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Hello. Wanted to add 2 buttons to side menu, where can you give me an estimate?


Good day. For all technical questions we have a customer support. Please go to http://help.appteve .com and create a new ticket. Kind regards, Appteve Dev

Hi Appteve, i have few questions - Does this app works on iOS and Android? - Which language have you build this? - do you provide php control pannel for app? - why your codecanyon price cheaper than appteve.com? - when did you last update the product?

Thank you

Thank you for interested in our product.
For all pre-sales questions to have a customer support site.
Please go to http://help.appteve.com and create a new ticket.
Kind regards, Appteve Dev

I do not understand why my message was deleted. I want to know if you use the gcm or firebase ?

I’m interested in buying your app , I ‘ll buy when they launch the next update. I buy it for ios and android.

Updates will be released after 7 September, as it will support the iOS 10

Great , I’ll wait until then. Thank you ;)

can I use for only single radio ? I have a radio channel on the web

Good day.
You can always write to our support team. I think there is, for you, our staff will find a solution.
Kind regards, Appteve Dev

Can I use the music on my website to stream on the app? https://www.gotinstrumentals.com/

in order to get your site working with the mobile application, it should be api

Do you have any instructions on taking your own podcasts to stream on the app? I have a podcast show Id like to be the main the source of content for my app. How would I go about this? Thanks In advance.

Good evening.
Complete documentation is only to configure the application.
We can make any application on your request.
Kind regards, Appteve Dev

Hello and thanks for your response. My question in particular is let’s say for example I have a soundcloud podcast and want to stream that in the app, is it possible? Also, what does the “timeline” feature consist of? I imagine, it takes the radio stations, news and podcast and displays them in one. Lastly, are users able to comment on any content?

Good night.
Podcasts are upload using the backend. Adding tracks from Soundcloud not support.
In the timeline, there are tracks that find application in the Apple music from the radio broadcast.
No, in the application are no comments function.
Kind regards, Appteve Dev

hello, app not work in Xcode 8 and error


Good day. Xcode vers?

8.0 8A218a

Good day.
All scripts are updated within a month after the release of the new operating system. This script is already pending in envato. As usual approval takes up to 5 days.
Kind regards, Tom

Hi, is it possible to download the audio directory from the radio station to use for offline

Good day.
How you listen to the radio without the Internet?
Kind regards, Appteve Dev


teiron Purchased

Hi, After uploading all php files, and trying to login on my domain: It redirects me to appteve.com/castio/login.php. What should I do to fix this?

Good evening.
Thank you for purchase our product.
After uploading all php files, you first need to open the documentation and read how to set up the script. In the documentation all the answers to all your questions.
For example, on this question, the answer can be found in section “Install backend”.
Kind regards, Appteve Dev

Dear Sirs,

After installing the backend, i got this error:

A PHP Error was encountered

Severity: 8192

Message: mysql_pconnect(): The mysql extension is deprecated and will be removed in the future: use mysqli or PDO instead

Filename: mysql/mysql_driver.php

Line Number: 135


File: /home/xxx/public_html/iosradiosaudi/application/controllers/Access.php Line: 12 Function: __construct

File: /home/xxx/public_html/iosradiosaudi/application/controllers/Dashboard.php Line: 7 Function: __construct

File: /home/xxx/public_html/iosradiosaudi/index.php Line: 294 Function: require_once

Good evening.
For all technical questions we have support site.
Please go to http://help.appteve.com and create a new ticket.
Unfortunately, we do not provide support in the comments and using by mail.
Also remember that the studio is open from 10 am to 5 pm, except weekends. Our time zone is (GMT +1), we are human beings just like you and we sometimes need to rest.

Kind regards, Appteve Dev

hi , i have this error Invalid Bundle: The asset catalog at ‘XXXX/XXXX/Assets.car’ can’t contain 16-bit or P3 assets if the app supports iOS 9.3 or earlier

Good day. For all technical questions we have a support site. Please go to http://help.appteve.com and create a new ticket. Unfortunately we don’t provide support in comments and via mail. Please remember, studio open Monday- Friday 10 am to 6 pm GMT +1. Saturday, Sunday – closed. Regards, Appteve .

Hi after run the app on my simulator the app not works properly can you check this video please?? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jz58YKta_io

Good day.
For all questions we have a support site.
Please go to http://help.appteve.com and create a new ticket.
Unfortunately, we do not provide support in the comments and via email.
Regards, Appteve.


ssmony Purchased

As I have only Swift 3, this code not work at all. Any advice?

Good night.
Thank you for purchased our product.
The app works fine in Xcode 8.2.1 with iOS 10.2:
Before buying very carefully read the description of the product, sometimes it is possible to read the valuable information.
Do not do that is not described in the documents.
No need to write us emails. We do not read it. Unfortunately, we do not provide support in the comments and via mail. A link to the support site you can always find in the product description section “Support”
Please look for different time zone. (GMT+1).
All technical and pre-sales questions, you can always ask our team support site. When writing a ticket necessarily:
- purchase code
- error screenshot
- app name

Kind regards, Appteve Dev

On upload it is asking me for NSCalendarsUsageDescription key, why is this? Why does the app need to access the calendar?

Good evening.
For support, write a new ticket to our support team. https://help.appteve.com

Ok made ticket waiting for response

Very promising app, i have a question: How is the pushed notification handled?

this aplication in update swift 3?

As soon as swift 3 becomes stable, yes

Is there a single station setup for this app? IE can the radio button link directly to a station

Good night.
For single station please see this: https://codecanyon.net/item/global-single-station-ios/18934078

When will this version update to swift 3, because im getting error that new Xcode 8.3.2 is not compatible and needs to update code, when you update automatically through Xcode build fails and cannot run app. If I don’t update Xcode still gives me compatibility errors.

Can you help?

Good day.
Use for work Xcode 8.2.
This is force majeure and the reason is the forced disabling of the Swift 2 language support from new versions of the development environment. Apple did this without prior notice.
Also, not all developers of dependencies and frameworks used in the application have updated them to version 3.1

im going to purchase both but one question is there like a web application to cause that would be awesome to have android iso and we app please let me know asap

Hi, your template looks great, but I am afraid of having to pay a lot for a server. Is there a solution without having to have your own server?

Good day. The price for unlimited hosting on the Internet is from 3 dollars a month. It is not expensive.