Glossary Engine

Glossary Engine

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  • Create a responsive Glossary page with search feature
  • All terms and definitions held in XML
  • Definitions can include text, images, video or any user defined HTML
  • Optionally animate definition text and imagery
  • Easily add YouTube/Vimeo video
  • Automatically sorts words alpha-numerically
  • Search for words with auto-suggest as you type
  • Supports query string parameters to open at a specific letter/word/definition
  • Supports internal branching of definitions
  • Simple to change font styles, colours and layout
  • Touch device friendly
  • Supports both absolute and responsive layout (demos use Bootstrap 3 but can support any css or framework)
  • Comes with documentation and three fully functional examples

Version 3 updates (11/2/16):

  • Supports responsive layout.

Version 2 updates (29/4/15):

  • Supports query string parameters to load the Glossary at a specific letter/word/definition.
  • Includes (optional) search field which suggests words as you type.
  • Updated documentation