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Been using the product for about a month, so far a big fan!

We have used it for a member-member 2-day match play tournament, and use it for our weekly gangsome with much success…

Could you help me set up a 54 hole course? Looks as if it has a max of 36



An email response to your email is forthcoming.


Can you advise how to setup a two round stoke play competition.

This is actually the third and fourth rounds after the cut.

Is is possible to enter the second round scores as the start point for the third round?

I tried to setup two rounds and set the final scores on the third round but the fourth round started from zero.

Also I tried to enter theplayers using your spreadsheet and entered a start time ie 08:00 but the field was empty but players had been filled in.

Can you help please.

Alan Pearson

Ok I will try to setup a four round competition. problem is it is quite a large field and we will not be using leaderboard for fist two rounds. Can we just enter the final scores for the first two rounds and then delete the players other than the first 32? Having the starts times would save setting up if you can fix that?


You could certainly enter the scores for the first two rounds, then remove the golfers that do not qualify.

Unfortunately, the fix for the start time import will not appear until the next version of the plugin.

I setup a 4 course tournament with two players and entered the scores for the first round but scores not getting carried through to round 2. Then Set fFnal score for round one but still not carrying forward. Help please