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Developer is no longer updating this product. It worked with WooCommerce up to version 2.2.x. However, version 2.3 broke it. I have sent two messages to the developer and have had no response.


The version WooCommerce 2.3.x has almost broke every payment gateway that was developed for it as there has been some core changes done. As for this plugin it has been updated work with latest version.

Im still having issues with the updated version. it is showing twice in the checkout and still doesn’t work. I could use some support, I wrote the author 2 days ago and havent heard back which for a paid version of a plugin, is not very good.

Hi, I sent another email a couple days ago but haven’t yet heard back from you. anything? its about

a couple more days without a reply. I wonder why no one is interested in responding? I was told if I emailed you about this issue you would look into it yet this is my 3rd email and its been over a week since my initial email I sent privately. I dont believe there is any real support with this plugin. I will notify code canyon of this.


Sorry for the delays. I have checked your site and it seems the plugin that is causing this issue is not ours if try deactivating our plugin and enabling default paypal or any other gateway still display the gateway part twice.

We had a doubt on Name your Price plugin but that too seems good.

What i can suggest is you should check whether there are any customization done in theme or woocommerce plugin checkout and cart page templates and disabling other plugin one at a time that interact with WooCommerce.

I recently installed the plugin and am trying to do a transaction in sandbox mode and receive the following error: Transaction Failed. Unknown Response. I sent an email to support. I would appreciate a reply.

Could someone please reply to this comment query or my email sent using the form on this page? My entire Woo Commerce site depends upon being able to process payments using this plugin to process payments. Appreciated.


The plugin you have purchased is not for the payment gateway that you plan to use. is different from the gateway that this plugin was developed to use with

Hi. First thank you for replaying. Second, We appear to have isolated the error to the test cards which the plugin apparently does not know how to process. . Third, this IS the correct plugin…1st Pay uses Goemechant as the payment gateway to process between site and them. 1st pay recommends this plugin.


1) should the costumers be paypal users for doing this?

2) how I receive money? to my paypal account or to my bank account?

3) What if I don’t have a ssl certificate? Will the plugin still work?

4) Any country restrictions?

5) How much does goemerchant charge?

Thank you

Is this plugin still being supported?


Yes it is being supported.

I get this error when trying to submit payment: TRANSACTION FAILED. CARD TYPE NOT AUTHORIZED! Can you help? Thank you!

I had a customer try to use a credit card with an expiration date of 2024 and the dropdown only goes to 2023.


Try downloading the updated plugin from codecanyon.

Does it work with wc vendors? Does the gateway accept the mass payment? Thanks

No it doesn’t.