any ideas after setting up a tournament than publishing it, link not found. Even when i hit the link at the top of the tourney page, it says not found.

Hi Scotty,

I replied to your email sent to support with the fix/workaround until v1.4 hits this market.

Same question as above, where are the “front-end, player input scoring system”? I have just purchased and installed/activated the plug in and played around with the settings and configurations but don’t know how to proceed next… Thanks in advance :)

I have replied to your email sent to support@golfdeputy.com.


panya32 Purchased

Hi, I did upgrade by re-install plug-in but I got this error when activate Fatal error: Cannot redeclare my_plugin_load_plugin_textdomain() (previously declared in /var/www/html/wp-content/plugins/codecanyon-11213212-golf-deputy-tournament-plugin/golf-deputy.php:20) in /var/www/html/wp-content/plugins/codecanyon-11213212-golf-deputy-tournament-plugin-1/golf-deputy.php on line 20 Please help. Thank you Panya


panya32 Purchased

How can I upgrade? Any document?


panya32 Purchased

I just rolled it back and my version still Version 1.3.1


The best way to upgrade is to upload the new extracted files via FTP, rather than using the Wordpress “Add New Plugin” interface.

Upgrade procedure: 1) download the latest plugin file, v1.4 (available from your Downloads dashboard on CodeCanyon: https://codecanyon.net/downloads) 2) extract the contents of the ZIP file 3) upload the contents of the ZIP file to your existing plugin DIR; for example: /public_html/wp-content/plugins/golf_deputy/ 3a) in your specific case, make the change noted above to the golfdeputy.php file

If you have any further problems, you can email support@golfdeputy.com.

I’m keen on buying this plugin for our annual tournament site, but wanted to ask, does the plugin have a historical stats option, ie show past data?

Also, when a round is complete, would the current round stats be incorporated into the historical data?

Cheers, ADM

Hi alexmaxw,

There is not an auto-created historical page(s), but since each tournament is a custom post type in Wordpress, and since there is a shortcode allowing you to drop the leaderboard for any tournament in to a page, creating your own historical pages is simple and straightforward.

As an example: http://pmcup.ca/history/2015-results/ http://pmcup.ca/history/2016-results/

Hi there,

I purchased your Plugin, but have run into an issue trying to upload the players for a tournament. Have used the CSV you supplied, but it won’t upload, just get a red bar.

There are 28 players, first names only, and their respective handicaps. Tried uploading as Individual Stableford to no avail. If I can send you the CSV you might see if I am doing something wrong there.

Cheers, alex

Hi alex_maxw,

Can you please send screenshots to support@golfdeputy.com? I am not sure what the “red bar” is? The CSV that is supplied with the plugin should work, but send some screenshots to support and we will figure it out from there.


butlerit Purchased

I purchased the Golf Deputy and am using it with the Brentwood Golf Template. The Slider Revolution plug-in when active prevents the golf course hole information from being displayed. Slider Revolution works just fine so I believe its a problem with your product. I have seen many people reporting this problem with your plugin for a few years now. Do you have a fix for it? Also, none of the URL view options show up – they all get a 404.


Regarding the 404 error: this seems to have been a bug that was introduced some time in the last two versions. There is a fix coming in the next version, but to fix this for the time being, you need to reset your Permalinks: - log in to WP Admin - Settings > Permalinks - choose anything other than the current setting, SAVE - choose the original setting, SAVE

That should fix the 404s.

Regarding the Revolution Slider, I know a user reported it a year ago, but they seemed to have resolved the issue, so I did not pursue it any further. I will look in to this further to see if I can find a solution. If I find the solution, I will post it here.


I have found the issue with the Rev Slider metabox covering the tee inputs. It will be fixed in the next version (v1.4.1; coming within the month), but here is the fix for it.

In the plugin directory, /css/admin-styles.css: Line 89, change “float: left” to “display: inline-block”, like so: #golf_course_holes { display: inline-block; width: 100%; }

That should separate the two meta-boxes.

If you have any further issues, you can email support@golfdeputy.com.