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Hi we would a specific filter to our project protfolio

For exemple we would on portfolio page ( a filter like this:

Line1: Filter 1 – Filter 2 – Filter 3 – Filter 4 – Filter 5 Line2: Filter A – Filter B – Filter C – Filter D – Filter E

For exemple: When we click on Filter 1, we have Filter A and Filter D When we click on Filter 2, we have Filter B and Filter C

When we click on Filter A, we have Filter 1 and Filter 4 When we click on Filter C, we have Filter 2 and Filter 5

Hi there, I have bought your plugin and I am trying to configure it on my site. I have watched your tutorials but cannot figure out how to create “Pages” with the gallery for each item and link it to my main “Portfolio” page.


Thanks for the purchase. Please open a support ticket: then I can send you an explanation with screenshots.


Hello – I am wondering if this plugin has the ability to make the whole thumbnail image a link to the portfolio post, not just the text and/or button that appears on hover. I’d like the entire image to be a link, is that possible with this plugin?

Hi, Sure no problem, please send us mail via our profile page then I can send you a details help about this:

Looking forward to your mail and have a great weekend!


Thank you – I emailed you about 2 days ago, looking forward to the reply!


Sorry for the delay in the respons, but unfortauntely I couldn’t provide an answer until now due to health problems. I started working a couple of minutes ago and will send a reply soon.


Hi. I have a pre-sales question. From the demos I see that portfolio post type are filterable. If I create an image gallery, are these also filterable by category? If so, are the categories created within the Go Portfolio plugin?

Thanks in advance.


Thanks for the interest.

You can use the plugin with post types you are register with the plugin, default post types and 3rd party post types. If a post type has any taxonomy then you can use the for filtering. If you register a new custom post type with the plugin you have an option to create a new taxonomy and use it for filtering.

Let us know if you have further question.


Awesome. Thanks Attila.

I posted a ticket 6 days ago as you asked, but have still not recieved a reply.

You started the conversation 6 days ago on Friday at 4:01am Hi there, I have bought your plugin and I am trying to configure it on my site. I have watched your tutorials but cannot figure out how to create “Pages” with the gallery for each item and link it to my main “Portfolio” page.


Terrible sorry for the delay. I remember it, but I got some health issue on the weekend then had some very crazy days. No excuse I totally forgot, I send it asap.

Sorry and have a great day, Attila

Attila. I provided the steps you asked for to resolve my problems 5 days ago and have not had any further contact. Please help me get one of the features working. Regards


honey Purchased

Hi i have a question after clicking the filtering option I get huge space on the bottom…You HELPED me with code before but the bug came bag after updating the plgin.


No worries, please send a link to your portfolio via our profile page:


Hello, I have a pre purchase question : Is it possible to have more than one filter ? For example, I want to have 3 differents type of categories : Country, Color and Shape. I want the first filter to let users chose one country, the second one to chose one color, and third to chose a shape, and finally only show the items that belong to the three categories. Is it possible ? If not, do you accept custom work ?



Thanks for the interest. We don’t have such option curretly, but hopefull we can implement something like that in the future.


Go Portfolio this price 23$ its mean one time payment right.


Thanks for the interest. Yes, you will get 6 months of support of lifetime free updates for the price. After the support period expires you can extend it if you still need support, but only a small percent of users need it. As I said you will get updates for free forever. This is the general pricing system on this platform.

Have a great day!


Hey Guys, We are trying to submit a ticket and have purchased support but we keep getting an error has occurred. How can we do this please?


Thanks for the purchase and sorry for the late feedback. Ticksy was out of oder when you wanted to submit your ticket, but it’s working fine now, so you can submit it now.

Happy holidays, Attila


telemesa Purchased

Hello, I’ve just bought go portfolio, to present a porfolio of my websites (with links to them), but I can’t find where I’ve got tu write the link in each image.

Hi, Just replied to your ticket.

Have a great day! Attila

Hi, It is possible to return each item to an external link?


Thanks for the interest. Yes, it’s possible. Let us know if you have further questions.


does this plugin contain a bulk import feature? (i need around 1,000 photos to be imported)

Hello Attila,

I’m ready to pay the price of what I’m looking for :)

I’m looking for a plug-in to create a simple and nice gallery to expose my photographer’s work (70 images in the same pages) (just images, no comment, no title) in a simple and nice lightbox like ” Easy SwipeBox ”.

I need pagination (to have a fast load of the gallery, no the entire 70 pics in one time)

I need filtering (Weeding/Portrait/born/...) and faster picture “taging”(Tags) in the back office.

I need the pagination work with the filtering.

Can I find those on your plugins? :)

Thanks for your help.


CAPBCN Purchased

Hi, when we create a portfolio gallery with go portfolio, each gallery item uses full image? because when we try google speed test our problem is optimize images only for images used in go portfolio. Exists any possibility to use in go portfolio gallery a pic image not full image?