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hi, Thanks for the nice menu! I have used whole menu visible on ipad since I have so little menu bar. What I miss is the drop Dropdown menu collapses when pressing off the menu. Is this possible fix?

But must add that I have only used <Sauce Labs> to simulate the ipad.

Hi Boffboff, Thanks for purchasing and i am glad you like the product Please send me an email via my profile page with a link to a test page so that i can look at your problem…



I just bought this, but it doesn’t work on my iPhone. Any ideas what the problem might be?



Hi Laura, thanks for the purchase first of all Which version of IOS exactly, can i see a sample or screen shot so that i can look into it!

Also try viewing the live preview demo and let me know whether the same problem exists


Just a note to the author—When viewing the LivePreview demo on iOS (iphone / portrait), the Envato frame seems to cause your media-queries to fail to trigger properly, so the menu displays as for wide-screens (6 tabs in one horizontal bar), rather than collapsing into the tiny menu-icon. When i click the ‘remove frame’ link, your menu system works. But i think people might be confused.

Thanks Tex70 for pointing that out, the live demo is hosted here on my site – http://doptiq.com/demos/golden-menu/menu/simple/

I will put the same link on the menu page for live testing instead of going through the Envato frame route , thanks once again


Hey, nice Menu!!

one question. For what is it:

ul.dropdown *.sub { padding:0!important; background-image: none!important; }

thanks dani

Hi Pixelgenau, thanks for the purchase Removes the arrow drop down on mobile which is substituted with a + -

Ahh ok. after i check the html and css, works perfect!! thank you

Yo welcome :-)

Is anyone running this live please leave a link.

I am still testing it.

A couple of hints for others based on my experience only (check with the developer for confirmation):

The word ‘Menu’ doesn’t appear when the menu is minimised.

I got this working by changing the following line in flatmenu-responsive.js


$(’.nav’).prepend(‘ Menu ‘);


$(’.nav’).prepend(‘ Menu ‘);

(If this is correct the developer will probably change the source code for this)

I also had some problems centering the menu on the page and when doing it found a fix to left-justify the menu items by adding text-align:left at the following places in flatmenu.css:

(change for the theme you are using)

/* Theme blue black */ .blue-black, .blue-black ul.dropdown { background:#3498DB; text-align:left; } .blue-black ul.dropdown ul { background:#2C3E50; text-align:left; }

Hope this saves you some time I will keep testing to see if the menu is suitable or not (seems okay so far).

Sorry the code for the javascript change was not printed I don’t know how to print it so the key is to move the word “menu” to outside immediately to the left of the “span” right before the “span” so the “span” is then empty.

Hello OutsourceWinner Thanks for the purchase and adding some comments on how to improve the menu

To make some clarifications 1 – On centering the menu – this is usually a personal preference but you will notice that the menu is wrapped in a a class .container { } – if you add your menu measurements say your template measures 960px – if you add that to that container and add margin:0 auto; it will center your menu – EG

.container { width:960px; margin:0 auto; }

2 – The words ‘Menu’ are not visible because i only left the menu icon indicator on collapsed state which triggers the menu when clicked, however in case you want the words they are still there for accessibility but pushed off-screen by this class

.menu-icon span{ text-indent:-999em;  } 


Hi there, is there any reason that the Main Drop Down links, i.e those with the sub class applied don’t actually link? Links are applied in the code, and the mouse pointer changes, but those links with the sub class won’t link. =(

Any idea’s how to fix this?

Hi Atkinsonflja,

It seems the JavaScript for the menu is not firing below 1068px – may be out of conflict, but let me examine it more carefully, i will send you some possible solutions.

Does this happen when you test locally with the files i sent you?

Ah, you’re quite brilliant, in fact, right on the money. I’ll confirm tomorrow in the morning, but trouble yourself no longer with this little issue. I’ll let you know how my investigation goes. Thanks.

Alright, let me know how it all goes!

i like it but can you add some css3 (fallback jquery animation) based animation so i will use it my next project :)

Thanks bdthemes for your interest – count it considered for the next update.


product is awesome and seller is great.. helped greatly to get the menu working the way I wanted to. thanks.. great product.

Thanks too lastdon101 for the purchase, always honored to help where i can.

Is there a way to see the sticky aspect of this in action on a demo?

You mean when you click anywhere outside the menu on tablets to make them go away? Let me know if this solves your problem

You can add something like this

$('body').on( "mousedown touchstart", function(e){                                 
    var navcontainer = $(".nav");
    var navmenu = $("ul.dropdown");
    if (!navcontainer.is(e.target) && navcontainer.has(e.target).length === 0){

So sorry, but where exactly would I put this script? I tried to just add it to the flatmenu-responsive.js but that didn’t work.

Let me send you the adjusted code on your email, just replace flatmenu-responsive.js with this new one i have sent on your email.

Also… a couple of other questions. I would love to have the toggle menu only include the top level items, in other words, no drop downs. And is there a way to keep the menu at the top instead of at the side? Thanks!

you are amazing!

Hello! Can you please contact me with updates?

How to make dropdown open on click instead hover?

i am do not receive message on taron@live.ru

Hi media-pulse,

Sorry for the delayed feedback, the challenge was that the messages sent do not include your purchase information, so they cannot be verified for support. If possible send me your purchase code and licence certificate.


Please help me with dropdown!

Hi media-pulse,

Sorry for the delayed feedback, the challenge was that the messages sent do not include your purchase information, so they cannot be verified for support. If possible send me your purchase code and licence certificate.



I have a website that uses tinynav for the mobile menu (on bootstrap). Here it is:


Will you help me transform it into a responsive nav menu, such as your Responsive Menu? Thanks!

Hi Houarim,

Send me an email via my profile page.



Very nice work! One question: Is it possible for the mobile version, let’s say I click on a sub/sub link, the page gets loaded and the menu opens now one the right path, so the user knows where he is ?

Thanks for your answer.

Regard, Thomas

Oh sorry i hadn’t thought of that that class is included already

:-) ... thanks anyway

Thanks to Thomas, i appreciate your effort


At the moment if a menu link has a submenu, that menu link isn’t clickable – it only hovers.

I’d quite like the main menu link to be clickable, even if there is a submenu. Does that make sense?

It works exactly as intended if I remove the responsive.js file from the code – however, naturally, it then doesn’t work on mobile devices. I’ve experimented for hours with ways of only having the responsive code on screen sizes below a certain width – but just can’t get it to work.

Any ideas?

Hi david,

Send me an email via my profile page i will make those changes for you.


Before purchasing the menu, I would like to know what happens when I use 20 items, it goes down or it does not work like that? thank you

Hi Marcos,

What do you mean by going down – you mean the menus doping to another level?


Hi, i like your work! Just a quick question, is there a limit on the number of items in a sub menu. I have + 100 items (on mobile version) in the sub menu, but they are not showing all.

found already a solution, i changed the max-height in ul.dropdown ul.current

Yes thats it – Thaks for your input

Hi everyone!

I tested the page: http://preview.codecanyon.net/item/golden-menu-responsive-flat-dropdown-menu/full_screen_preview/5484936?_ga=2.81609489.768979625.1515500389-2100508123.1515500388 in IETester and IE6. I also tested the examples that came in the zip file. Unfortunately, the menus didn’t work in IE6. Do I have to make any adjustments?

Sorry for my poor english

Hello heilanpercio, what is not working exactly IE tester may give you false results do you have a computer with IE6 and you tested it there?