Global - Versatile Multi purpose Android App

Global - Versatile Multi purpose Android App


Global is a versatile multipurpose Android App. We have used tile layout to present everything in front of the user as soon as he/she opens the app to make the app easier for the user.

We have implemented majority of common features and will be updating constantly with new features.

Codebase for both Android Studio and Eclipse available.

There are a total of 14 types of tiles currently added as below:

1. RSS,
2. Web,
3. YouTube,
4. Vimeo,
5. Tumblr,
6. Flickr,
7. Twitter,
8. Maps,
9. Radio,
10. Direct Call,
11. Click to Call,
12. Email,
13. Explore,
14. Settings

Feature Details:

1- RSS: We have written a very efficient algorithm to retrieve, display and support majority of RSS Feeds. Thumbnails are also displayed where available.

2- Web: As always you would be having some websites or blog pages that you want your users to see. You can open any link inside the app.

3- YouTube: You can display your own channel or playlist and play the video inside the app in half screen or full screen as desired.

4- Vimeo: You can display your own channel or playlist and play the video inside the app in half screen or full screen as desired.

5- Tumblr: You can display your Tumblr feed images from your own Tumblr A/c. Also user can tap on any image to view it in full screen, can also zoom, save, share or set the image as wallpaper.

6- Flickr: You can display images related to any text query. For example, if you set it as ANDROID, images from Flickr server will be retrieved those are tagged as Android. Also, we provided a search feature that user can use to search for any image on Flicker server, to keep user’s engaged. User can tap on any image to view it in full screen, can also zoom, save, share or set the image as wallpaper.

7- Twitter: Now display your tweets inside the app, two tabs are available one to display tweets from the user’s timeline and the other for the public tweets that contains the hash tag for the username.

8- Maps: We know the location is very important and you would like to let your user’s know your outlet’s location. Maps is designed in a very highly and easily customizable way. As can display your current location, main outlet location and unlimited branch outlets with different color pins to distinguish between them. We also integrated directions support so that on tapping on any annotation, user can see the direction on how to visit your location.

9- Radio: Now stream internet radio inside the app for your own channel or any public channel. The radio supports majority of file formats including pls, m3u, mp3, etc. A custom ongoing notification also appears with currently playing track and singer info in Notification Area when user plays the radio.

10- Direct Call: You can use this feature to initiate a direct call when user taps on the corresponding tile.

11- Click To Call: This will present a dialog with a message asking user to make a call or cancel. For example, consider a scenario of if you have some kind of offer, user is presented to the offer detail as a message with call and cancel options and user can tap on Call to avail it. Isn’t that amazing?

12- Email: A tile can directly open Gmail with address field pre loaded for the user to send you an email. This can be used for various purposes like for Send Feedback, or an endless number of purposes.

13- Explore: This Tile type can be utilized to club above features in a single tile, on tapping this a list is displayed in which each list item works as a tile. This is useful when you have a long list of items and you want that the tile grid should not display all at once. For example, if you have 30 items (tiles), this will cause a long vertical grid of tiles so in this case this feature can be utilized to display 10 or 15 tiles on the main screen and then rest of the tile options in one of the explore type of the tile.

14- Settings: This tile contains all extra options like Share this App, Rate Us, About Us, Send Feedback and Version. - Share this app: Users can share the app with their family, friends and colleagues.
- Rate Us: Users can rate the app on Play Store.
- About Us: To display about you. User can navigate to About Us from Settings tile.
- Send Feedback: Users can send their feedback.

Apart from tiles we have also integrated several SDK’s that matters as follows:
1- Push Notifications: Push notifications is integrated to enable you to update your user’s with the new services/news utilizing Parse Push Services.
2- AppRater: AppRater is integrated that prompts users to rate the app after some usage or days.
3- Flurry: With flurry you can analyze your user base to further optimize the app as per the analytics.
4- AdMob: AdMob is integrated to display banner ads at the bottom. This can be disabled with just setting a flag.

Localization Ready: You can localize the app in your own language by simply adding your localized string file.