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Do I edit this in eclipse?

There are also lots of errors, maybe because these files are missing?

Dont worry, another Codecanyon seller sorted it out for me.

Thank you for support actually i am on vacation so now if still any error or issue regrading import project or any other tell me. Thanks

Please give me demo apk.


see bottom download …thanks


I have purchased the app, when I upload the picture from picture folder, the picture will be over stretched. any solution?

secondly, I have applied the app on Samsung Galaxy S4, the app will stop intermittently by itself. And this app is not working on LG F70 at all.

Please advise! Thanks in advance!

sorry for that sir,its depend on device and images….thanks for purchase

Is it possible to select glow size & glow brush?

yes it is possible but some customization require….thanks

Hi, I’ve purchased this app. I have a question about de second button which is a Coloring Brush, when I click , nothing happens !

it’s about what exactly,what should happen when we click in this button ? Thanks

I found it Thanks Ayans :)


Why are the interstitial ads not popping up ?

Contact on mail.

Reply on mail.

hi, we saw your app. we want some features. like increase brush size & add different brushes.

how much you will charge these two features

Please contact on mail …thanks

this app he don’t work in all device ???

Yes all most working

hello mr please help me http://prntscr.com/fe5csw

stop error When I want to select a picture

Run app in real device

Hi, tested with real android device and the popup image to load always close when selected an image to load.

I will check it

Android studio???