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buy an addon for an overlay ? what a joke and total rip off

is an optional: you are totally free to use the basic overlay manager included in the plugin :)

Hi Luca, FB comments loading very slow in lightbox. Is there something what I can do to speed up things?
Greetings, Eric

Comes up a question, is there a setting to force loading lightbox fullscreen right away?

Sure: manage the fullscreen treshold in settings (use a very high value)

PS: remember I’m answering while your support entitlement is expired :D

:D Thanks :D


I get a “Prohibited or invalid use of HTML Tag (Critical)” in Google Search Console for all AMP versions of my posts where Global Gallery plugin is used.

In details the errors are:

The attribute ‘gg-url’ may not appear in tag ‘div’. The attribute ‘gg-author’ may not appear in tag ‘div’. The attribute ‘gg-title’ may not appear in tag ‘div’. The attribute ‘gg-descr’ may not appear in tag ‘div’.

The recommended solution by Google provided on Search Console is to “Remove prohibited HTML tags, or fix attributes or values not supported by the AMP standard”.

Any ideas on how to fix this issue?

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards, George

Did you receive the ticket?

Yep, just replying to your ticket in the evening support session ;)

Hi Luca, sometimes I want to make one gallery from multiple Google Albums in one go. Is this hard to code or maybe impossible? It would be great to have. I could make a collection but adding a collection to a collection isn’t possible. Maybe something for future update?
Greetings, Eric

Don’t think too much about switches and options, lightbox has alrrady more than 60 options and normally probably 10% of my customers checks them :D

Lightbox already has an option to not use browser full-screen mode. Probably it would come handy to you, but you’d need to edit global gallery files

Yes, ok… if we can’t have forcing FULL-screen with toggle control maybe you’ll consider implementing in the normal full browserscreen view the detached text/comment from image view like in the FULLscreen mode? Because it does more justice to the image? That’s what makes the FULLscreen mode way more beautiful imho.So maybe we can have it in both views? Greetings, Eric

Only text under images is changed in fullscreen: other layouts are maintained

Great work again! I was in need of a 7 column grid in order to produce a customer requested design and this worked like a charm. I simple chose Mansonry and used equally sized images.

I’m glad you are enjoying it! ;)

Getting following Error on Gallery page where thumbnails are shown:

Warning: Illegal string offset ‘img_src’ in /wp-content/plugins/global-gallery/admin_menu.php on line 277

Warning: Illegal string offset ‘thumb’ in /wp-content/plugins/global-gallery/admin_menu.php on line 278

My client gave it to me, he purchased it.

Then, please, use his data and open a ticket:

lets say we click an image and lightbox opens. Clicking back shld close the lightbox. Not go to previous page. Can this be achieved?

Also in your demo page, very often i encounter lightboxes that goes to the full screen but fails to load any images. I only see the progress bar loading repeatedly.

This issue doesn’t happen with Desktop browser. But, with mobile browser, it happens.

Like I said, it is as though 2 lightboxes are opened, so the first back button actually obeys the command and closes 1 lightbox and adjusts the URL.

But, we still have 1 more lightbox and when we press back again, since the URL is now already altered, it just goes to previous page.

Try it in a samsung/android phone

yes. i have enable deeplink

Could you please open a ticket and give me a link to check? thanks

Hello, I really like this pluggin, but I’m not happy with the options of sharing the images on social networks. They are few options and little visible. Do you have any version with better features to share?

I use only sharing systems allowing me to properly share elements. All other sharing systems just share page’s url: is quite useless in my opinion.

Just like adding sharing buttons to your page.

PS: on mobile my lightbox has also whatsapp share ;)

You’re welcome!

Hello Luca,
I have a remark about the Use dropdown on mobile mode? setting with tags and collections. Although I checked this setting to YES there’s no dropdown on mobile (IOS11) that I can see. Can you confirm? And I have a request about AUTHOR field which we now can’t use to make a per AUTHOR gallerie or collection. I would like to make galleries using this field. This also applies for field TAGS in general. Why, is it hard or maybe impossible to code?
Greetings, Eric

Annnnnd probably the 100th support comment without entitlement ;)

For your information only, maybe it helps. I found out that my site is showing filter buttons, although I checked dropdown on mobile, on Android mobile (Chrome). Not in Safari, Firefox or Chrome on IOS11. I’ll investigate further. :)

Thank you for the great plugin. There is currently a hiccup but things are coming along as planned. I sent you a ticket.

Question: Is there a Load More button option?

yes, you can use the “infinite scroll” pagination system


i’m thinking on byuing this plugin but i have a couple of questions:

- its possible to change color arround the gallery? it is black with some kind of transparency. - its possible to remove the comments? - can we change in options the font size of the title and description of each image? or it is only possible to change this with css?

you are talking about lightbox. Then:

  1. are you talking about lightbox color? You can change the transparent overlay in settings, while by default there are three themes (light, dark, minimal)
  2. Sure, comments are totally optional
  3. If you’re still talking about lightbox, isn’t possible dirctly but I can give you a tiny custom CSS code doing the job ;)

sirask Purchased

Hello LC,

Great plugin but having some issue.

I am getting following error while sharing image on facebook: “The parameter app_id is required”

App Id has already been defined in settings with moderator on facebook.

are you referring to comments or FB share?


sirask Purchased

Hi, Thanks for a quick reply. Its FB share. I have opened the support ticket for this issue.

Hello. I have a question / feature request. Is it possible to allow to download the complete gallery instead of just single images when clicking on download?

this isn’t a feature included in the plugin, I’m sorry. You should place a link to a zip file near the gallery

Have you realized that the images for the thumbnails of the gallery collections do not show up on mobile devices?

of course in your demo… I haven’t bought your plugin yet… but I was researching on collections…

let me know when you get it sorted out and I may buy the plugin, because I haven’t found a nice collections displayed photo gallery yet..

Understood: you’re probably referring to lightbox!

Yeah, there was a bug on direct fullscreen init on mobile. Luckily I solved it this morning but I didn’t apply the update on my site.

Please check now

Hello. I wanted to ask can this gallery use thumbnails from cdn? for example maxcdn or photon cdn? I have a simple pull cdn will it work with that. Also is there a way to store thumbnails on cdn. I have cdn with ftp access. Is it possible to store the thumbnails directly on cdn storage and request from there instead of own server.

the prob is that lazyload gives relative urls like //….. . the cdn pull does not work because it adds the domain name to it. and it ends up which gives 404. could it be possible for lazyload to give absolute url with http. this line from demo for example

<img src="" data-gg-lazy-src="//" alt="Scenic view on the Torres del Paine trek" class="gg_photo gg_main_thumb" /><noscript><img src="" alt="Scenic view on the Torres del Paine trek" /></noscript>

cdns only check the top lazy-src. could there be a way to force lazy-src to give complete url?

hers using a file grabber. cdn have the same problems. all // changed to

and then cdn make pull request from example which just gives 404. if lazy-src gave full complete urls like cdn will work without problem. or atleast return only /wp-content/uploads… and not the domain name with it.


LCweb Author

This is not a problem at all: requires just a tiny code tweak I can give you for free (the HTTP addtion).

The only drawback is the necessity to perform it after ech update. But if you are capable of edit PHP, is really really easy