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any update?

Hello , Your Aplication support Format M3u8 (hls stream) ? . Best Regards. I hope Your Answer.

If I understand that it is a video format. I eh bought her another application for ios – apple and reproduces and listen to normal – so my question for this android version. I send you the url in any case. I am interested in buying this app for android.

For all the technical questions we have support service.
Please open https://help.appteve.com and create a new ticket.
Kind regards, Appteve

ok send and create ticket . regards.

not working in 7.0 and 6.0!

You must make a request!!!!!!!!!!! I do not have a button to “make a refund”

I see you too lazy to even read how to request a refund. I have no words. Now I understand why you do not work


Can we see a demo apk here ? I want test this application

Good day.
We are preparing a new update of the application, the demo application, you can ask to our support team.
Kind regards.


tecno77 Purchased

Hi, you are planning new features in the next update or just solving bugs.Thanks


tecno77 Purchased

Good evening, my question is because you post in the previews comment: “We are preparing a new update of the application”


tecno77 Purchased

Thank You!

Do you have a demo available for the backend before I purchase? Thanks

Good day. Within an hour, we will update the product description and add a link to the demo access backend.

Does it have intersitial ads??

Good day. No, we did not integrate ads into the app

demo please

Good day.
Please open https://help.appteve.com and create a new ticket.

I have successfully implemented the application

I tested it on my phone But the player is not playing Application closes immediately

Android lenovo k5 samsung s6 and s7 test training and not at all

Only podcast music works

I clicked podcast offline It closes again

Good day.
You were answered in support. What’s the point of writing messages everywhere? Do you think we will respond faster? No

Good day Support did not come to me Of course it may not be your time I meet with understanding I hope you will help I’m thinking of buying Extended license

Best Regards

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Hello I want to ask can Radio Station add in App are free or Paid ? If I want to add Paid Station in App can it possible and where I find paid Radio Station to purchase or membership.

Good day. For all pre-sale questions we have a support. Go to https://help.appteve.con and create a new ticket. Regards

Hi, how to change the colors this APP ?

my station is one station !

You can not cancel the one I bought wrong, right? And release that just from a radio?

Do you have demo apk?

Please try to reply my ticket (1196). Waiting for your reply.

To begin with, correctly draw up a ticket.

OK. Its my fault! Because my previous ticket was about that app. Apologies for that! But don’t you guys know how to read the rest of the part in a ticket? If client didn’t draw up a ticket correctly, then don’t you guys know how to ask from client what she/he really needs from you?

When a day we read more than 50 tickets, it’s easy to get confused, so we ask that you write the tickets correctly

Do you have demo apk? I have already submitted a ticket.

Yes. please open a new ticket. https://help.appteve.com


codebini Purchased

Hi, yes not working above 5.0 you need to add run time permission for 6.0 ,7.0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/84vdp24bx1lgzdk/Castio_Screenshot_20171105-172449.png?dl=0

Good day. For all technical questions we have support . Co to https://help.appteve.com and create a new ticket.