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both paypal and strip don’t work in our region. can u add https://www.cashenvoy.com/ payment gateway for me if i buy ?


Yes, we could do it as an additional customization. Please send your requirements to support@techware.in and our support team will be helping you to proceed further with your customization.

Warning !!!!!! Think before you buy !!!!!! Dear Buyers Check this out how they neglect you after you make the payment!!!!


No service provided till 8/7/2017


The delay in response from our side is due to the weekend holidays. Apologies. And your issue is regarding our product Clickkart and we had asked you to the update the PHP version for the same. If you have updated the PHP version and still has issues, we shall check and revert about the same at the earliest.

Is this like your other product I purchased and was not happy with it. When a refund was requested you did not refund. Looks like lots of negative feedback here for your software. All your software seems to be a bait for customization fees. $250 usd was quoted to me for just adding PayPal payments

Hi Martin,

It is crystal clear that without even purchasing our product, you cannot underestimate our product, so we never value this comment as it belongs to the dustbin.

We always stands by the side of the buyers for their genuine request for support, and you can measure it by the total sales count which we have, which is near to 3000 sales.

Once again you prove why other here report negative reviews about your buggy coding and lousy support. Yes I have purchased your product and yes it is not as expected. When a refund was requested you did exactly the opposite that a real company would do. YOU denied the refund request. Also you did it for others too.

The tone in which you communicate with buyers after purchase is very disturbing and disrespectful. I guess your dont care attitude from India shows through.

Have a good day enjoying your past sales numbers.

Real solutions don’t come with this type of abuse of customers.

Besides if you are such a successful Seller with over 3000 sales why do you not stand behind your products if buyers want a refund? You would never have received my money if your sales rep had told the full truth on Skype call before purchase.

Why are you using a user name that makes buyers believe you are Envato Staff. https://codecanyon.net/user/support_team_envato

Thank you Envato @TopDog for removing the deceitful support id pretending to be Envato support team by this seller!

All support does is constantly reply with customization and email to take you out of envato so they can confuse the sale and your protection. Stay in Envato at all times to keep a record of how they reply and represent their items. Wish I had done that before buying from them!

Send Enquiry To Advocate form is not working: why is that? anyone?

Thanks you sir. let is know how to solve

hellooooooo and?


The email is being sent to the the advocate’s email id.

We are interested in purchasing the product, but we are a bit confused, how will a lawyer register? Why in the live preview only for normal users, what would the business plan look like?


Thank you for your interest and apologies for the delayed response. The lawyer login is also via backend. The admin can add lawyers via backend, create a username and password for the same. The lawyer can log into the backend using this username and password to view his appointments.


Treple Purchased

im trying to install the website in my local pc ... i recieve an error each time i install it ..

i tried to delete the installer.php but still the same …

when i use XAMPP i only recieves loading page

any solutions ??/


Please raise a ticket at support@techware.in, so that our support team shall help you with your issue at the earliest.

Hi, I am a traumatologist and I want to treat my patients online

Your system has the things I need for my project, a booking system with booking calendar and payment with paypal

I could not see in the demo how is the attention system on the day of the appointment that could be with an online chat system and / or video conference, and then I could continue for 15 days with a ticket and support system

I would need to add a payment gateway for my country in addition to paypal

what do you think? Could you customize my project? best regards

German Pace


Thank you for your interest. Regarding your requirements, we could do these as an additional customization. Please send your requirements to support@techware.in and our support team will be helping you to proceed further with your customizations.