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The Buttons (Icons) are not correctly displayed in the Zoom, the icons are missing :(


How to center the plugin in your page is a installation action.
We don’t offer customization and/or installation support.

GlassCase works with any kind of image size. But, zoom appears only when the image is bigger than the display container, otherwise why show zoom when the image in the container is already in natural size.



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all right.

Could you tell me how you could use your plugin using small images? is my need to show small images zoom in (do not have to question me why or so)

90% of the images on my site are less than 300 * 300

How can I show the zoom in images of less than 300 * 300?

WITHOUT CHANGING THE SIZE OF THE CONTENT, would this break the layout of my site?

Zoom appears only for images bigger then the display container. That’s it. Nothing else can be done.

Hello, the icons for the display are not showing. What am I missing? I don’t want to email the link on the public site as the project is under construction. Is there somewhere else I can email you?


the first guess would be that the fonts weren’t uploaded to the server. If the fonts are present on the server, then email us the link to your site.
email: tinycomp@outlook.com

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Thank you for the quick response. That was the issue but I’m still having a little problem with the rollover zoom. I emailed you directly the link and question.

We’ve sent a reply :)
Hope it helps.

Hi, I bought yur plugin and I would increments zoom, where can I fix it? Thanks

I would increase my zoom for example in this page http://www.5maisonbb.it/shop/blusa/ when I’m hover the image, and zoom its work, I would that zoom is more big than now. is possible? thanks

In your case the zoom appears but it doesn’t have what to zoom, because the image you use (320px x 320 px) is smaller than the display container (400 px x 533 px).
To have a real Zoom effect you have to use big images, in this way the zoom will show the detail.
The solution is to use bigger images than the image container. Or to decrease a bit the GlassCase container
You could see examples on our website.

Another issue we observe on your site is that the styles you use affect the glasscase component.

Hope it helps.

ok thanks