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Hello, Looking for some help setting up a team stableford tournament? I don’t see anywhere that I can setup 4 person groups?

thanks Mike

Hi mgreeley83,

The recommended method for setting up groups – assuming they input as one score, rather than four – is simply using their names in the input field. For example: Smith / Jones / O’Brien / Roberts

If this does not help or answer your question, you can email support@golfdeputy.com.

So having groups where each person enters a score is not an option ?


Is the thought that “four players would input a score, the plugin would keep the highest score”?

If that is the case, unfortunately, no, it is not supported.

The only options available is to enter them either as a group scorer, or as an individual scorer.


Tomter Purchased


I am setting up a tournament and have purchased the plugin. I have one issue and that is that I dont want the scores to be availible for all contestants (to keep the exitement until the winner cermony in the evening) during the tournament. Is it possible to give each participant a password to their own scorecard and not show other scores from the same tournament?




You can certainly create individual PINs for each player (the “Generate Player PINs” button in the Tournament Settings page will do just that).

However, if you wish to hide the Leaderboard from all of your players, you will need to edit some code.

Specifically, in two files:

/functions/content-area.php: remove or comment out line 180, the line that begins with ”<?php echo do_shortcode(”.

/functions/single-tournament.php: remove or comment out line 121, the line that begins with ”<input type=”submit” name=”submit” value=”<?php _e( ‘Watch The Leaderboard’, ‘golfdeputy’ ); ?>” id=”watchleaderboard”>”.

This will remove the Leaderboard from scorecards and remove the “Watch The Leaderboard” button on the golfer sign-in page.

While in the [Add New Course] or [Edit Course] any numeric entries in the Yards, Par or Handicap area above the number 127 will default back to 127 after updating.

(1-126) will hold after updating ( 128, 129 and up) default back to 127

Here is a truncated version of my purchase code. d9f6-4efb-b672-2bab7cfc7e0b

Running WordPress 4.7.3 Fresh install No other Plugins running or installed before Bill


I am sorry for this bug and good find; I will rush through an update to fix the version on CodeCanyon.

In the meantime, if you prefer to fix it yourself, it can be done by editing lines 75 and 185 in functions/api.php. Change “tinyint” to “smallint”, so that it loooks like this: “holeyardage” . $c . ” smallint DEFAULT 0,\r\n”;


Tried and verified the code by deleting the old to make sure it was fresh when I uploaded the updated version.

Still defaulting to 127

The site is for an upcoming PGA Pro-Am tournament. I will give the plugin onsite credos if you help me through this FAST.

Otherwise I will need to try another plugin and this is already my second plugin I have tried.

I need to get this done soon.

This bug has been fixed in v1.5.1, currently in review with CodeCanyon.

Hi; I’m interested in your plugin.

Is it possible to have a page showcasing the results of all the past tournaments/winners?

Appreciate your help, Thanks :)

Hi inviewant,

You can absolutely create a page like this.

Since each tournament has it’s own unique id and therefore, its own unique leaderboard, you can create a page that shows the tournaments throughout the years, or create an archive with notes, pictures, etc.

As a real-world example, here is a tournament I run, and this is the permanent 2016 tournament page: http://pmcup.ca/history/2016-results/

I see you were asked 10 months ago, have you created a solution to add mixed tees (red, yellow or white) to a tournament?

Hi. Dont know if I have found a bug or if I am just doing something wrong. I have created a course all appeared ok, however when I try and Edit the course or Add a New course there is now no course information area (name, address or phone number). If I add Hole images they dont appear anywhere, do I have to enable them. Is there any way to add a course map overview as well as individual holes. Regards

Are you on the latest versions of Golf Deputy and Wordpress? Have you added any custom CSS?

Can you provide a step by step to reproduce the error and / or screenshots and send them to support@golfdeputy.com?

If you found a bug, it’s a new one…

Thanks for the quick reply. Sorry for wasting your time, I’m a bit of a new to WP, I found the problem it had nothing to do with the Plugin, just me being idiot and not paying attention to “Screen Options”. I do have a couple of questions though. is there a way of adding an image (like course map) to the course info area? I’m using the Featured Image at the moment, but would like to show the club house in there. Also on the matter of images, in the Tournament sponsors. Can there be an overall sponsor and also hole sponsors? Is there anyway of having more than one sponsor image for each hole, we have some holes that have a hole sponsor and a special hole in 1 sponsor. Finally is there any way to apply hyperlinks to the sponsor images? Regards

You’re not wasting my time; everyone starts at zero at some point. Welcome to WP. :)

Answers to your questions: - currently, the only way to add images/show the featured image of a golf course would be to edit the ”/functions/single-golfcourse.php” file, which is included in the plugin. - there is no way to add a “title/tournament sponsor”, only single hole sponsors. That being said, you could add the title sponsor directly to your website? - the hole sponsors accept a single image. Although I do recommend having the same size image for all sponsors, there is no reason you couldn’t do a larger image for the holes where you need two sponsors? - there is no way to add hyperlinks.

I do like some of your suggestions, and I will add them to the “Feature Request” list.


I’d love this plugin and bought this one. Unfortunately I want to ask if is it possible to add image to the players?

Please refer this to see what i mean: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1eEvxcCLoj0xKYRmCbAPLMEbYCNwwLh6OszISHluwoNQ/edit?usp=sharing

i am hoping your reply soon.


When a player “watches” the leaderboard, the page will auto-refresh. The shortcode does not include an auto-refresh for User Experience reasons (most users would not appreciate having their page refresh automatically and without warning, just because a leaderboard is on it).

If you wish to add the auto-refresh to the shortcode, you will have to edit some of the code. You can edit your selected leaderboard type (e.g. stroke) to remove the “if” statement. The files you are looking for are in /functions/ (e.g. leaderboard-stroke.php). Around line 32, remove the if statement (”<?php if (!empty($_POST[‘leaderboard’])) {“) and the else statement that matches it below.

I already do that regarding on the refresh but it seems the refresh is not working. Only if i close the browser then delete cache the data will change. Any suggestion?

BTW is it possible to display 6 items per refresh example it has 12 matches so first 6 will be displayed after refresh page the other 6 will comes out. Then back to the first 6 so on and so forth.

Ensure you have no server-side or WordPress caches installed, or include your leaderboard page an an exception to the cache. They will cache the page and show stale information.

Regarding the six per refresh; currently, not possible. However, I have had several requests to auto-scroll the “Watch The Leaderboard” page, so I will include the auto-scroll in the next update.

Many thanks with your help with the .container on the avada theme. I created the custom CSS as suggested and works a treat.

Also for the quick response.

Glad to hear you got it working like you wanted!

Any more problems, you can email support@golfdeputy.com.

Hello – we ran into an issue yesterday with a tournament where several players who went to the tournament page were automatically being logged into a team, not their team. It completely bypassed the PIN entry page. Another issue we ran into was when users entered a score, they were proceeded to the next hole, but a different team’s name was suddenly appearing. Has this issue been reported before?

Hi etccl,

This issue has not been reported before.

Can you send an email to support@golfdeputy.com with steps to reproduce this issue?

Potential reasons for these issues: - do any players have the same PIN? - was the same mobile device being used for multiple players? - did all players have PINs set? (i.e. were any left blank?)

Hi, I’m not sure if i’m missing something but I’ve ran a tournament with 2 rounds, a player scored +17 on the first round and the round scored +18 but the overall is showing as +81, surely it should be +35? TIA


Well, that is less than ideal, to say the least. Without knowing the step-by-step, it is hard to troubleshoot. If you have how the error was produced, please send it to support@golfdeputy.com.

A heads up that the next version (v1.6) will be coming in the next week or so, and will include the ability to adjust final scores after they have been submitted. So, at least there will be a quick fix in future versions.

Hi, I’ve just emailed you with a CSV export.

Over the weekend I had an issue with the leaderboard.

When using the tournament leaderboard shortcode it did not update the scores being entered. If you entered the score it would update the leaderboard or if you clicked watch leaderboard.

I was hoping just to show just the leaderboard in the club house

To get over this I created a button to the link of the post and then click watch leaderboard.

It was only a small “hic-up” but not sure what the short-code is for.


The latest update (v1.6) attempts to fix this issue by adding “no cache headers”.

Please download the latest version and give it a try.

If the problem persists, please email support@golfdeputy.com, with your device names, operating system, browser version, etc.

Could this be customized for esports for example in teams of 2v2, 4v4 and different scores


Sorry, missed this comment. I am not sure what esports you had in mind, but it should be noted that this plugin targets golf specifically.

If you have any further questions, you can email support@golfdeputy.com.

I had a few questions prior to purchasing: 1. Payment: Does this plugin allow you accept payments (i.e. when registering players) 2. How do you register players (user vs admin or both) 3. Do you support Pairings. For example, can you group players and how is this done? 4. Does the Admin have the ability to run customize the reports? Also can I sort my results by flight? 5. What about the scoring types: skins games (gross and net skins); team results. Do you support these? 6. Can you export data?


Answers: 1) No. This plugin is designed to run the tournament, not register for it. 2) Admin, can be done via CSV import. 3) Yes. The latest version allows selection of pre-created golfers, or names can simply be input to the golfer field as “Smith / O’Brien”. 4) I am unsure of the question. There are no reports run, but the leaderboards can be shown by tournament and by round. 5) This does not support skins games. It supports match, stroke and stableford play. Teams are supported in these formats. 6) Yes. As a CSV.

I run Junior Golf Tournaments with four categories age wise: A,B,C & D Can the players be grouped according to each category they belong to? For eg: https://www.epicgolf.in/junior-tour/2nd-tournament-prestige-golfshire/ This page is using a normal table but that’s how I want to segregate scores so every player is not mixed up

The plugin would require you to create four distinct tournaments, so that each can be tracked individually.

You could then use the Leaderboard shortcode to create the page you referenced, with each unique tournament being added as a shortcode.

I am having problems with the layout on Windows Edge Browser and also on iPhone. The second nine holes 10 to 17 appear offset and Hole 18 appears below that section.

The layout appease fine in Chrome browser.

Do you have updated CSS. I purchased this in Jan 2018.


Can you email support@golfdeputy.com with the following: - which version of Edge - which iPhone; which browser on the iPhone; iOS version - screenshots to show the “offset”

While every attempt is made to cross-browser and cross-test the layout, sometimes things get missed or new devices break layouts due to screen size.

Send an email and we will try to get you a quick fix.

Hi. I want to set my own custom pages and pass shortcodes in there for every flow that you have defined by default. The only shortcode I see is for the leaderboard. How can I make “Tournament played” and “select the player to score for” as a part of my own custom page. Thanks.


Unfortunately, shortcodes for these two screens do not currently exist. To get them on custom screens, you would need to custom-code some pages, and essentially, rip out the code you require from the plugin.

The pages /functions/single-tournament.php and /functions/single-golfer.php are a good place to start looking for the code you require for your custom pages.

Hi When setting up a tournament can you set up multiple course options instead of one location only- for example create a matchplay tournament from different courses but going to same leaderboard if that makes sense


The plugin allows you to set up different courses for different “rounds”. So, you could set up a “round” for Location A and a “round” for Location B and they would both display on the full leaderboard (it should be noted that when your golfers are scoring, they will only see their current round/location; but the full leaderboard will show everything).


alex_maxw Purchased

Hi, I’ve been using GD for 2 years now for our annual tournament. I added hole notes (to V.16) and tee times but can’t get them to appear on the UI.

Are these able to viewed on the frontend UI?

Sorry, I’m by no means a developer or even any good at WP. Any feedback welcome.

Thanks, Alex