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Presale question. All of the images in the sample are the same size and proportion. What happens when they are different sizes? Vertical verses horizontal in the same slideshow?

you can decide the global slider behavior. Then how to display images.

Options are

  • Fit, center and crop
  • Scale down
  • Scale to fill the height
  • Scale to fill the width
  • Fit images with landscape proportions
  • Fit images with portrait proportions

I just purchased it and tried registering purchase code for support and am getting Invalid code. Not sure what to do? I can send you the screen shot to show that I just bought it!

no problem I see you purchased (thanks!).

Try again (maybe is a temporary Envato API issue), otherwise just use my profile form

I am trying to integrate a functionnality for a personal photo album for each visitor. Something like the “Favorites” plugin.

Do you think it would be possible to integrate something like that in Global Gallery?

It would be in the fullscreen mode, like adding a heart near the Close button. It would need a hook or something like that. Thanks in advance!

theoretically with my new lightbox (included in v5.4) is possible.

The deeplinking system creates a true unique URL. You just need to write few jQuery lines to inject codes into image’s description!

Please contact me in private so we can test a bit. Me too, I’m pretty thrilled to test abilities of my new creation :)

You could add also Facebook “like” button or even comments. Are features I’ll add in next months as soon as I have time.

Thanks for your answer. I just sent you an email about it.

I try to enter in the support system but i forgot my password and when i put my user the email never arrived in my inbox my username is xionzmpr i need to establish this to create a ticket

my email is

Just replied to your mail with a new password ;)


we have been facing the following issue for some time now:

in some cases where we are calling a gallery, the last two images of a row do not have space between them. Please visit link below in order to check the issue.

From what i see, there is a style that prevents the 3rd image from adding a margin-right: 10px.:

.gg_gallery_wrap .gg_lor { margin-right: 0!important; }

This style is added in /wp-content/plugins/global-gallery/css/frontend.min.css?ver=5.4.

Please advice


please note your support is expired, you can renew it anytime though.

To get support please open a ticket or (facing validation issues) contact me through Profile Page’s form.

It appears the lightbox in your demo isn’t functioning. I checked on Firefox and Chrome.

Awesome :)

FYI: fix is available now under update v5.401 (through auto updater, Envato takes days to approve it)

Gotcha, thanks again!

The latest update seems to have removed the ability of my galleries to auto populate from google drive and also refresh the cache. Where have these options gone?

I am not sure but thats a shame, the reason i purchased this product was for the ability to manage the galleries in google drive and have them updated /re-cached automatically by global gallery. shame, had the software less than 3 months and now need to spend more $$ looking for an alternative.

As said, nothing changed in images fetching in last months.

Please open a ticket and give me a WP access, so I can investigate on what is wrong on your end. Thanks

My apologies: not in v5.4 but in previous one. I mistakenly commented autopopulation code.

I’ll publish v5.402 in few minutes with fixes. Just get it (through auto-updater, Envato takes ages to aprove it)

I can confirm what mmil002 says, autopopulate and cache options are gone from “Gallery specific settings” in GG v 5.4. I’ve tried version 5.4 on three different online test sites of mine, on the first I updated from v 5.312 and on the other two fresh GG installs, just to check. Those tests where done on two different servers.

Also i tried on my offline XAMPP server with different themes, same result.

One more thing the Slider autoplay don´t work in v 5.4.

I’ve used Nextgen Gallery as source for the images.

My support period has run out, but I think this must be a general problem and update fix needed.

The updates to the Lightbox are very nice though. :)

Uhm.. I really didn’t touch anything in those files :D

Anyway, let me take a look. Thanks for the kind report!

My apologies: not in v5.4 but in previous one. I mistakenly commented autopopulation code.

I’ll publish v5.402 in few minutes with fixes. Just get it (through auto-updater, Envato takes ages to aprove it)

Great! Thank you. :)

I had problem with Global Gallery, after reinstalling it, it causes problem in “gg_connections_hub.php” in line 397:

$appInfo = \Dropbox\AppInfo::loadFromJsonFile(GG_DIR . ’/classes/dropbox-sdk-php-1.1.6/lcweb_config.json’); $webAuth = new \Dropbox\WebAuthNoRedirect($appInfo, “GlobalGallery”);

When I blocked these out, it start to work better, but still there is some albums that are not working, even all the settings are same than in other albums. I have newest version of WP and Global Gallery

Ok, thanks.

I just got this error: Fatal error: Galleria had problems loading theme at Please check theme path or load manually.

That is a javascript error, but galleria theme is untouched since 2016.
However you faced just now the dropbox issue and that code was on Global Gallery since late 2015 I suppose.

Clean any cache (site and browser) and retry.

In Masonry Preview. It does not support retina (but Lightbox does) can I fix it?

Media Grid is adaptive, then “retina” or other commercial words are just useless. I mean: layout is maintained in any resolution.

On small screens, the mobile layout is applied.

Is your issue related to this?


hamergil Purchased

There is a bug when using wp galleries as default it doesn’t show the title when you update it via the wordpress media window.. then when you change the order of the pictures and update the page it is now showing the titles and even captions…. any idea why and how to resolve this?

WP gallery shortcode have very few to do with GG. Images ID are just taken and a query is performed in real time to get images data.

I’ve just tried and everything seems ok with data editing (also directly from WP gallery creation lightbox). Remember that fetched data are title and description, not caption.


hamergil Purchased

As I mentioned it works sometimes but sometimes not… I explained the situations exactly. if I add either title or description, or both and save it + update the page. nothing changes in the front end. however, If I “play” with the order of the of the images and then save – it suddenly works.. did you try that scenario?

Again – it only happens when using native WP gallery with GG it doesn’t happen when I create GG gallery and then insert it to the page as shortcode

Are you using any cache plugin? This would explain why you see changes when you change images order


We purchased this plugin today, and it’s awesome feature wise, however we have run into a major issue :(

We are using the Image Slider, and when we add more than one within a single post, it causes one of the lightboxes to auto-open upon landing on the page:

We don’t want any of the lightboxes to “pre-opened”, we just want people to be able to land on the page and see the post and then open the lightboxes upon action. We have auto-play turned off. This doesn’t happen when we only have a single slider, but once we add a second slider, this starts happening. It’s essential for us to be able to display more than one per page, so can you please let us know how we can avoid the :pre-opened” lightbox from happening?

Thank you!


Ok, we have disabled the Deeplinking, and this solves the auto-open issue. However this causes the Lightbox to stop working completely :(. We do want to use the Lightbox feature, it was one of our main reasons for purchasing this specific plugin. Also, we’d like to be able to use Deeplinking. Is there anything we can do to get all of the Features to work without the auto-open?

Yeah, mine was just a test to understand the culprit. Could you please open a ticket and give me WP admin credentials?

There must be some sort of interference with the deeplinking system.

LC Lightbox has been just released, then these issues could happen in this phase ;)

ok ok! The plugin is perfectly what we’re looking for other than the bug, so we would’ve been so bummed!

We will open a support ticket now. Thank you!!

Hello GG users, does somebody has a suggestion how to let users leave comments on photo’s inside GG or in a lightbox (how to override GG lightbox by Social Gallery lightbox for instance) ? Appreciate any suggestions. Regards, Eric

Hello Eric, through latest update (with LC lightbox) is possible to insert disqus or facebook comments.

This since deeplinking system is a true deeplink. However I’ll implement it later this year. Actually, if you are a developer, I can tell you how to try achieving it

Ok, no i’m not a coder….but it would be great if i could try this…i’ve 5.4 installed so i’m ready to get instructions…can it use WP it’s own comment systeem too ? and if it would be compatible with the Commentator plugin from yukulelix that i use? btw is there a shortcode/option to extract and show only one photo from google photo’s besides making a gallery with one photo in it ? Regards, Eric

Nope, keep in mind that is pure javascript, then isn’t possible to use any other commenting system. Only FB and Disqus can support this.

And since you’re not a coder, nor have a valid support, I guess you have to wait :)

My support expired, but not willing to buy more as I’m not sure this problem can be fixed:

Whenever I load the page there’s no problem but as soon as i click on any of the images on a gallery and get out of the gallery I see all thumbnails at the bottom of the page (below the footer!) is there a fix for this?

See here

Uhm.. try using this custom CSS

#gg_lb_gall {
    display: none !important;

Excellent that worked man. thank you so much!

You’re welcome ;)


raisinli Purchased

I replaced the server, the domain name has not changed, why the plug-in can not be used, suggesting the following.

unidentified agent

As said: normally I don’t give support for auto-updater since isn’t part of the plugin but an “external” code. You can always update the plugin manually.

I can login as WP admin and try detecting your issue, but since is a communication problem by your WP installation, I’m not sure to be able to force it to work (and in any case you should renew your support period)


raisinli Purchased

Manual update, the problem still exists

If problem is only related to “unidentified agent”, that is 100% auto-updater


AsJaver Purchased

I sent you an email, can you reply to me? Thanks!

I just replied you, but also Sunday I sent you two mails.

However my inbox keep returning an error:
SMTP error from remote mail server after RCPT TO ..

Are you receiving my replies?

I’m writing here to inform you your inbox is bouncing my emails again..!


stefkouf Purchased

Hi and thank you for your lovely plugin Please, i would like to ask how I link a gallery to any link or picture? I would like a lightbox gallery to show up when someone clicks on a link or picture

Is that possible? Thank you Stef

Hello Stef,
images are themselves a link. Once you click them, lightbox opens.

If you want to add a “button” on the overlay, you can use the Overlay Manager add-on

I in wordpress media repository choose picture is not very convenient!I used the plugin to the wordpress media library classification!But your media library management can no longer add images directly to the gallery inside!


LCweb Author

Your site is slow for me, but being chinese, it could be normal.

Remember that thumbnails must be cached once, then you should check the gallery once to avoid slowdowns. Once checked, loading times will depend uniquely on thumbnails size (thumbs quality + size + their numbers)

I can check those gallery pages without issues. Please try again图片20170518000930.png ,This category has a problem!I don’t know why!You can check it,The classification of other is very normal

LCweb Author

There’s an issue on page #3 of that gallery: one image has been probably deleted from Wordpress and not removed from that gallery.

Please check images. Its name is

2017-2018 FF 男装T台秀

After my full screen! Click on the zoom button,It only magnifies the % 50 of my image, My image is 2000×3000


LCweb Author

please open a ticket. I need to know:

  • which browser you are using
  • the exact steps you made

Since I don’t see issues testeing on Firefox


hemeng1989 Purchased

I signed up!I have not received an email!I am using the firefox browser


LCweb Author

You can login into support site with this temporary password: 0X8VjmSKZYtIjHvxQO6SuqZv

Please change it as soon as possible.

I necessarily need to know the steps you made to reproduce the zoom issue. I tested also with firefox, but despite of zoom-in/out it always works