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From what source does this plugin pull data?

It pulls from a .csv file which you get with the plugin.

How many courses in Massachusetts and is it fresh? Thanks and nice work.

396 results for MA. Also I generated the database about 2 weeks ago but I really couldn’t tell you how fresh the sources that I got it from were.

Hi aaron_nimocks

Are these just USA courses?

Yes they are from the US only.

Aaron not only has an EXCELLENT PRODUCT but his CUSTOMER SERVICE IS STELLAR !!!! He has rapid response, effective solutions, and he will take the time needed to help!!! He helped me with my coding issues and was just plain service oriented! Wish there were more developers like him! Hope you have tremendous sales success with this! I will post my site link once we develop the site for an example of how wonderful this product is!

This was my first time working with a database such as this. It was so easy using your video tutorial. On my first attempt I screwed up and didn’t have my spin text right, but it was easy to delete and start over. Works perfectly. Thank you. I’ll be considering some of your other databases.

Glad to here and thanks! :)

Could you explain the spinning text idea and why we need to do it.. Could you also share that same code to insert?

Its on the “Courses” page you can find it on the top gold tool bar. I guess I just thought the plugin was more aesthetically pleasing. website www.minoritygolfassociation.com

This is time sensitive so a quick response would be appreciated.

The plugin looks just like the demo. But I gave everything a CSS class so it can be styled to match your site. I am not able to look at your site because it is down but if the issue is the looks of it, that’s the way it is supposed to be. Just check out the demo to see it. Will try later today to see if your site is back up.

Hi! Can I show only golf courses in certain states, is it possible?

You would have to edit the CSV to remove all the unwanted states before the import. But yes, it is possible.

Hi, great products, just one request, to accept nested spinning. {{text1|text2}|{text3|text4}}


This has been on my list to do but I am not sure when I will ever get it done. Thanks though!

Thanks for your prompt reply, i was testing also and it doesn’t take shortcodes in import but i found a solution with another plugin, banner manager pro that creates html codes.

include feature image of the golfcourse to import?

I don’t include images due to copyright issues.

If I wanted to add another column to the csv like Website, or URL, will it still import?

You can but you would have to manually add them so it would probably be easier to import then just go edit the posts and add the websites.

Any functionality to search by a certain number of miles of a zip code?

No, that functionality is not included.

Hi, I notice this plugin is fairly old but there was an update in April 2016. Can you tell me what the update was? Are the courses up to date?

The last update was to fix an error with WordPress 4.4 that broke the plugin. I haven’t updated the database since release.


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Hello I see this after start import:

Status: Complete Running Time: 2 Seconds Posts Imported: 0 / 16948 Posts Skipped: 0

Why does import not start?