Golf Deputy: Tournament Plugin

Golf Deputy: Tournament Plugin

Golf Deputy is a golf tournament WordPress plugin that allows your players to enters their score(s) using their mobile smartphone. It supports stroke-play (individual or team), stableford and match-play formats: singles, foursome/alternate shot, fourball, scramble.

Once your golf scoring website is ready to go (it’s pretty easy, we promise), the live leaderboard is updated constantly and available to everyone on the course and at home.

Golf Deputy is responsive, customizable and ready to keep score for you and your fellow golfers. Works great at any tournament: charity events, corporate competitions, a tournament with friends, and club tournaments.


Stroke Play Demo:
Match Play Demo:
Stableford Demo:
All tournament PINs are “1234”


  • front-end, player input scoring system
  • designed for mobile: no app to install; works on all devices with an internet connection
  • live leaderboard displayed on front-end scoring
  • live leaderboard page that can be displayed in the clubhouse or “watched” by non-scoring players
  • shortcode to put leaderboard on any page
  • supports stroke play format
  • supports match play scoring systems: singles, foursome/alternate shot, fourball, scramble
  • supports Stableford scoring system (original, not Modified; this isn’t the PGA…)
  • supports two team or individual, multi-rounds events, with unlimited players
  • full Handicap / Stroke Index system for courses and players (positive and negative handicaps)
  • custom name each round of your tournament (e.g. “Thursday Scramble”, “Friday Singles”, etc.)
  • create golf courses with hole yardage (in yards or metres) and par information for your tournament
  • choose a different course/tee marker for each round of your tournament
  • customize each round’s points, team names, players’ names
  • no account sign up for golfers; PIN protection for tournament scoring
  • auto-calculate of all types of scoring
  • add custom advertising/sponsor images to each hole
  • CSV import all of your players in to your tournament
  • multi-language support: POT file included; translations for EN, FR, ES, IT included
  • developer-ready: API built into plugin, custom CSS in admin Settings page, ready for extensions
  • easy-to-customize code with code comments, API and SASS/Compass ready
  • compatible and ready to use “right out of the box” on almost all WordPress themes


Support is provided through the Comments section. Step-by-step help and documentation can be found at

Change Log:

= v1.4 =
- option to share on Facebook or Twitter each tournament (can be turned on/off in Settings)
- moved "Watch The Leaderboard" button to the top of selection area; changed design to reflect "either/or" choice
- "Watch The Leaderboard" now shows random sponsor image
- sponsor images update when hole is switched in scoring area
- archives for tournaments and golf course
- fixed permalinks issue when set to "plain" 
- translation updates (EN, ES, IT)
- bug fixes
= v1.3.1 =
- player/match PINs added (allows individual access, rather than entire tournament)
- ability to generate random PINs
- positive handicaps added (i.e. players who give strokes back to the course)
- help documentation updated
= v1.3 =
- Stableford scoring system added (original Stableford, not Modified; this isn't the PGA...)
- Handicap System added to tournaments
- Handicap / Stroke Index added to courses
- language files added (POT file available for translation)
- Canadian French added; Italian added; Spanish added
- bug fixes
- style fixes
= v1.2.2 =
- fixed NULL fields bug trying to be inserted into the DB
- style updates for the leaderboard
= v1.2.1 =
- fixed a terrible error where fresh installs did not create the DB tables properly (thanks Daniel!)
= v1.2 =
- added CSV import feature for player data
- design updates to leaderboard, both stroke and match play
- allow multiple courses for a single tournament / assign course to round, rather than entire tournament
- rounds can be named in tournament setup, instead of "Round 1", "Round 2", etc.
- ability to choose "yards" or "metres" for hole measurement
- removed "overall" field on Stroke Leaderboard if there is only one round
- card view added to each player/matchup; can be viewed on click on same page (previously, taken to new page)
- traditional markings for eagle, birdie, bogey, double-bogey added to stroke cards
- changed CSS to SASS/Compass
- code and styles cleanup
- bug fixes
= v1.1 =
- added golf courses
- added stroke play ability
- added team vs individual ability
- created larger/better API
- general code cleanup and bug fixes
= v1.0 =
- Initial release
- match play, team scoring only
- hole sponsors