Discussion on Global Gallery - Wordpress Responsive Gallery

Discussion on Global Gallery - Wordpress Responsive Gallery

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is your plugin`s photoswipe 5 lightbox function works with single product image in Woocommerce?

Sure, but depends on the HTML structure of your Woo pages. Could you please give me a link to check?

Hi, link is and i am using Flatsome theme. Thank you.

The structure is okay, but you already have a lightbox attached to those images. You should ask first how to disable it to the Flatsome support

Hi Luca,

Are there any known issues with Easy WP Thumbs working on PHP 8? On our website the thumb creation failed after activating PHP 8. When we go back tot PHP 7.4 there isn’t any problem. Also, there are no conflicts with our other plugins. So, it seems to be directly related to the latest PHP version.

Thank you for your answer.

Marielle Bos

Hello Marielle, no problems with PHP 8.0 (my server uses it). While 8.1 isn’t guaranteed by me and WP.

Be sure to be running the last plugin version.


Bossie79 Purchased

Hi Luca,

Thank you for your information. Of course I am running the latest version of your plugin (8.2.5) and also of wordpress (6.1.1). Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any solution myself for the problem. None of the advanced settings of the plugin did work. I know it must be related to PHP 8.0 and it’s on both my localhost and production website (hosted server). In the console it says the following:

localhost:8888/arachnophoto.thema/en/agelenidae-2/thumb%20creation%20failed:1 GET http://localhost:8888/arachnophoto.thema/en/agelenidae-2/thumb%20creation%20failed 404 (Not Found) Image (asynchroon) attr @ jquery.js?ver=3.6.1:8061 access @ jquery.js?ver=3.6.1:4185 attr @ jquery.js?ver=3.6.1:8018 (anoniem) @ global_gallery.min.js?ver=8.2.5:1 each @ jquery.js?ver=3.6.1:385 each @ jquery.js?ver=3.6.1:207 C @ global_gallery.min.js?ver=8.2.5:1 k @ global_gallery.min.js?ver=8.2.5:1 x @ global_gallery.min.js?ver=8.2.5:1 window.gg_galleries_init @ global_gallery.min.js?ver=8.2.5:1 (anoniem) @ (index):1035 setInterval (asynchroon) (anoniem) @ (index):1035 (anoniem) @ (index):1035

It looks like some js error I think. Do you know how I can solve this? By the way all folder and file permissions are set properly. The status of Easy WP Thumbs is OK. And also the images are shown properly in the builder. It’s just a problem with the thumb creation.

Thank you in advance

Is a thimb creation issue. The related FAQ is this:

I should inspect to know more, but you have to extend the support entitlement and open a ticket

Renew support to get auto updates? Plus I had to jump through hoops to re validate / re-register the plugin on an Art Show Site I maintain that was suddenly INVALIDATED. What a PITA this used to be a great plugin. Very disappointed. Very frustrated to pay money for what was once lifetime updates that now wants you to pay to get them auto. I know I can do it manually and will for now but will be changing after their art show is over next week. Shame on you.

please note updates are indeed free forever. Only the auto-updates part changed. You can read more here:

About validation: there was a trouble over few dozens of customers on the definitive platform switch back in August. If your license was affected, I’m sorry about this.

Be sure to have the latest version installed, now in case of deactivation you instantly get an e-mail and the dashboard will show the reason. However, you really shouldn’t have anymore problems in future

Hi, great plugin, can we customize with css. I want to do a slider that has only part of one of the images showing, thanks

Do you mean the carousel under “CURRENT LISTINGS”?

please look at the link i gave you, I am talking about changing css of how it is displayed, just look at the slider in the link i gave you, look at the last image, it is a partial image. ie want to do carousel, that only shows part of last listing, third time trying to explain this so please look at the carousel slider on above link, thanks for letting me know if it is possible to customize the css etc of your plugin, thanks

Carousels are javascript-based, CSS couldn’t be enough. Anyway, the Global Gallery carousel already has a similar system: it’s the “center” shortcode option.

gnacca Purchased

I see that watermarked images names changes completely. Not even a reference to the original name (e.g. “image.jpg”->”image-watermarked.jpg”). That is a problem for search engines optimization. Is there an option to use for that?


gnacca Purchased

Grazie ancora! Aggiorno subito! Dopo che l’ho fatto devo rifare tutte la cache delle mie gallery?

E’ tutto automatico, ma chiaramente il lato negativo è che si ricreeranno tutte le immagini watermarked quando visualizzi la galleria


gnacca Purchased

Ci ha messo pochissimo! Non me n’ero accorto subito perché il file ha quasi lo stesso nome del precedente watermark ma aggiunge il nome originale alla fine. Grazie ancora tutto perfetto!

i have the trial version .. my gallery is not loading .. stuck in loading animation but if i click on it , it will open the photos .. 2nd : i uploaded 2000×2800px portrait photo .. its clipping outside the screen (its filling the screen not fitting )


Instead of purchasing separate lisence per website, do you offer any option for unlimited/lifetime lisence that can cover many websites?

That would be really convienient.

thank you so much in advane!

unfortunately we are all under the Envato licensing system, that is limited to the “1 license per project”. I know it could be limited for agencies, but I really can’t do anything.

Hi, just ordered, SUPER FRUSrTATED i just spent the last hour trying to get my license from them. The code in codecanyon does not activate license, also can not get support on your website, as it requires a token, but codecanyon license info does not work. Please give me email or a way to contact you, as your site will not let me register or contact you. There is no reason the code from codecanyon should not unlock your license, but it does not! PLEASE HELP

did you simply… follow the documentation?

(or also the instructions on top of the validation screen on your website)

I told you before all i have is an item purchase code and it does not activate your software, nor does it allow me to register for support on your website

Where is the activation code???

Item ID: 3310108

Item Purchase Code: 92c1-43f0-8a05-bd0dba29578b i removed the first section of numbers as this is a public forum

Did… you… read the documentation I linked you?

Once installed and activated you will be moved to the LCweb Dashboard.
It contains the summary of all LCweb projects with useful links and prompting you to validate them.

In fact you must link your domain with your license. The procedure is very quick:

  1. Go to the LCweb License Hub and register
  2. Login and navigate to the related product section
  3. Add a new license specifying the purchase code and the domain you will use it onto
  4. The system will give you an activation token

Hi! I received the download link for the Trial version, but the files are in folders. Could you tell me how do I install in Wordpress? Thanks!

But…. you asked for a trial license, you already have a validation token… what is the point of registering in the licenses hub, since you don’t own a plugin purchase code..?

As said: it’s everything written in the e-mail you received. There’s the download link and the trial token you have to use. No further steps needed

I found!!!! I was stuck in this window looking for the plugin settings. ((image: – another image))

The plugin was already here on WP. I was following on how to install in the header. In this image. Hence all the confusion. This plugin is not part of the WP hall, so I ended up getting lost.

Thanks for the feedback and sorry for my mistake.

Hi, I’d like to insert a gallery but filtered to only show images with a certain tag – what would the shortcode be for this please?

Yes that would be perfect

Isn’t possible through plugin tools. Please open a ticket attaching a link to the gallery and telling me exactly which filter you want to apply.

I need to give you a little JS snippet to try filtering images before gallery is shown.

PS: gallery must have filters, they will be hidden when the snippet acts.

Thanks will do now

Hi, How to translate LC Lightbox? ( like dowload, next, etc.)

being a pure javascript plugin, actually isn’t possible to translate those words. They are HTML title attributes though

Hi, Is your plugin supporting Photoswipe 5 ?

nope, not yet. It will be updated in the next major release

Hi, Is it possible to not use: “All” in startup page with collections and also descide the galleri ( filter) it should show on startup?


both can be done through a bit of javascript on page’s loading. Please open a ticket and give me a link to your collection


Hi, The magnifier icon not show when hover on collections it only show the left bottom overlays? it is ok when hover on image when go in to collections.


First error is related to a wordpress function
wp_get_attachment_image_src($raw_src, 'full');

As if an image you chose in the gallery doesn’t exist anymore.

Thank you! that help me. I am Using the inspector to see the title for the missing imanges and then it was easy to find them and delete this placeholders.

Everything is solved then?

blyerts Purchased

Hi, I paid for my licens but I cant use them due to the new licens hub. Please fix or just remove the hub altogether. All your plugin are so amazing that I want to use and recommend them to my WP Community. Now I cant use them myself.

Did you enable the staging license on the website? The system pushes you back only if no license is found.

Feel free to send me a WP access to check at (I stop working for today. I’ll be back in 10hrs)

blyerts Purchased

Now the feature works just fine and I do not care if the old domain is locked as long as I can use the staging license. As it look this was all a big mistake.

First I thought this was a license bug and the you convinced me that it was a feature. Then everything went wrong.

Now when we sorted this out, I will continue use and continue to recommend your uniqe plugin but the workflow is way too complicated for a hundreds of site. So we include them in the “App Store” they use as an add on when needed. And they wil,l as always, buy their own license :-)

Now I hope for 10 more years of collaboration :-)

Your case is a bit different from the standard. Normally each user manages his licenses, then, once registered, he can track and manage all of them in a very clean way.

I have customers owning 5/10/15+ licenses that are very happy about this: now can know what they used and where.

In your case, you have to use the staging token. Remember it expires after 6 months from its redemption!


Telron Purchased

Great plugin! But I got an error. How can I fix this error?

Uncaught ReferenceError: gg_active_index is not defined at HTMLDivElement.<anonymous> (global_gallery.min.js?ver=8.1.7:1:29295) at Function.each (jquery.min.js?ver=3.6.0:2:3003) at s.fn.init.each (jquery.min.js?ver=3.6.0:2:1481) at HTMLDivElement.<anonymous> (global_gallery.min.js?ver=8.1.7:1:29231) at HTMLDivElement.dispatch (jquery.min.js?ver=3.6.0:2:43064) at HTMLDivElement.v.handle (jquery.min.js?ver=3.6.0:2:41048)

I’ve just released v8.1.8, it should fix also this one


Telron Purchased

Thanks! The lightbox in the slider works without any problems..

Hello, I am unable to register for support… . I tried to get support from you through the normal channel, as you request, but I’m unable to validate my purchase, as it’s saying that my Envato account username is not found. I have also emailed, thank you, Mhairi

I just answered to your e-mail.


mass43 Purchased

Each time I’m trying to establish a new connection to Google Drive when I click on “Get your Google Drive token”, I’m granting access to your services for my Gaccount on the second page, then I’m redirected to your homepage ( and do not receive the requested Google Token (tried on several browser with same result).

I’m not trying to do anything special but using the plugin so I don’t want to pay for any extended support, it should be working out of the box isn’t? Thanks for your help.

if you read the documentation, you know that the token is in the URL ;)


I’m very interested in your plugin!

I would like to know if you can upload a “featured image” for a wordpress post directly from the Google Drive library?

Is that possible?

that is outside the scope of the plugin. Global Gallery can handle images from posts OR Google Drive, but can’t connect the two for WP featured images.


I have a pre-sales question, will the gallery on my website sync automatically whenever I upload new images to my Google Drive?

is 15 mins possible? and what is the max images option?

Please open a ticket for codes and the rest ;)

thank you


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