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Hi, love the module however after adding all the info into the module I get a really long error message in an iframe on the page that the button is added to… it starts off with

Error: exception ‘GoCardlessPro\Core\Exception\InvalidApiUsageException’ with message ‘Insufficient permissions’ in /home/sites/######/public_html/wp-content/plugins/gocardless-pro/lib/gcp/vendor/gocardless/gocardless-pro/lib/Core/ApiClient.php:100 Stack trace:

sure, to what email address can I send it to?

email sent to contact@


Hi, I have some pay links and payment plans set up on gocardless already, is there anyway I can import these in?


No – the plugin cannot import existing links & plans from GoCardless.

URGENT HELP NEEDED! Hi there, just installing this plugin and it has just crashed the site and taken the live site down! all it shows for backend and front end is this message on a white page! There is no way to go into the controls panel or anything. The site has to be live.

“GoCardless requires at least PHP version 5.5 to be installed on your server to operate correctly. You only have version 5.4.42 installed. Please contact your host and request PHP version 5.5. Do not proceed until this problem has been rectified.

Unable to continue.”

Please help me ASAP

GoCardless requires at least PHP 5.5 to work. It will not work on a server using PHP 5.4.42, hence the message.


pz007 Purchased

I’ve tested your plugin in SandBox mode and it all worked fine and then I switched it to live mode with different account and it shows this error:

Error: exception ‘GoCardlessPro\Core\Exception\ValidationFailedException’ with message ‘Validation failed (success_redirect_url must use https in production)’ in plugins/gocardless-pro/lib/gcp/vendor/gocardless/gocardless-pro/lib/Core/ApiClient.php:100

Does that mean that I need to purchase the SSL certificate or would that mean that this account is using Legacy API and it needs to be updated and this is why it’s not working?

Many thanks

Hi. Yes, you need SSL to use this. We’ve added a notification to the next version of the plugin which is in the review queue.


pz007 Purchased

@KidMidnight you need to change the PHP version for 5.5 you should be able to do this when you login to control panel where you are hosting it. Google ‘change php version YOUR HOSTING PROVIDER’ and it should tell you step by step how to do it. Hope this helps

Spot on. Thanks for your help.

Would it be possible to get a refund as i have purchased by mistake as i thought it integrated with Wocommerce as a payment option?

Unfortunately we are unable to give a refund in these circumstances.

Hi. Purchased this plugin the other day and I am finding it hard to set up, you mentioned in your description that

The GoCardless Pro plugin for WordPress is easy to set up and use and we’ve included a quick start guide as well as more detailed instructions.

Where can the instructions be found?


Hi Paul. There’s a Help & Usage section in the plugin which should be able to help you. Is there something specifically that you’re having trouble with?

Basically, trying to set up a donation page http://bit.ly/2sWXpv2 for the pay what you want except nothing like a button shows after and its only a text box.

I also want to set up a table with hyperlinks to the gocardless interface


Hi Paul. There looks to be a problem with the connection to GoCardless – if you put a number in the box and then hit the delete key, you get the message “No amount specified!” which means that the plugin is trying. Can you check the GC API tokens that you have / any server logs please? Also, am I right in assuming that you are currently using Sandbox mode for testing? Regard Mike

Hi there, I have purchased the plugin today. I have followed the instructions in the help / setup page and am having difficulty with the NYOA working. It seems to all work ie takes you to GC, and then redirects back to the test page specified. However no customer or payment is created in the Sandbox account. And no extra text is displayed on redirect page to show mandate / payment ref. Can you help please?

Think I have sorted it, must have been some plugin clash. I installed Plugin Organiser and removed all plugins from the 2 pages (including one redirecting back to) and can now see working. Thanks for the clue :)

Hi Martin. Glad you found out the problem. Please don’t forget to rate our plugin. Thanks.

5 stars, of course!

Hi, Would this plugin work with WooCommerce Subscriptions or Subscriptio as a way of taking regular GoCardless payments within a WooCommerce subscription service? Cheers, Lewis

Hi Lewis. No, this is a standalone product but you can use it to set up regular GoCardless payments.

Hi, I’ve installed this plugin, but I cannot add any short codes. Using the Divi 3 theme. I add [gcp_paylink ref=1] to display my link but it just disappears when press save. If I use the default WP editor and add the shortcode, it crashes the site saying there is no SSL. The site is in dev mode and on a staging URL, the plugin is in sandbox mode. I shouldn’t be getting this error!!

Hi. Can you post the actual error messages that you’re seeing please?

Is it possible to integrate it with Easy Digital Downloads? #EDD

Hi. No, this is a standalone system.

I bought the original GoCardless plugin which you have discontinued rendering that purchase valueless. Is there no upgrade discounted price in this circumstance?

Hi. GoCardless brought out a new version of their API, and ran both alongside each other for a while. We had to write a completely new plugin to use the new GoCardless API. The new API is now the default API, so we retired the old plugin. Envato allows one price per plugin so we have made it as competitive as possible – please bear in mind that we only make about $17 on each sale.

I intend to buy this plugin. Not sure if it complies with the new OAuth2 GoCardless API – does it? Thank you!

Hi. No, it doesn’t currently use the OAuth2 process – the auth token needs to be copied and pasted from the GC dashboard.

Thank you! Sorry for the late response. Can we use this plugin with a GoCardless partner account?

Hi. It’s a standalone plugin which lets you take GoCardless payments via your WordPress site. It doesn’t integrate with GC partners to do this. Hope this helps.


powcom Purchased

Hi – Would really appreciate some help please. I can’t get the plugin to successfully complete transactions.

It’s all firing up correctly from the [gcp_redirect_flow ref=2] shortcode, opening up the GC form on https://pay-sandbox.gocardless.com/flow, pulling in the correct Payment Plan Set-Up details I’d setup. The detailed entered into the form are accepted and passed to the second GC screen, where the Confirm button is clicked. Our preset Success Redirect Page is shown (redirect_flow_id appended to the URL), so it all looks like it’s gone through successfully.

BUT – When I go to the GC Web interface, nothing is stored in there, so the transaction hasn’t been a success.

I’ve read through the GCP documentation, but can’t find info on how I can get the GC return code showing on the Success Redirect Page. Did I miss it? It’s possible.

If that’s not possible, can you give me guidance on how else can I debug / try to understand where the transaction is failing please.

(BTW I’ve setup the Pro plugin on our Staging server and have connected to GC sandbox. Have proved that is connected as I can see a customer record in the WP backend that I set up directly on the GC Web interface.)

Hi. We haven’t heard anything from you, so I guess you’ve fixed whatever the problem was?


powcom Purchased

You’re right on the non-contact. Other projects forced attention away. You’re on my list for today :)


powcom Purchased

Apologies – another delay on my end (much to my frustration – being pulled in all directions!).

I’ve just sent of a detailed email to the address you gave (Login details emailed to you direct from our server) – Hope it’s simple to resolve.

Getting an error: Error: exception ‘GoCardlessPro\Core\Exception\InvalidApiUsageException’ with message ‘not found’ in /home/auragasc/public_html/wp-content/plugins/gocardless-pro/lib/gcp/vendor/gocardless/gocardless-pro/lib/Core/ApiClient.php:109 – where can we get assistance please?

there is a caching plugin but I added the page to the whitelist.. every time the page loads the gocardless link changes? I dont think I am seeing the error anymore, but its still not creating properly.. GoCardless are saying:

“It looks like the redirect flow is being created, however no request is being made to complete the redirect flow (resulting in the resources being created).

This should be sent when the customer is returned to the success_redirect_urlusing the redirect flow ID of the redirect flow object and session_token. “

is there a step I have missed in the setup??

Also – I see you updated this yesterday, but the download link still gets the 2nd Dec version??

Many thanks

Hi. Did you check that you don’t have a redirect flow shortcode on the same page as a Success Redirect Page redirection?

The reason for the version difference was that we updated the version history when we uploaded the new version for approval by CC. Version 2.1.2 is the latest version.

I think I have it working.. I created a brand new success page and put both urls in the whitelist of the caching plugin, cleared the cache and think its now working okay.. I have just checked with the client and they said it seems to be ok.. thanks

I bought this before but now doesnt work, can you plelase provide the update to me? Please help . I will send my license info

Hi. I think you may have purchased our GoCardless plugin which used the legacy GoCardless API. GoCardless has now retired that legacy API so we have retired that product. This plugin which you have posted on uses the new GoCardless API and is a ground up rewrite as the API works in a completely different way. If you purchase this plugin, you will need to replace your shortcodes with new ones tailored to the way that the new API works. Instructions on how to set up the new plugin, including a video, are included in the new plugin.

Hi , i found a bug in the GoCardless Pro Plugin 2.1.0.

if cookies are deactivated for user or there are no cookies with _wp_session name, a lot of records will be added to wp_options table when viewing the pages

I can suggest to resolve the issue this way http://joxi.ru/MAjJZoRcvJLjGA

Kind regards, Dmitriy

Hi Dmitriy. Thank you for your comment, we will investigate this. I should emphasis that the plugin works correctly, but we will review the session management code to ensure that it doesn’t create unnecessary entries in the database.

I see from your screenshot that you also have the old version of our plugin installed. Please remove this as GoCardless no longer use that API.

I notice that you are not using the latest version of the plugin, nor have you purchased the plugin (missing “Purchased” flag next to your name), so you will need to provide us with a valid purchase code before we can provide you with any more support.


onein5 Purchased

Hi There, I was using the last version of this plugin fine and able to append the payment link with a variable so I could assign the direct debit to a particular child’s name (it’s a charity child sponsorship website) but in the new version you can only use redirect flows and cannot add any sort of identifier. I see tonnes of developer docs on the gocardless website which suggest you can mess with the name, description and prefill out the customer details, but how could I do this with the plugin? Just need to add some sort of identifier to the payment as the amount on it’s own is not enough. I am happy to edit core plugin files and proficient in PHP JS if that helps.

Hi. We are looking at how best to include these things in the plugin, without spoiling the user experience by making it too complex. Please don’t edit core files though as you won’t be able to easily receive updates to the plugin in future, e.g. GC library updates – create a class extension instead.


onein5 Purchased

Hi – thanks for that but can I have a nudge in the right direction on how to do it please? I have a client who was very successfully getting their supporters to sponsor AIDS orphans in Africa using GoCardless, and now cannot take any more payments because we cannot connect the pledge to the child. It would literally make a massive difference to their lives if we can get it sorted out… Can I have guidance on what area of the plugin functionality I should be looking at? And how exactly I would hook it with a class? Presumably you have my email on record – I would really appreciate your help.

Pre-Sale Q. Does the plugin pass a token to say that a user has subscribed/paid? Thanks

Hi. The plugin knows when a user has successfully set up a payment and/or mandate. Rather than a specific token, there are hooks available that you can add specific actions to, and the data from GC is available to be used.

That’s great, thanks for the reply