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Does this app include admob already?


Hello can the podcast feature uses RSS feeds

Good day. Yes, we can do this function. Write to our support team https://help.appteve.com

This comment is currently being reviewed.

1. The code has lots of bug. 2. Seem you will never update it. 3. Your support and behaviour is worst.

First people communicate with the support service, and then write a negative review. I’m sorry that you still have not managed to contact us through the support service and all your statements do not make sense.
“Your support and behaviour is worst.” – Really? Then why do not I see a ticket or letters in the mail from you. Maybe you just decided to lie?

The push system is not working. the files are giving an error. It is very difficult to organize.

how can i fix it


“please help me” = https://dev.appteve.com. Working days: Monday Thursday 11 am – 3pm. Saturday – Sunday we offline

please refund my money. this is have very big bugs. refund my money. i have screenshot and error video. i can publish it

Please go to https://dev.appteve.com and provide all your mistakes and send the project you modified (you do not need to send the original code) .As soon as we are convinced that the error has occurred for our reason, we will talk about the return. What you wrote is just words. You can write 1000 times in the comments “refund my money”, but until we see the error, no further discussion will be. I hope I clearly explained to you.

Can we expect UI update like xRadio?

If I buy the code can I install the admin panel on shared hosting and how many people can stream the audio at the same time?

Good day.
1) The interface will remain unchanged.
2) Yes , with Cpanel
3) Depends on the server that broadcasts the radio station.


Akamal1 Purchased

just got the update can’t see whats new in the page does the update fix the sudden stoppage that happens and allow interruptions and reconnect when internet is back or not ?

This update has been updated library OneSignal. For all technical issues, we have a support site. I do not have such information. Regards


What’s new in the update?

Thank you!