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Will this be compatible with iOS 11?

If I’m not mistaken IOS 11 will be released in September.
With beta versions we do not work. You will not be able to publish the app to the appstore if it’s a beta.


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Hello, i have sad situation i am not able to run application, always getting errors, i install pods but its nor helping. The app documentations is too old and don’t fit today systems. Support is also not the best one.


xejay Purchased

In my case, i want money back or get from Author working product at it should be.


xejay Purchased

Now i got good support and fixed my issues from developer. Thank you.

Hello, how many stations are available in the database?

Good day. There are no stations in the database. You add an unlimited number of stations using the backend yourself. Regards

I need to know several things: 1- I can only put a single station, I do not want to put more than one. 2- You have the android version, do I need to have it for the station and where can I get it? 3- It has option of administrator for the contents of podcast, news and others .. to keep it updated.

I wait for your answers .. thanks ..


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Which push notifications do you use, maybe OneSignal?

Hello, how i can upload my songs

Good morning. Using the backend of the application. Regards


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iOS app is not updating correctly the metadata when switching between radio stations. Will show from latest listened radio statin the metadata on switch

For all technical questions, we have support. https://help.appteve.com


rogero Purchased

what changes are made in the latest update? Or where to find the changes?

Hello, Do you have the search engine option to find radio stations quickly?

What radio stations?

Hi, Pre-sale questions. - Does the app support .m3u8 type streams for audio? - Does the app support playback/rewind and fast forward to live stream? – Does the app have seamless stream stitching to prevent streams from dropping? - pls, m3u, and direct URL support? Regards

Hi. The application supports direct streams – no playlists

Hi, I followed the instructions given, failed to build with Castio.xcodeproj, and replaced it by Castio.xcworkspace. The app crashes in the simulator please see screenshots: https://ibb.co/hT7oaG https://ibb.co/hPxoaG I created two tickets, but didn’t have answers. The first one was solved with my hosting provider, but the second one is linked directly to the ios app template Regards

For all technical questions we have a support. Go to https://help.appteve.com and create a new ticket. Regards

I opened ticket in the support https://help.appteve.com, but no answer, the status is still open. What to do next, I need the fix that problem. The documentation seems to be outdated, (for example you added pods to the project, but in the documentation we are still asked to open Castio.xcodepro instead of Castio.xcworkspace). Regards

Could you tell us how many time it take for your support team to hold a ticket. It’s very frustrating to wait this long time compared to other developers.

About the support you can read the section “Support” in the product description. Regards

I bought this app on the 10 of December, and it didn’t work. I opened tickets for support, but till now, I didn’t have the issue fixed, It’s really frustrating. The response I receive to read the support section is unacceptable, you must provide a working app or the appropriate support in acceptable time. I’ll ask Envato for refund, and it’s really a bad experience with that purchase. You must take care of your customer if you want to keep them. Regards

This version is not working and crashes at launching in Xcode. I find that The folder uploads in PHP_files is empty, you have provided a version with an empty folder, and this folder is supposed to contain assets and other files. Please advise urgently, your updated app which I downloaded is not working and your support isn’t reactive.

Is the audio from the app taken from an iFrame or xml source?

The stream that you add to the backend

I’d like to remove In-App PURCHASE, how can I do? I have open a ticket. Thanks

I’ll answer in the morning. We have 5 o’clock in the morning

Hi there! Can you please check this video? https://youtu.be/w_uuldsAwdw

App crashes and close. In my real device. I did all accord your tutorial. I sent you a copy of my source and my server credentials. Can you fix it please ASAP?

Please check your ticket support system. Thank you

Good night. In order to understand the cause of the error, we need the application logs. There is no need to duplicate messages here and in support. I see perfectly that you opened a ticket

Can I change the language of the application? How can I translate the menu?

You can localize in a file storyboard

Hello, I’ve been calling open for 2 days on your panel to perform the installation and installation on my server. You could answer me, kindly. Thankful.


you put the ticket into the status “pending” because of this we do not see it. within an hour I will answer you

ok. tks!

The documentation file doesn’t work.

Then why does everything work fine for me, do not explain? This is Chrome:

For some reason, anchor tags to the links in the navigation don’t fire in Chrome for me but they do in other browsers. It’s not a big deal because I can scroll down to see the content. If you’d like a video of the user experience I’d be happy to share one.

This was recommended to us envato http://revaxarts-themes.com/documenter/