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Is it possible to change the text color of the “Gallery Menu Active/Hover”?

When there are 100 pictures in the galary, will all of them be loaded on the page, or can there be a limit + load more button?

Would be great if there were 2 filters active (2 categories active at the same time). Maybe an idea for the future?

Kind Regards, Sylvie

My gallery isn’t displaying png files.

Is it possible to highlight the current/selected menu ul (make text ex. red or bold)?

Hi there,

Is it possible to get the link directly to specific category? something like: domin.com/gallery/#flowers and load de gallery filtered with flowers images


I don’t see responses to the questions so I wont bother asking my question or purchasing. Too bad seemed like a good addon.

I don’t understand how this is supposed to work with visual composer, how do you add the shortcodes? I have created categories in the media library and assigned categories to the images. I dotn understand how to add the category buttons on the page?


TXTFox Purchased

Just purchased this. Great plugin. Is there any way that when you click the photo after the popup…. it would close… its very hard to see the x close button on your demo. Would be a nice option to choose


I am having an issue with images in Go Gallery loading at very poor resolution. After I open an image in light-box, that image resumes full resolution, even in the gallery view. A little extra info… I’m not having this sort of issue with the regular Visual Composer gallery. I am running Bridge theme, current WordPress, current Vis Comp.

On a separate note, is there any way to have the either the caption, image title, or description show up in the light-box, that way it’s still viewable in mobile/tablet formats?


TXTFox Purchased

We are having an issue with the images showing up with the categories. All are tagged correctly… seems some show up and some do not

Hello, I want to buy this plugin but I need to have a multi-level filtering. For example, an image could be “x” but also “y” and I would like to filer in this way. Is it possibile?

I installed your gallery. Love it, client loves it. When I break the gallery up into tabs for each category, all is good, until I open an image in LightBox and being clicking the next button. It appears all the images can be seen , even when I am in a designated tab for a category.

visit gsddemo2.com/gallery Click on the Benches tab Select an Image Begin navigating (arrow) to the right After a few images (all the bench category photos), it begins to scroll through the rest of the entire gallery.

Any way to keep the lightbox only inside the specific category.

I bought two licenses by accident, can you please revoke the last one and reimburse me?

Hi there, I’ve just downloaded and installed your plug-in and it is great! When I click on an image it opens in a lightbox, however there are no navigation buttons to click to next image. How do I turn those on?


azecevic Purchased

Hello?? Also, when I click on a label to sort the gallery, it changes from a 5 wide to 4 wide after sort. How do I fix this?

Hi there. When you click on a thumbnail while the gallery is sorted and see the lighbox image, then choose the arrow for the next lightbox image, the filtering isn’t applying to that next lightbox image. We need the filtering to still be applied, because users are going to expect to see only the images they selected, even in a lightbox.

Is this possible?

Why are the images in the square gallery really bad quality? I purchased this plugin and love it all but the quality of the image is an issue for me. I can’t use this plugin if I can have good quality images. please have a look: http://development.practiceedge.com.au/pestaging/our-latest-projects/


mciaffone Purchased

Hi, 11 months ago you answered this question: “Is there a way to remove the ‘ALL’ tab and have the page load on the first category?” with this: “there’s no way currently to hide ALL button but you may think of hiding it by using css, use elements inspector to find it and add visibility:hidden” So, it is possible now with the last pro version? If not, how do you hide the “all” button using CSS? can you provide an example?

Regards, Martín.