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Im failing to login using username admin and password admin


Good day. For app technical questions we have a support. Please go to https://help.appteve.com and open new ticket. Regards

Please, i need to your support… see the ticket on your site support…

So many issues with app, If im going to experience all this problems just with one app i will request for a refund. Who is suppose to reply my ticket?

App keeps crashing at startup. Even the demo app. Kindly fix the bugs and update code or refund.


Good day. Sometimes it is useful to read the product description

You just updated the app. What’s the changelog? :)

Updated dependencies and libraries to the newest. Support 7.X

Hello, I have seen an update in this APP and the other, LAVRADIO, I have both in the Android version.

But the two have the same problem, if you play as soon as you open the application, it automatically closes, and the artist’s cover does not always update when the music finishes, you have to press stop and then give a play so the app shows the cover of the artist’s disc correctly.

Are these errors corrected?

You did not post what the update was.

I’ve talked to you several times about this but we’ve never had a solution.

I’ve tested audio links from dozens of different servers.

It is a feature of the application, before giving play, the user has to wait a few seconds, if it gives play as soon as the application opens, hence it generates an error and closes.

I even commented with you that it would be interesting to make the application give the play automatically or create a text warning thus: Loading the radio, wait ….

This way the user would not criticize the app so much, I had to take it out of Google PLay because the users did not understand that it was necessary to wait a few seconds to be able to play.

And also the application does not always update the artist’s cover, is locked in an artist’s cover that has already touched and only updates to the artist’s next cover if you give a stop and then a play.

Anyway, I like your work and so I have almost all of your applications, I hope you can improve them in time and that I can use them, but for now it does not work, these two errors generate a very big complaint for the broadcaster.

Why are you sure that I should remember everything that I’m being written in support. Open a new ticket and write a problem. I do not see any problems with this.

Better leave that aside for now.

It’s been months since I’ve been talking these problems with you ….

I’m waiting for new updates, one day I might be able to use the applications, I bought all the versions, Androdi and iOS.

I trust your work.

Thank you.