Discussion on Glow Color Space (Android Studio + Admob + GDPR Support + API 27 + Eclipse)

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Good luck for sale

Like as usual high quality, keep up the good work :)

Great work, Good luck with sales.

Thank You

Great work, i want to buy can you reskin for me

Thanks. Marhaba

i want to buy can you reskin for me

Nice one. Good luck

Thank you

no app folder can’t use on android studio help me.

some problem googleplay game button no internet connect bug?


I did so as in the video, but after inserting the gradle files, I only get errors and I can not fix them. can you help me please?

Hello. it’s good. How and what do I have to do to make this app work?

Can you provide demo apk ?

No sorry

Failed sale! The project does not work with Android Studio at all.

It works I’m sure

If it works with Android Studio, send me the correct code. Otherwise, I bought it for free, too bad!

Please, do not buy. It is not suitable for AS at all.