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Looks really nice. :-) Is it possible to have an image linked to a page? I would like to retain the effects but rather have it link instead of showing lightbox.

Thanks, Bernhard

for gocha ;-)

Hi, I am having an issue with the gallery crashing on mobile devices. I have the plugin configured and added the responsive lightbox. I am using an iphone 4s to test. Here is a link: http://itsbadass.com/airbrush/?page_id=17

Thank you!

Hi, please! I need create shortcodes for galleries, this is possible? Thanks

Sorry my bad english!

Hi, this plugin works on WordPress “add media” module and adds more option to typical gallery shortcode.

Here is an example what you get in text editor, when use my plugin: [gallery size=”large” gaps=”yes” effzoom=”yes” effdelay=”yes” gochaparallax=”yes” effecttype=”gocha-gallery-parallax-minimg-height-1” patternline1=”pattern1” patternline2=”pattern3” ids=”322,320,321,323”].

all the best,

Nice plugin…good luck with the sales !

thank you.

Hey Really Nice Plugin,

But i am facing some problem here, I am not able to get that whoe screen effect, I mean the thing in which we click the image and the image covers the whole screen and slide show runs. You can check the plugin installed here: http://gadgetadda.com/2013/12/16/chalk-board-app-windows-8-reviews/

Hi, Change *Lightbox type gallery to “no”. And you will see 4 images on your page. Lightbox type gallery – is for display only 1 image on website content and rest on them in lightbox window.

best regards,

Done! Thank you so much! :-)


Looks really nice…but not with my theme :( Both plugins resposive lightbox and yours are installed but no results.

Could you help me?

hi, Please send to me by e-mail link to your site. Best regards,

Amazing plugin by the way!!!

Just one question…

I have the following set-up on my client’s website which works great:

[gallery effecttype=”” presets=”preset7” gaps=”no” effzoom=”yes” effdelay=”yes” gochaparallax=”yes” stylescheme=”gocha-style3” columns=”5” link=”none” patternline1=”pattern33” patternline2=”pattern3” patternline3=”pattern4” patternline4=”pattern35” patternline5=”pattern3” patternline6=”pattern4” patternline7=”pattern3” patternline8=”pattern34” patternline9=”pattern33” patternline10=”pattern42” ids=”281,280,279,278,277,276,275,274,273,272,271,270,269,268,267,266,265,264,263,262,261,260,259,258,257”]

Is there a way to add the caption of the image on roll-over?

Hi, which version of safari browser you have? I have checked on my iMac safari browser. All looks ok.

Safari 5.1.7 (7534.57.2) on Win7

This browser has almost 2 years old. And apple ends support it (http://www.technologytell.com/apple/100445/apple-unofficially-ends-support-of-safari-for-windows/)... On mac is available version 7.0.1 now. If you check the statistic like this: http://www.w3schools.com/browsers/browsers_safari.asp – you will see, that about 0.5% users use safari 5. I think it’s not worth the bother.

Hello, I wrote in private but i think that’s useful for everybody. Is it possible to edit captions, effects etc. once the gallery is generated? I often need to modify. Thanks

hi, Yes, I know that it would be useful functionality. I’ll add it at the next update. I have sent you more info on priv.

Thanks for your double reply! It would be great, I’m waiting the update. In the meanwhile… truly a good job with this plugin :-)

thank you ;)

Does this work on all images, or only galleries? I would like parallax effect on all images on a one-page layout. Is this possible with your plugin?

It works on galleries, but you can use it for single image in your editor in this way:


If you know a basis of javascript and know how to add js to your wordpress code, you can do more. You can define your own class with your own parameters and use this class to any image you will add to your site. If you decide to buy my plugin, I can give you more support in this case.

thanks – I sent a PM. I look forward to setting up a couple of javascript parallax styles, then assigning those styles to CSS classes to effect certain images on my site.


Just wondering if this plugin would allow for me to create a gallery where I can have a “fly in” effect of my portfolio? Something like the link below. Thanks.


hi, no, you can’t use my plugin to do this kind of effect.

Great Plug-in Thank you!!

Having a problem setting up 2 rows of 5 images (10 total)


I keep getting a row of 3, then a row of 5 then a row of 2

Settings are: [gallery link=”file” columns=”5” size=”large” gaps=”yes” effbw=”yes” ids=”6409,6410,6411,6412,6413,6414,6415,6416,6417,6418”]

Thank you for purchase. Please, write to me an e-mail, I will send you solution.

Hi, I’m using the Gocha Plugin for one of my client’s websites. What I need is to apply the effect on a main image, but to have an overlay on the image which does not get affected by the Gocha. My problem is that once the overlay is on top of the main image, the hover is not applied as the main image is not in front. So what I need is to some how apply the effect whilst hovering over another element. (I hope this makes sense) I would appreciate if I could understand how the Gocha plugin triggers; either in jQuery or CSS. I’ve tried some standard jQuery triggers but none have worked so far.

Please let me know if there is some kind of workaround. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.


Adeeb Sheikh

Hi, Here is a link to my site: http://lpa.b786-staging.co.uk/

If you scroll down to the Find a course section, you will see 2 images side-by-side. Right now, the whole pictures zooms in with Gocha, however, I want the text overlay image to stay static. Currently it is a separate image. Is there a way I can do this?

Thank you

You don’t need my plugin for this kind of effect. It’s simple css solution. Here, you can download example how to do it: http://g76.gochadesign.com/demo/buyers/hover.zip

Thank you very much!! I really appreciate the time you have taken to show me how this is done!!

How do you set it so all the thumbnails are the same height and width?

You can use set_post_thumbnail_size (https://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/set_post_thumbnail_size) for change your thumbnails size or add new size for your images – add_image_size (https://developer.wordpress.org/reference/functions/add_image_size/). After, for old images in website you can use this plugin: https://wordpress.org/plugins/regenerate-thumbnails/

That’s not really what I wanted. I want the gallery thumbnails to be the same size, they are not and there’s no setting to make them that way?


You have few images higher than others. If you don’t want to set new sizes like I wrote above, you can crop them by WP builded options. You can find some tutorials about it – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=atiQDgRLIFc

Hey gochadesign, I have purchased and installed your plugin and it seems to work alright with the default WordPress 4.3 theme (Twenty Fifteen) but upon activating another theme (Tracks) the plugin no longer works. To be more specific, once viewing a page / post with a gallery the CSS is not applied at all. I checked using Firebug and the CSS is not overwritten, it simply is not applied at all. Perhaps there is something wrong with the Tracks theme. Any help here?

Hey, thank you for purchased. My plugin works, when you use default add media -> add gallery option. In Tracks Theme (and some others too) authors replaced default WordPress ‘add gallery’ functions with some custom code builded in theme. This is the reason, why it not work properly. In Tracks theme it’s easy to fix. In functions.php find line number 16 with this code: add_theme_support( ‘cleaner-gallery’ ); and remove or comment it. It will help. best regards,

Hi there,

Will this great plugin work inside Divi builder text modules?




GOCHA Focuson Parallax Responsive Gallery is an extension to the default mechanism of WordPress media management. If your template resigns from using the default system and replaces it by its own, then my plugin will not work right away.

DIVI has own gallery functions, but you can turn it off and use default with this function:

function gochafocusongalleryfix() { remove_filter( ‘post_gallery’, ‘et_gallery_layout’, 1000, 2 ); } add_action( ‘init’, ‘gochafocusongalleryfix’, 12 );


Sorry, 2 more questions:

1) Will a plugin work with only 1 image (or we need to upload few of them)? We want to add horizontal parallax effect only for 1 image on a page.

2) Is it possible to switch off a lightbox effect?

Thanks, Igor

Hi, 1. plugin adds new options to classic “add media” options, so it works with galleries. If you want to add this effect to only one image, you should add only one image to gallery 2. lightbox effects is “not included” to this plugin – you don’t have to switch it off.

Great news! Thanks

Hi! Nice good looking transitions! I am actually looking for someting Apple did with multiple images stacked on http://www.apple.com/ipad-pro/ Is this possible with your plugin, as I don’t see it in the examples. Cheers!

Hi, thank you. Sorry, it’s not possible ;-)

Ok, thanks for the fast response. I will look further to a way of creating a effect like this. Good luck!

Hi, can your plugin allow to create multiple photo albums where each will open up to be a lightbox without leaving the main page>



Hi, yes if you use any lightbox plugin. My plugin can create galleries. For lightbox effects you can use any available lightbox plugin like my favorite https://www.dfactory.eu/products/responsive-lightbox/


Gocha hello! very lovely design.. does parallax work on mobile? in that case i will purchase.. Cheers!

Hi, it support mobile. Please open demo site on your phone and check how it works.

Hi, thanks for this beautifull plugin. May I ask what are the parameters for this gallery please : http://gochadesign.com/focuson-parallax-wordpress-plugin/presets-2/preset-4/ ? Thanks

hi, thank you for purchase. This is one of default presets called “golden ratio dynamic” – so you can choose it on select box PRESETS. Start new gallery, select this preset and please don’t change anything else. If you have any other problems – please go to support forum https://gochadesign.ticksy.com, add new ticket and one of consultants will help you.