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This looks interesting, without an admin demo it’s hard to grasp how it interacts with the users commenting. If a demo is not possible maybe you should make a video of the visitor interaction with the plugin, ie: making a comment and then seeing it in context with the video. Or do I have this plugin concept all wrong?

hi, this plugin works with default wordpress comment system – so you can reply like all others comments. The same – below the video – you can add comment like in default wordpress comment system. If you are logged in as admin, you can reply for user comment directly.

I tired to submit a support ticket but you don’t have this item listed so it won’t let me! There is also no contact information on your site. Before I get a refund, maybe this will be read as it’s the only way I can get in touch. I installed and activated the plugin but it doesn’t show up in the settings panel or anywhere else except the plugin list. Help! rcrook AT crookedpathfilms DOT com


On my profile site: https://themeforest.net/user/gochadesign you have all data and contact form – if you need to write directly to me.

Here is support forum: https://gochadesign.ticksy.com/ Please add ticket here – as private ticket you can send temporary access to your site.

Before, please check documentation: https://gochavideo.com/manual/

The plugin configuration can be found in: Appearance -> Customize -> GOCHA Video

You can also read this review: http://wplift.com/gocha-video-plugin-review

best regards,

Is the comment system displayed sitewide even if it’s a user generated video?

Hello, if “user generated video” you mean – video added by “add media” button to content box – answer is “yes”. If anything else, please write for more details.

Nice comment features, One Question and i disable the video comments for Google drive video? is so how?

Hi, please choose: appearance -> customize – somewhere on bottom GOCHA Video and select checkbox – Hide comments for Google Drive videos

Oh i mean to disable the comments function for Google Drive video.. and only work for Youtube, and Vimeo .? ...Are you planning to enable FaceBook video for future updates?

If you select checkbox – Hide comments for Google Drive videos – it will work only for Youtube and Vimeo. Yes – FaceBook video support is ready – in a few days we will send some big updates ;-)

its possible show comments over video, like a subtitles? Just play and see a comments?

Hi, no, not now. Maybe in future version.

ok, because navigation to comments need a scrool, and lost a video viewer.. maybe comments side by side to video.. tks

I post videos for clients to a post page via a public link from dropbox URL. Is URL linking supported?

Hi, Here is a link to a page with a DB video embedded. http://phonographic.co.za/blick/big-buck-bunny/

The video is in a public folder and I just right-click / Copy Public link and paste it into the Insert From URL option in the add media section.

@phonographic – so it is working as media element which is supported by our plugin: https://www.evernote.com/l/AKWVpHqX4b5K7JaGTTuUB45ZBulRTMJ2YhoB/image.png :)

One more thing, Is it possible to have the comments list next to the video instead of underneath? Just wondering is there is a styling option for this or if it is simple enough to do with the css. Thanks dzuidek

There is no option for it, but you can achieve it with CSS by just few changes which changes the dimensions and floating of 3-4 containers

Hi there. I have some questions before buying.

1. Can I translate to PT-BR?

2. I would like to use your plugin in some pages of my site. So, each page would need a different set of comments. Is it possible?

3. The problem is: my theme uses some kind of Wide Layout that does not show wordpress comments… only on its boxed layout. But I really need to use the Wide layout. So, will your plugin work?


4. Does this Works with specific Privacy Settings on Vimeo? I would like to have some vídeos to only be embed trough my site, so the comments will work properly?

“What I meant on item 2 was: every page will have its own vídeo. So I need each page to have its own discussion as well. Is it possible?” – yes, every post/page can have its own video – the only requirement is having different videos as currently we do not support comments in different posts/pages for the same video.

“One more question, sorry. Can I have general comments for the entire Video or just for a specific time or time frame?”

In the current version only specific time frame is available. In the upcoming update (in few next days – today we will test it with WP 4.7 and then we will publish it here) the specific time point will be available. The whole video as a comment place is not available.

“a final question. I use Visual Composer to build my site. Will your plugin work well with my layout?” The upcoming version adds a built-in support for Visual Composer.

Nice. So I will wait for the updat, once I need the Visual Composer feature. Thank you very much!

@dimitribastos for your information – the new version is available :)

Good luck with sales

Thank you ;-)

design looks nice from the screenshots. any idea how difficult it might be to customize this to present an array of predetermined options at each clock point? i.e, instead of entering a text note, user selects from 4 preset options via buttons. i realize this strays a fair amount from the plugins function, just thought id ask

@amalgam-d – in my opinion it will be relatively easy to implement, but also it is definitely beyond of our standard technical support for this plugin – it will be a custom work.

Hello Your plugin is compatible with FV Player ? https://wordpress.org/plugins/fv-wordpress-flowplayer/

Hi, sorry, not now. Maybe in the future version.

Hello, is your plugin compatible with lives videos embebed?

Hi firecooper,

Unfortunately there is no way to support this kind of streaming as the timeline is fluid.

Hi! I have been trying to work with the GOCHA plugin, however; it conflicts with a couple of other Premium Plugins on my site. The devs of the plugins have suggested that I contact you for support to make them work together, so I was hoping you could help? My purchase code is: 38a0846b-a0eb-4385-b02c-56c40c5a6a17

Sorry I did try to contact support, but I can not access it via your link. I got a security warning and could not get past the following error message: “The website tried to negotiate an inadequate level of security …Error code: NS_ERROR_NET_INADEQUATE_SECURITY”

Please help? Thanks!!—mitra

hi please go to ticket system: https://gochadesign.ticksy.com or write an emal: info@gochadesign.com

and describe your problem, give as links to page with errors.


mnspm Purchased

Hi! What is the gocha shortcode (start, endmarker) in written text? I want to use the plugin without the editor.

Hi, The syntax is following:

[gocha_video url=”” mode=”” mintimediff=”” hidecommentform=”” hidetimeline=”” commentdisplay=”” commentdisplaymode=”” commentopen=”” order=”“]

  • url – URL to the video
  • mode – “range” (for commenting range of time) or “point” (for one point comments)
  • mintimediff – integer value (seconds) – time in which comments are grouped
  • hidecommentform – 0 or 1 – disable/enable showing original comment form
  • hidetimeline – 0 or 1 – disable/enable showing timeline
  • commentdisplay – 0 or 1 – disable / enable showing only active comments (dynamic comments)
  • commentdisplaymode – “opacity” or “hide” – method of hiding inactive comments when dynamic comments are active
  • commentopen – 0 or 1 – disable / enable opening comments block by default
  • order – “ASC” or “DESC” – ordering of comments by date (ascending or descending)