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Thank you for great theme! Keep ip the good work!

Best regards, Andrey

Hello Andrey,
thank you for purchasing Goagal.

You are welcome! By the way, do you have any psd file for the logo or at all for whole main page?

I’m sorry, the theme come as it is. If you want to replace the logo with your own, just save your logo with the actual logo dimensions and overwrite it.

Hi, Perfect!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks

Hi webosk,
thank you for purchasing Goagal.


Just to notice if you scroll down over an embedded YouTube video, the top bar will disappear at the position where the video is placed.

Best regards

Hello Jefcarlier,
For me it seems all right: http://i.imgur.com/RPGGZ1y.png. Can you be more specific, please ?

Sure, its a cross browser problem. Chrome works fine. While IE10 & Firefox has problems. See picture: http://imgur.com/JTjCwNE . IE10 experience an embedded problem & Firefox seems to have some problems with the message width(this is very easy fixable). Sorry for the inconvenience in the previous message hope this is clear now. Just some feedback, good work.

Best regards

Is a easy fix, in style.css find the line 773 and put a ”-” before the webkit-box-sizing and moz-box-sizing property. In the next update this problem will be fixed.
Thank you for flagging this issue.

Ok it looks like facebook and google+ mashed together…

what can you do in regards to customising and branding the site into your own custom theme…

may be interested, if it can be tweaked, but at the moment its just another fb or google clone…

Hello madesign54,
I’m sorry, but this I’d not “another Facebook and Google+ clone”. This design just follow the guideline of the phpDolphin script. Goagal is not inspired by the Facebook out Google+ design, is different by 1000 things.

You can tweak this theme how ever you want by modifying the CSS and HTML files to fit to your social network needs.

Have a nice day,
Alexandru T.

How can I add more slide show images?

In functions.js find the line 995 and you have 3 examples already entered.



Very nice theme good luck with your sales :p !



I love it – just what i was looking for! If I purchase – would I be able to get the stand alone non integraded (non theme) html files – I would like to turn it into an iphone app and use the api to connect to my site with your theme – since its responsive, however I will have to use some different technology. Let me know! great work!

Hello oceaadesign,
At this moment, this is just an phpDolphin theme. Maybe I will upload an theme like this on Themeforest, in the future. But at this moment, you can’t use it on any other app.

I’m sorry about this,
Alexandru T.

Could I purchase just the html from you? or i guess worst case I could just try and extract it – thanks! I am going to get it either way

I don’t sell only the HTML template at this moment. Please wait until I will upload the HTML template on Themeforest.

Thank you,
Alexandru T.

You have not listed really the complete details of the site? I looked at the screen shots, and it appears you have a few things I am looking for. On this site, can you answer these questions before I purchase.

ONE: Can you friend request a person. Not just follow them. I mean actually drop a true friend request. TWO: Are there Photo Albums. THREE: Is there the ability to edit security settings so non friends cannot see your wall and feed?

Also suggestion…. DISLIKE button… People have demanded that from Facebook for years and to no avail.

Hello LightningForgeGames
This is just an skin for the phpDolphin script from Pricop. Please adress him this features requests or proposal.

Thank you,
Alexandru T.

hi author, thx for the update. really appreciated! all the best!

Hello crixxu,
Thank you for purchasing Goagal. Don’t forget, if you have any problems or any questions, please visit our support forum.

hi author, thx for the update. really appreciated! all the best!

Pre sale question Ill buy but need to know if this theme will work with the latest version of dolphin ? the most recent update ? Thanks !

Hello turgeonm,
Of course, our theme / plugins for phpDolphin are always up to date with the latest software version.

Great and WOW FAST REPLY :) I Just bought it Thanks !

Thank you ! If you need more information or help, don’t hesitate to contact me.


Great theme! One small issue: Links in the footer are not working when activating this theme.


Please let me know.



I have the latest version. Updated today. I will wait till the theme is updated, thanks!


Can you please update me about the theme upgrade? http://tinyurl.com/jhc5w95


Thank you for being patient with the update period. There was rough days for us but the update is sent.

P.S.: We’ve sent you the update to your mail.

Any Recent Update Available?

all designs for scripts by Alex Pricop are up to date. If a new update come, the design will be updated ASAP.

Is it 2.1.2 Compatible in Full?

Yes. As I said, phpDolphin and phpSound themes are up to date ever time a new update comes and we work directly with the author of this scripts in order to improve our themes that we have and we will release.

Hi , I just bought this theme and it’s great except I can’t upload the large profile pic, it only allows you to upload the small profile pic. Will you be updating this theme soon ?

Also you can’t add soundcloud links in this theme

Hello Ausyguy,
can you please send a detailed email with your problem? Please keep in mind that the server side rendering like SoundCloud link parser (I think this is a plug-in).

Awesome thankyou so much, everything is working great ! fast replies and problem solved. Great service !

Bought this a while ago only just using it … But its not showing the welcome Background

Thank you for contacting us. Can you please send us an email from here with your website, in order to better assist you ?