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Please give me a while, and i will upload the apk onto my dropbox and share the link with you to directly download the APK. Thanks!

Thanks coldGravity :)

is it easy for resking it ?

It’s really very easy :) For your kind information, i have also prepared video tutorials to help you out. You can find the links to the video tutorials in the help doc file. Thanks!

there is no radio example in google play store version, I need to see it

Hi cyberdairy, see the Podcast tile, it will play radio and is already in the PlayStore version.

Radio plays back AAC + format?

Please elaborate more what you asking for?

Your app works with Wordpress ??

See, if you wan’t to display some pages then you can do that by utilize web tile types. But if you are talking about some plugin, i haven’t integrated any yet.

Can hidden or remove menu function not use?

Kindly add the below lines after Parse.initialize statement (in onCreate() method) in Singleton.java: Parse.setLogLevel(Parse.LOG_LEVEL_VERBOSE); ParseInstallation.getCurrentInstallation().saveInBackground();

After adding these lines, launch your app and wait for few seconds…do this 2-3 times and then check if you can send push or not

Also, if still no luck, logs will help, please paste the logs from Parse SDK which appear in your LogCat window when you launch your app..

Hi tibrewal..nice apps, Are you plan to add more feature such as : Marketplace + Bid + Free member and premium member ? thanks

Hi sosialita.. Thanks for your suggestion, i really like it.. Please send me an email on tibrewal.sachin.m@gmail.com with the detailed feature specs, that you think this app should have and I will get them implemented after reviewing. Thanks!

Can you display Facebook posts from a fan page?

Hi lelandwsmith, i remeber that i replied to this earlier but seems like my comment wasn’t posted successfully. So writing again, Yes Facebook posts can be displayed but it is a time consuming task as we need to integrate Facebook’s Graph api and they change the apis very frequently..

Hello tibrewal,

Nice app. But Sound quality not good, like fade, noise….

Hi greenworld01, thanks. Where the sound quality is not good?

I talking about radio player.

OK, but i use to play it on daily basis but there isn’t any noise, for sure. Can you please check again?

Hi there

Is there any demo admin link for this app?

any demo admin link or help documents or video url ?

hwy wowemall…Thanks for your interest… The help document and video url is included in the package itself. Also, there is no Admin and the data inside the app can be modified by amending the JSON file inside resource folder also the steps are illustrated in the help document clearly. For app demo: https://goo.gl/mchpNG

can play podcast video?

Hi masolik.. Thanks for your interest and sorry for the late response. Playing podcast video is not implemented int the app. Thanks!

RSS Based Are not so good. You should Allow Integrating With WordPress API. Also if you provide WordPress Plugin For Integration, Push Notification.

Thanks for your suggestion. Will definitely discuss this with the Team!!

Nice App =) there is the app for ios?

Sorry.. iOS is not developed yet.

Some users have a problem. When the key lock is going on, the radio goes off. Why is that?

Didn’t get what you meant by key lock?

Can i put multiple rss or all rss feed? Can i put multiple website link in one single button

Yes you can..

Is this App still supported? Does it support Android 7.0?

I will test it on 7.0 and update it as well..

Your code is out of date, please fix

It should not be, are you running on 7.0?

Admob ad not show

is it compatible with android 6.0 or later? If it is not are you planing to make it compatible? Because I needed a 6.0 compatible version