Discussion on Glider 3D Photo Slider v1.7

Discussion on Glider 3D Photo Slider v1.7

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Hi, great script. Do you need special photos to the effects?

Hello! Thank you! You will need to split your photo into layers yourself – we have a simple Photoshop video tutorial included in the pack (or we can also help to prepare your photos for reasonable fee – just email us to Regarding photos – there are no special requirements, although it is recommended to have multiple objects in different distances to achieve 3d effect during zooming.

Thanks for your quick reply

Congratulations! Good Luck With Sale :)

Thank you!

seems demos are too slow to load?

Maybe, it just loads example images from our server. Our server is not very fast. It’s not a problem of a script, it just waits for images to load. If we would upload images to S3 it would work faster. I think later we will do it. Thank you.

Great Work, Congratulations GLWS :)

Thank you!

Looks amazing, will use for my website but have few pre-purchase questions:

1. Can you explain Constructor? Is this an admin panel included to create slides and is there an online demo?

2. Can you add clickable buttons on the slideshow? It’s nice having a 3D slideshow but I still want users to take action, like clicking the link.

Thank you! We are glad that you liked it.

1. Yes, there is a constructor (as a separate html/js application) to configure your slideshow. In constructor you can use our ready slides or create your own images in Photoshop. Simple video tutorial for creating layers in Photoshop is included. Constructor will generate html code for embedding to you website.

2. You can add any content to the slider, in a separate “div”. You can put this div above other layers and set it’s distance to 1 to make it static.

Hi there, slide pictures do not change and how to add in html page. How to add java script files in header section, Regards


You should use a modern browser. Please also check that zoom parameter is not 1, because in this case images will stay the same. Regarding javascript files you can read here:

Thank you!

can I make an “idle” animation? A picture with light movements, without fading to the next


No, there is no such option.

hello, the arrows to advance (left or right) the slider,it see, but they do not work .. please, solution

Hello. In the demo they work. We can’t reproduce the issue and we need some more information from you. Can you send details on how you use a slider to Thank you.

Is it possible to disable the slider so that we only have one image.

No, as it’s a slider there should be at lease 2 slides.

When images are imported they seem to be stretched to fit a width?
Do you have guidelines
We want the images to appear initially as photoshopped?

You can change image dimensions (in %) and position in constructor.

I have just purchased a copy of the product
But the “purchased” badge is not appearing next to my name
I can provide the product license number if required

Thank you!

Hi, Very good. I bought 03 products from you. :) Can you delete the navigation keys between slides?

Thank you for your feedback. Ok, we will add this option in next version.

Can use open cart ?

Hello. As you are able to add your custom HTML and JS into templates, you can use this slider with Open Cart.

I don’t want to use this on wordpress just on an html file. I’m looking for a slider I can put into the html div’s example something like this example:

Hello. You don’t need WordPress to use our plugin. For WordPress we have another version in CodeCanyon. Thank you.

Question about your awesome script. How do you go about cutting the images. Shapes is easy but people or hair? Do I need to have some expensive photo editor to do that? Thanks

We can only recommend to use Photoshop, which can do it. There is a refine edge brush for selection mask.

But it’s possible that other editors also have similar functionality.

Thank you.

I purchased and downloaded your script but I do not find the 350 3D slides library. Can you tell me how to get it? Thanks


You can run the visual constructor and click Library button in it to pick a necessary ready slide.

Thank you.