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Just a quick question:

is it possible to have search query like this “domain.com/search?q=blogger” instead of current “domain.com/?q=writing&submit=Search” ?


Sure, “submit=Search” is from submit button, if you remove submit button from form and send form by JS/ajax, then you remove this addition.

Hi, hope you’re well :) I have not had time to install the script yet (too much work), could you please send me a 2-3 pages real case study showing the exact steps for setting up with examples (1 site, more than one site, index from a database) ? Because there is no admin panel and no detailed documentation, i guess only developers understand how to install it :/ Thanks!

Hi, sorry for the delay. This script is ready to use search engine with simple admin interface where you can add URL you want index. To open admin panel, open yourdomain.com/crawler.php and add your urls. Sorry for case study, I am not responsible to teach non-developers how to use libraries, I hope you understand, that this is not standard support. If you want customization, you can use our standard services. Script have potential to do everything you want (indexing one site, multiple sites, databases), but is primarily sold as is – as script for ready to use search engine for one site and with simple admin panel. All other changes is possible by custom services.

About installation: upload files somewhere on your server, probably in search folder, open crawler.php through your browser and add URL of website you want index by engine, then put search code from help file to your result page (or include search.php to your result page), or you can use standard result page from engine (index.php) and you does not need to do anything other, open yourdomain.com/search/index.pp and you can search through indexed pages.

Thanks very much for the answer i will contact you for custom service. On what email can i do that ?

Contact me by contact form in my profile or by magic (at) softpae.com

When I tested your crawler, it throws a php warning errors.

Need more information, which URL you were using to test crawler. I don’t see any php warnings.


I need mysql version. When you add it?

Error, Function ereg_replace() is deprecated and Error, Use of undefined constant check – assumed ‘check’ in crawler.php

Please help me We purchased your script. I crawled one site with 500 links. After I crawled another one website. it seems only first crawled website. Please help me Sorry for my mistakes. I am not good at English

Hi, please use account on which you purchased script, I don’t see you as purchaser on your current account.

So, I can’t help you, sorry.


I have buy the search script. installed as per instruction its works still crawl but when I try to search something it gives me following error.

URL http://wetfy.co.uk/searchNew/index.php?q=market&submit=+Search+

Fatal error: Call to a member function execute() on a non-object in F:\Inetpub\vhosts\wetfy.co.uk\httpdocs\searchNew\GogoSe.php on line 542

Please help me out!

Waiting for your reply.

Hi, do you have php PDO & SQLite 3.6+ installed?

dear sir, i would like to integrate with few categories like php,java,.net and joomla only.is it possible to develop search engine for specific categories. if possible let me know how. if it is possible we will purchase.

Thanks& regards, Ramesh

Hi, it is possible, this script contains classes to do it, so you can customize this script or develop new one for your needs, or you can order my customization service.

Regards, Izero

Dear sir, please send your mail id will send you details.what exactly we need. its not possible to mention here .

Contact me at services (at) softpae.com

Hello, can I use the search on a website with more than 20.000 pages?

Sure, but need to be rewritten. And word spelling (stemming) works only in English.

Hi there. Quick question: Can I use this to index other websites? For example I have 5 different blogs but I would like to create a search engine to search all 5 blogs. Is that possible with this script? Thanks

Hi, sure, with the right setting, you can index more sites, there is no limitation on number of websites, but maybe you will need customize indexer.

Thanks for the quick answer. Unfortunately I do not have the skills to customize much…

Hi, we are building a crud system based on php and mysql to collect and manage company data. Can we use your search engine to research in our database? Best Regards, Smanimania

Hi, yes, you could use it, you can parse website or adapt script to parse database tables/fields and then search in it (I could provide you customisation service). Have in mind that stemming (keyword spelling) works only in english language.

Hi, thank you for your reply. I have this crud system in italian language, so our user research using italian keywords..

Your script doesn’t work well in italian?

Stemming – (keywords spelling) is not working in italian, other function like searching works normally. I am working on new php/mysql fulltext library with better spelling/stemming through spell dictionaries (not english only), will be available on 03/2016.

Hello – I am testing Gogoooose – test page is http://www.mycomputerwizard.ca/test/test.html

The test page has the word “and” 18 times, plus England, Standardization, understand (total 21 ‘and’). The Gogoooose search shows 5 instances only.

I am not sure if I understand. Gogooose shows only small snippet (50 words long segment from text), not all occurrences. Score also show internal computation not number of occurrences.

OK. I assumed all occurrences would be shown with a small snippet of the sentence where it was found to show the context. I am trying to understand why anyone would use it, if it only shows an instance of a word and ignores all the rest on a page.

:) Google also does not show all occurrences in the search results, this is the standard, showing only some part. By the way, this function used in this script is programmed by guys from Google as part of SQlite development team ;)

Do you have a new version? When I run it, it said some functions are deprecated.

Also for $Block, Does it have to be the complete url? Can I just put part of the dir name?

Last, I just want to crawl 1 page with all links and not deeper. Is it possible?

No new version, but I am planing to update it for new php versions.

Yes, you can put part of url/dir name.

Yes, set deep for GogoSpider to 1.

Sorry, does this script used for research within one site, or it search engine, such as google , bing … search engine to search in all sites.

It search in all sites you indexed.

I am interested in your other script. I have a question? I just bought your script googooSE I will be installing it today ant testing it. is it possible to add a “Submit url” link for other webmaster to add their site to my search engine?

Do googoooSE have a spider or crawler? that will add website from the links?

can the admin make money on your other project I like to see

SmallSense – Google AdWord/AdSense clone with easy implementation to GogooooSE :) (I am using SQLite FT3 support, “keywords” spelling etc…)
SEO analyzer engine – engine for website analyzing
XMLWebCore – awesome website construction framework

GooogoSE have siple php crawler for one time crawling, for profesional search engine like Google you need more advanced crawler, so you need rewrite some code.

You can Submit URL, but also required some code rewrite. This script is primarily for one time site indexing and then search within it.

would the script work without the However, it is installed without “FTS3”. my webhosting has sqllte3 but not FTS3.

will it work without it? if not I will need a refund because I am unable to use.

I hope to hear from you soon.

It will not work without FTS3, FTS3 provides fulltext functionality.

Dear support I purchase your search engine the only problem is that my hosting dont support FTS3 extension enabled

it support all the other requirement. Do you have a fix for me that I can use?

Hi, sorry, it’s impossible to fix it, FTS3 is required, must-have.

Do you plan to add support for images?

Sorry, no, I am working on new fulltext engine with MySQL.

Purchased. Should have tested support b4 purchase. Oh well about to find out;) Emailed you regarding:

SmallSense – Google AdWord/AdSense clone with easy implementation to GogooooSE :) (I am using SQLite FT3 support, “keywords” spelling etc…)

Has this development been depreciated? Also check the news. Its time to start developing this again. Let me know would be interested in purchasing smallsense or GogooooSE compatible with php/mysql if that is available??

Thanks in advance for your time.

Hi, SmallSense is still on my list, but there is lot of other projects on my list e.g. CMS with drag-drop builder, so even I have SmallSense core, project is not finished. I want finish MySQL version of my fulltext engine and then implement SmallSense.