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I noticed in one of your recent conversations on the Comments page that another user mentioned the gallery not swiping correctly on mobile.

I’m experiencing that same issue. My purchase code is: 5d002eff-249b-4c9e-a86c-3e51a819c411

This is the page that I’m having trouble with (on mobile): http://www.brothersconstruction.com/basement-finishing-ideas/

Let me know if you need additional information or access to the site. I believe you guys already have access, as you’ve helped me work through another issue already.

Hello, just checked your site using latest mobile devises see no issue with gallery, it displays properly, sorting, transition, lightbox all works as it should. There’s no image swipe in lightbox on mobile as yet it will/may come in later version. We working on new lightbox. Thanks!

Hi Support, I can’t seem to get this plugin working properly.

The margins between the photos are way more than 5px, more like 50-100px! also when viewing on a mobile, the thumbnails go tiny rather than just rearranging the tiles like you’d expect a responsive gallery to work. See my test page here:


Hello, As of mobile view, gallery images is responsive but at the moment it keeps same number of columns as on the desktop. Next version will come with an extra option to specify number of columns for mobile devices. As of margins, it seem the gallery is wrapped into something, it is not a proper behaviour, margin should be as specified in the gallery settings, something else forcing it to be as it is. It’s actually looks more like unspecified padding, you can see that gallery canvas is bigger as well (see those scroll controls around it) This issue caused by theme or wrong syntax but surely it can be fixed really fast by fixing syntax or applying a line of custom css. We can help directly and fix first issue, if you need our direct support please contact us via contact form with all site details. Thanks!

Can you please remove this comment I didn’t want to share the URL publicly.

Hello Support. I sent you a message from your profile last week regarding my issue with the Categories and I still have not received a response! Please respond today.

Hello, please check your inbox. Thanks!

Mobile swiping / navigation is critical for my site. If I had known this plugin did not offer / support this, I would have gone another route. Can I please get a refund?


Hello, we have publicly available demo page where everyone can test plugin features and functionality prior purchase and make sure is that what they need or not. As of refund please check Envato refund policies and make sure your reason for refund on digital product is acceptable. As of mobile swiping, we actually working on the new lightbox that will support swipe functionality on mobile. It will be included with one of the next updates. Thanks!

I just installed this plugin and it’s not working for me the way it does in your demo.

• Filtering buttons are displayed but don’t do anything

• Background & border colors are not implemented

• Images don’t display in overlay, they open in a new window.

I tried deactivating all plugins except the ones necessary for the theme and security, and tried in firefox and Safari. No success.

In addition, on my site, when I mouse over an image thumbnail for the first time, it kind of jumps like it’s quickly reloading before it zooms. Your demo doesn’t have that problem. Any idea what might cause that?

Also I don’t see anywhere to choose between image grid and masonry. How is that set?

Site is under development and password protected. I can send login info via email.

Hello, received! working on it, you’ll get response ASAP. Thanks!

Problem is fixed by theme author. The theme removes all default scripts from Visual Composer since it uses its own ones instead. So they added code to bring the Isotope library back, then it’s now working.

Hello, Issue was theme related. Glad they’ve got it fixed and it works for you now. Thanks!


janesm Purchased

Just wanted you to know I just purchased this and it really is a great plugin. I set it up in no time and I having the options for the layout, colors, etc. is fantastic. It was hard to find a good filterable gallery that gave me a choice between grid and masonry styles. It looks great on mobile, too. Nice!

Hello, really glad you like it, just want to let you know that this plugin is under heavy development, more cool features yet to come. Soon we plan to add better lightbox and many more cool features. If you like this plugin please feel free to give us 5 star rating, your reviews really help us and greatly appreciated. Thanks for being awesome and using GoGallery!

Is there a way to have the gallery sort by file name (alphabetically)?

Hello, not at the moment, right now there’s only 2 sorting options available 1) latest 2) random. We will add name sorting in the next version. In the meanwhile if you need this option it can be done by small plugin code modification. If you can not wait for the next update and you need more details please let us know. Thanks!

If the next update is expected in the new few weeks I can wait. Thanks!

Hello, we try our best to release in a few weeks but it can not be guaranteed. We always do our utmost to expedite next release so it won’t be very long anyway. Thanks!

When my gallery goes to a single column width, the thumbnails are loaded as 300 px square, then enlarged to 664 px square, so resolution is suffering. Is there a way to load larger or full size/reduced thumbnails? ( I hope that makes sense)

Any update on this? And on making the galleries sortable alphabetically?

Hello, yes we are on the final testing stage. As soon as new version is ready for production it will be released. Thanks!

Fantastic! :)

Hi, The thumbnails in this plug in come out really blurry. It’s not good for my photography site! Any idea what’s up?

Hi, sorry you having this issue. Please contact us directly with all the details via contact form on our profile page. Thanks!

Hi there, I just bought this with purchase code: 78748b7e-5383-4fe4-bc32-ee458a010687

I don’t see anywhere in Wordpress on how to add a gallery?! No sidebar menu.. nothing in pages.. ?

Hello, GoGallery DOES NOT require any other plugins. GoGallery works with or without Visual Composer, with Visual Composer is just simpler, but again nothing is required, just apply categories to the images and use shortcode to add the gallery anywhere you want like this:

[gogallery icat='single, couple' size='large' limit=10]

It’s really that simple. Please read documentation for the quick start, is just 2 pages, all information is there and it should definitely help. If you need any further help please let us know, we are here to help. Thanks!

Thanks, but now it seems the gallery will always show all images uploaded to my site, whereas I only want to show a certain set of images (album), which can then be sorted.

I also need images to link off to 3rd party sites.

And when I try to have the image “caption” appear on hover, it doesn’t seem to work properly. http://www.celebritydachshund.com/store/



Hi Ryan, you need to add categories to the images you want to display. Image captions can be added as well, click edit image, there you would be able to add your category and caption. This gallery is unique on the way that it uses image categories and it may be not obvious as it’s not work like majority of the other galleries. It uses different approach to provide unique features. When you categorize your images (same way as posts) gallery will only show images categories you have specified. Hope it helps. Thanks!

I purchased this yesterday and did not realize it required I buy a separate plugin for $34.. This was not made clear. I would like a full refund please as soon as possible.

Hello, GoGallery DOES NOT require any other plugins. GoGallery works with or without Visual Composer, with Visual Composer is just simpler, but again nothing is required, just apply categories to the images and use shortcode to add the gallery anywhere you want like this:
[gogallery icat='single, couple' size='large' limit=10]
It’s really that simple. Please read documentation for the quick start, is just 2 pages, all information is there and it should definitely help. If you need any further help please let us know, we are here to help. Thanks!

Great plugin. But looking for a link of page/URL on the pictures. Cannot seem to get this working as it’s based on specific galleries. Is this made possible in some way?

Hello, can you please clarify your question, you can also send your question(s) in Dutch via contact form on our profile page. Thanks!

Its actually quite simple. In the gallery there are pictures, I want them to be clickable to an URL. Is this possible? (working on wordpress 4.6.1)

Hi, This feature has been previously requested by number of plugin users and we are working on it. I can not give you exact date but it shouldn’t be long and when it’s ready it will be added in one of the upcoming releases, you will be notified. Thanks!

Hi there, I appreciate you trying to assist me but at this time the plugin doesn’t do what I thought nor will it serve my intended purpose. I wish there was a demo I could have used instead of buying first, but I would now appreciate a refund please. Appreciate your cooperation and I will not post any negative comments.

Hello, here is a demo, there’s also a manual. This plugin as most of the others need basic configuration, it won’t work and do all the things you need without basic config that is extremely simple but require to read the doc. As of refund you are welcome to request refund trough your dashboard, just make sure you provide a valid reason for it otherwise it will not be processed. Thanks!

Ik heb een vraag. Ik heb de plugin recent aangeschaft en ben er nu mee aan het werken. Maar ik zou graag de afbeeldingen voorzien van een link. Een clickable URL naar externe link. Is dit mogelijk? Ik hoor graag.

Hallo, Die heb ik al beantwoord: deze functie is bijna klaar en ik hoop dat die komt met een volgende release. Bedankt!

Before I buy I have a question about if this plugin can do what I am wanting. On my home page I have an image gallery with 5 images and I want the gallery to stretch across the entire row so you see all 5 images on 1 row. Doing it in visual composer itself isn’t responsive on all devices. So I have it looking right on laptops but on desktops only half the page is covered. So can I stretch my gallery across the entire row and it looks the same on laptops using this plugin?

If you want me to send you screenshots to better show what I’m asking let me know. Sorry for the long message.

Hello, the gallery will stays within the columns it was created, for example if you have created gallery with 5 images per row it will stay lake this on all screens but on mobile device with portrait view it will be displayed as full screen thumbnails one per column. Actually it can be relatively easily modified (css) to achieve desired result. Can you please contact us via contact form on our profile page with the screenshot. Thanks!

Been trying to finish getting help but haven’t heard anything for 10 days.

Hello, please check your inbox.Thanks!

hi! Is there any way to add pagination to the galleries?

Hello, not at the moment but we are working on it. Thanks!


Buhv Purchased


I have installed the plugin and created five media categories, each having their own set of images. I’ve included each category to display as a filter, however only one category is showing images (living room). I’ve double checked that the images are tagged accordingly. What could be the issue here?

Here is the link: http://bit.ly/2j10bMV


Hello, if you use Visual Composer to create gallery please double check Categories field, make sure you’ve specified all categories there. If you use short-codes make sure your syntax is correct and “icat” attribute is used to specify categories to display. Categories must be comma separated. If issue persists please provide link to screenshots of media library view with categories, VC settings and/or result short-code that will help us to troubleshoot the issue.Thanks!

Hello. I cannot get my gallery to look the way your demos work. I am using the “Bridge” theme. Do you know if there are any conflicts I can perhaps fix?

I would like my gallery to look like your “medium gallery” demo but after changing all of the settings I cannot get the background-color or spacing correct.

Thank you.

Hello, there’s no known conflicts with bridge theme, it should work as usual. Please contact us via contact form on our profile page with all the details for direct support. Thanks!

Hi, I am interested in this plugin. My question is… When I go to setup a gallery on a page in the Visual composer will there be settings for the categories I want within that gallery?.... Then I can create another gallery and select different categories? Please let me know as I did not see this in your screenshots but I am guessing that is how this works.

Also is there a way to have the description or caption text to display under the lightbox image? Media allows you to add text and it would be nice to show it below the image if inserted? LMK Thanks Scott

Hello Scott, you can create as many galleries you want and split them by image categories. At the moment there’s no image caption on lightbox but we are working on it. Thanks!

Hello Alvimedia! I was going to buy this plugin but then realized something. On your live preview site, it shows a gallery, when I click on the filter, it filters the images as its supposed to but when I click on an image and keep clicking next, it shows me all of the images, not just the one I’ve filtered for. Is that a bug? Do you have a fix? You can test on your own website’s galleries…

Hello, lightbox has no filtering options at the moment, there’s also no caption on lightbox right now as well. We are working on new version of lightbox also it will be possible to use other lightboxes with this plugin in the future. Thanks!