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Is there an option to load js files only when gallery is used in that page. I use gallery on a few pages but files and code is loaded in every page of the site.

Sincerely don’t know how WP rocket acts, however you can also avoid minification but just set where scripts have to be enqueued.


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I tried to set where scripts have to be enqueued but I think my existing cache and minification scripts doesn’t allow such setting because even if I enter a single url for the script, it’s loaded on every page.

If you can add global gallery to load only when used natively in the script, it would be perfect.

Almost surely you have conflicts among caching systems. If you used the full page URL where gallery is placed, my freebie will do the rest.

Maybe another caaching plugin is re-overriding scripts or just serving a static version of the page

Can you add images from a specific facebook album?

sure, you connect the Facebook page, then choose the album to get images from ;)

before i buy is there a demo for this plugin working with woocommerce product

woocommerce is managed handling products image. Then what you see in my demo is exactly what you’ll get.

Shown image -> product image
Handled title (by default) -> image’s title

You can obviously fetch images basing on a product’s category

Hi, I want to add a gallery into a page template created by wcvendors. If I go into USERS to update a vendors shop description there is a Global Gallery icon but nothing happens when I press it except the page gets darker and a loading icon appears. See example here I can add images and galleries from my wordpress media files.

Hi again. Is the plugin normally meant to work within posts? I have no problems using it in pages but when I click on the icon in a post i get this

Sure, it work with any editor. But this is a clear interference. Unfortunately there’s a quite “popular” bad practice, to tweak wordpress lightbox.

I need to check directly to tell you the culprit though. Please open a ticket and give me a WP access. thanks

Thanks. Ticket sent.

hi, is there pagination for gallery? (1 image in a page with next button)

hi, the automatic gallery creation from social media – will it still work if the photos are updated from the social media source or does it only take the images from the time the gallery was created?

you can set a “check interval” along with gallery creation. At that interval the plugin will automatically search for new photos ;)

I bought another license from Global Gallery. I would like to open a ticket, but in the support tool I am informed that my first license has expired. What can I do to open a new ticket?

try again in few minutes or alternatively just contact me through my profile form

Is it possible with Global Gallery to sort photos by Author? Many of our galleries are full of different students’ pictures and it would be nice on the front-end to be able to sort by individual student names (authors). Thanks!

not for now. You should do it tweaking the plugin’s shortcode.

Where do I find info re. tweaking the shortcode? Your video doesn’t cover the different options for shortcodes. Is there a better guide somewhere?

Extend your support and I’ll be glad to point you on right direction ;)

(requires PHP skills in any case)


Is your plugin support pop up gallery from one image? I want when you click on image that I get pop up gallery in same window.


if you need a gallery to be shown from only one image, is possible with a tweak. that is hiding all image but one. On click lightbox will show everything.

If you need multiple images and each one must show multiple images, then solution could be Media Grid!mg_ld=215/Bicycle%20gallery

I was looking at your plugin but I cannot find the answer to my question. Rather than having to choose a lightbox for an Instagram Gallery, is it possible to simply click on the image and open the instagram image on the instagram website in a new window?

you can insert a link for each image, but manually. By default image URL is taken, then I can only open image with related text


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I`m about to go crazy. Can you tell me where to change the color of the title under gallery thumbs here: I tried every option like 100 times

settings -> styling -> “Collections – Texts under images” block


8thRule Purchased

That`s exactly what I did but it`s not changing. Something from Wordpress theme is not allowing it to change color?

Have you got a cache plugin? If so, flush the cache. Otherwise try with “inline css” option


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Hey there.

It seems to me I just spend 29 Dollars on a peace of software, that promised me to be able to display images from dropbox but can’t do it.

Now that I installed it, it says, it cannot find a public folder and here am given a link to a dropbox help site that doesn’t exist any more.

I am a dropbox PRO user and there seems to be NO WAY to get a public folder in dropbox.

So I would welcome any idea on how to make that software display dropbox images.

Thanks a lot in advance.

first of all I’m really sorry for the broken link, new one is this (I’ve already replaced it in upcoming v5.3).

Dropbox is disabling its public folder (as you can read in that link), then I’d personally discourage its usage. Also for Pro and Business users it will be disabled starting from September 1st.

Then, I suppose Dropbox already disabled its articles related to public folder and this is quite disappointing..!

Many of my customers switched to Google Drive as similar alternative


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Hello, i have added facebook to my site, but the images apear pretty high. No matter if i choose a different width. Any idea why? And when i add my RSS feed url of my wordpress website it does not display those posts. Why?

could you give me a link to check?

Can your plugin create a gallery from files inside a specific folder (not in library)?
I mean something like this:
From what I can see in the videos, it is not possible, but it would be extremely useful for SEO purposes.

I wrote: v5.3 will be released, then lightbox will be updated too. Is a standalone project, you’ll have to wait a bit more ;)

Or perhaps it is possible just to load full-size images in the lightboxes (just scaled to fit into screen) and then use right-click to save? I know it would be slow because the images will be 5-12 MB, but it doesn’t matter. It just need links to the original large files, it’s an SEO project, not a regular gallery.

Full image is in the gallery (in a noscript block) then should be indexed without problems ;)

Lightbox is 100% javascript and starts from an url (otherwise page would take ages to load). Doesn’t have too much to do with SEO

Pre Sales question . Does this plugin support Video & Audio file streaming ? is possible to have Audio play list ?

Global Gallery manages only photos. Media Grid instead, does everything you required.

is this plugin allows to add video files to the gallery ? not only images

Hello, nope is a pure photogallery plugin

It’s a pity! i found plagin “photo-gallery” in repository WP its ok and free

Well, is a different plugin :) My one is totally focused on photos

I have been using the plugin for a few days, and I think I it will fulfill my needs well. Folder galleries work and it was important to me. I just have two remarks:
1. It would be great if I could automatically link the thumbnail to the original file (without lightbox). Now I am setting custom links but it is time-consuming. Automatic linking to the source file would be a time-saver and I think it would be easy to add such a feature.
2. The carousel is an interesting idea, I might use it too, but the problem is that the thumbnails are not only cropped but also squeezed – they lose their proportions and look bad. Crop is fine but squeezing is terrible. The best solution would be an approach as in the photostring layout, I don’t care about the item height or number of images at once, so there could be some tolerance value (JIG can do that) – and having uncropped and not squeezed thumbnails would be best in my opinion.


LCweb Author

1- pretty custom behavior. Specially since gallery structure isn’t made with link tags. You should act through javascript.

There’s no need to set a link for every image.

2- carousel should zoom images, not stretch them. Could you please give me a link to check?


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Hi all, I have just a quick question for anyone who uses Global Gallery. The type of gallery I’d like to add to one of my sites is perhaps a masonry style but when you click on one of the images it pops up full frame on the screen and then you are able to swipe from one image to the next on a mobile device, like you do with a Facebook photo gallery. Any suggestions? Thanks.


LCweb Author

Yep, now you can ;)


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I am using the Lightcase lightbox from the Global Gallery plugin v5.3.1 . I like this lightbox but the ‘arrow’ and ‘x’ icons for navigation and closeout show up as vertical rectangles in Firefox v51, as square boxes in Chrome v56. The only browser I’ve tried where the icons show up as they are supposed to is Safari v8.0.2. I am running on Mac Yosemite. Is anyone else having this issue? Seems like a bug that needs to be fixed. Thanks.


LCweb Author

They are open-source lightboxes, not projects by me. Sounds like CSS interference though.

I can take a look, but you have to extend your support before