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makiza Purchased

Hi, why do not you show me this tag (Invalid data – check your URL)? thx

Flickr changed their tags URL schemem then my plugin was seeing it as an user and failing.

I’ll release an update in next minutes. Many thanks for notifying this ;)

Hi, Great Work but I do have a problem here. The Admin Interface on Self-Hosted Wordpress is really slow loading the images to select. I checked the HTML and it looks like the Admin Interface is loading the full size images, my full size images are real full size. I would like to see the Admin interface to use the smaller images also used in the Media Menu on the left side of the WP Admin interface. Looking forward to see this in a next version.

in settings you find an option to use Thumbnails in admin.

Me too, sometimes I’m under a superslow italian connection, then would take ages to load everything without this option :)

Same in France, perfect! thanks for the quick reply, worth an update of my “Support extension” here!


Merci beaucoup Vincent!

Bonne soireè!

Hello. I Have a prebuying question. I see from the demo that your slider galleries do not show the total no of images. Is there anyway to add it or implement it? I need to be able to show the total no of images in slider gallery.

yes, you’re right. Actually counter IS in the slider, but Ive hidden it.

I next major release I’ll probably add an option to show it. But also you just need few CSS lines to achieve so.

I’ll be obviously glad to give you the code once purchased ;)

Also one more question. in lightbox changing image shows loader in between. Is there anyway to make it instantaneous so that there is no loader. Like the swiping on mobiles.

You see preloader because images haven’t been loaded yet. My lightbox (and I suppose everyone else) preloads previous and next images to avoid waiting times navigating through images.

Hi there, just a pre purchase question. Does this plugin work ok with the DIVI builder (Elegant themes)?

you just have to insert a text block and insert a GlobalGallery shortcode within ;)


yayo99 Purchased

I bought this plugin some time ago and I noticed that on recent updates, when you open a gallery, the height is larger to show all the pictures inside the gallery but when you close it, it doesn’t stretch back up (auto height). I noticed that it used to work on older versions but not on the most recent ones. Could you please help me with this?


Hello, could you please give me a link to check?

Hello I would be interested in your plugin my question is: can you add navigation filters to the top of the gallery, keeping them always active in the gallery page itself? I do not think I’ve been clear but I try

i filtri sulle singole gallerie al momento non ci sono. Ho intenzione di inserire una sorta di ricerca basata sui tags, ma niente a che vedere coi filtri del mio Media Grid per esempio.

Puoi filtrare le gallerie se usi le Collections però.

Will this plugin work with buddypress, rtmedia, and Media Library Assistant?

you can surely insert galleries in BuddyPress but there’s no support to rtMedia (is the first time I hear about it, but suppose it uses a standalone images directory).

While Media Library Assistant uploads images into WP media library, then you’ll be able to fetch them through Global Gallery (but obviously not to use its filters).

Back end has become practically unusable with Global Gallery activated. Meaning, Slow, Slow, Slow.

Any clues? Not sure if this began prior to or after the latest WP update to 4.8.3

Any suggestions?

WP latest ypdate surely doesn’t matter. I should check directly and inspect to know more.

But you should extend your support entitlement and open a ticket

Hi, Just wanna ask 1 question, does this plugin take proper advantage of srcset for showing high resolution retina images or if that feature doesn’t come in built, if I use it with WP Retina 2X plugin, will it take advantage of that?

plugin automatically calculates maximum image sizes to be shown (through the parameter in settings). Then there’s no need to create multiple images.

While lightboxes show fullsize image

Hi Mate,

Great plugin.

I have created a gallery using Global Gallery Album with auto-population after an hour, all works fine but just wondering, is that possible for a gallery to detect and insert images automatically from newly created subfolders within the parent folder of the gallery.


Are you using “Global Gallery albums” isn’t it?

Yes I am using Global Gallery albums, any help would be highly appreciated.

When I asked you this I was thinking to a recursive solution to fetch subfolders. But I was forgetting about gallery basepath.

It is set to the main folder and used for every image. Then is totally impossible to use subfoldes, I’m sorry

Hi, I just have 1 bug report and 1 feature request/alternate way to ask here:

1. Global Gallery has an issue with Photobox lightbox, i.e. when this lightbox is enabled and the thumbnail show option is enabled as well, Photobox doesn’t show any thumbnail. I’ve checked the source code as well, no thumbnail is getting included in the HTML. Please fix this issue.

2. Photobox by default comes with an event where is you scroll your mouse, it will zoom in/out of the image, which is super annoying. This can be easily disabled by passed zoomable: false in your lightboxes.php file line no 411. But the problem is that if I directly add this value to that file, in future when I will update the plugin, it will overwrite that change. Any idea on how to fix/implement this?

I know I should not be asking this, but can you give me a timelike by when the photobox issue and this collection issue can be fixed so that I can plan the release of the site after that. Also please remove the site link I have shared earlier, envato is not letting me edit that reply. Looking forward to your reply.

I’ve reported your past comment since is the only way to hide the URL (I can’t edit texts)

Timeline.. well.. I’d like to release the new update before Christmas. However if support (amd your replies :D ) continues to hit so hard.. is difficult to focus on development.

Is a major release, big things are involved

No Problem. I don’t think I have anything else to report here. So you are good from my end :)


I have global gallery installed on my website and i i can notice that when i add masonry gallery through enfold it is not displayed. But when i deactivate your plugin is shown perfectly. Please advice

I should check directly, but you have to renew your support entitlement and open a ticket

i ‘ve just renewed the license. By the way why did i have to purchase the plugin again in order to renew my license? Shouldn’t there be a fee only for the license renewal??

There should be a command on the product page (right sidebar) to just renew your support entitlement.

Please open a ticket giving me a link to check

Got a quick question about Cache Interval. Is it best to just set it to ‘Never’ if I’m fetching image albums from Flickr and I don’t expect to change those albums much at all? Or should I leave it at 1 week as I have them all right now? Thanks in advance for your response.

is surely better to leave it to “never”. There will be zero impact on the server ;)

Thank you. Will go forward experimenting to see what the outcome is if any. Have a lot of galleries all pulling lots of images from Flickr…and they were all set to 1 week. I wonder if it caused any of the caching problems I’ve been having. Will report back here.

Thank you do this good photo album plugin, I love your google+ photos !!

I created some new albums after I update wordpress to 4.9 ver, and the galleries still only show the latest one…how can I resolve it..? >>

and I can’t find the reset buttom to reset the settings…how do I reset the setting ?

Thank you very much 。・゚・(つд`゚)・゚・

Hello, your support entitlement expired, then I can only give you a quick support.

That screen is totally managed by WordPress and galleries are a custom post type.

Then I have only two possible explanations: galleries have been deleted or you are using a multilingual plugin and you created only a gallery under that language.


isaumya Purchased

Hey, are you not running and black friday discounts on this plugin? I thought I will get another license on this black friday deal.


isaumya Purchased

Yah! I have seen was hoping for Global Gallery to be in that list too. :)

It is already super cheap if you think how many features it has :P


isaumya Purchased

I do agree with you. Anyways looking forward to the big update with all the fixes.

I want customization. Send me email address or link so that I explain my custom variations. Thanks.

please use my profile form

Thanks. I have already done that. Waiting for your response.


fernidas Purchased

Hi LCWeb, Hi, I bought the Global Gallery plug-in, I was able to install it without any problem but at the moment of activating it, error 500 appears in Frontend and Backend. I have WP 4.9.1 and in PHP 7, I can help myself. I do not know what causes this error.


fernidas Purchased


Fatal error: Cannot redeclare gg_vc_num_unit_field() (previously declared in /home/wwwcarnet/public_html/wp-content/plugins/global-gallery/builders_integration/visual_composer.php:395) in /home/wwwcarnet/public_html/wp-content/plugins/global-gallery/builders_integration/visual_composer.php on line 395

seems like the plugin is being activated twice. The error reports a doubled function.

Please try removing (being sure it is truly removed from plugins folder in your wp-contents/plugins folder) and reinstalling it

hi i would like to know if you have full rtl support that means that when i add a image to a gallery it will show on the right side of the screen, not on the left side?


LCweb Author

there aren’t specific codes in the version you can download. However I’m finishing Global Gallery v6 that will have better RTL integration.

And since I’m developing it and codes are “fresh”, I can work side-by-side with you to reach a proper RTL layouts compatibility.

Which layouts will you use?