Discussion on Glider 3D Photo Slider WordPress Plugin v1.10

Discussion on Glider 3D Photo Slider WordPress Plugin v1.10

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can you please tell me how this plugin differs from your other plugin – Scenic 3D Photo Parallax?


You can check demo pages to understand the difference. Scenic is a single 3D image that respond to the mouse scrolling, and Glider is a set of images (a slideshow) that are changed by a timer.

Hi there,

Great idea!

Question: can we use our own images to create 3D look?



Hello! Yes, you can. You can prepare layers in any Photo Editor, video tutorial for Photoshop is included in the pack.

Thank you.

Looks great. Can the 3d effect be used in woocommerce product image? Thanks.

Hello, thanks,

Unfortunatelly, we don’t see any easy way to change product image without modifying PHP sources in WordPress.

Thank you for your reply, what about adding image in description?

If description handles custom shortcodes correctly than you are able to do it. But we expect that it will not work without modifying the code, like e.g. described here:

Or here:

Thank you.

Hello, congratulations for the plugin. We need to be able to make the slides in which we have only one photograph stop after the first cycle. is there any way I can stop the loop?

PS: a button that allows you to duplicate the slides would also be useful.

Currently, only by changing the sources of the plugin. You can open ‘glider\public\js\glider.min.js’ and ‘glider\admin\js\glider.min.js’

and manually delete these 2 strings:




deleting this part of code each slider on the site stops a the first slide. I need just one slide slider stops at first slide.

If you need both behaviors then there is no easy way to do it by code.

“the problem is that with one slide only, at the end of the animation we get a white screen before the loop starts again.” Maybe, you can add 2 similar slides, in this case they will switch without white screen. Or you can add a number of slides with still images to stop animation for a while.

Hello, we have a problem with viewing slides from the control panel. We only display 10 of them while there are actually more.

thanks a lot for upgrade, but now after upgrading we get another issue: slider stop at first slide, you can see here: Can you help me?

Hello. Can you please redownload the latest version of the plugin and check again. Thank you. It seems that there were a corrupted file in the pack, we have already fixed that. Sorry for that issue.

ok, it’s working! Thanks a lot!


Could I get your zoom effect in one of each of the 3 section your can have in the main part of these URL:

(in the first section with 3 layers)

I am willing to buy to accomplish that. The one you see does not look ok with the black interaction and the effect is not ok.

If you can help me with some custom work, please tell me the cost.




We don’t see any easy way to accomplish that using our slider. Perhaps it is possible to start animation on hover and destroy slider on mouse-out event. But all of these will require writing additional code that goes beyond the slider functionality. And we cannot help you with that unfortunately.