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Great idea! :-)

Is it possible to bring up the context menu by a custom link as well instead of right-click?

Thanks, Bernhard

Hey Bernhard, that is a great idea I’ll add it as soon as I update gizmoMenu :)

another nice one

Its working fine in chrome…

There is a problem with performance on tablet and mobile devices that have small RAM amount.

I’ve run extensive tests and confirmed with 100% certainty that the cause is GizmoMenu on the block labeled ” CLOSE MENU IF ANY OTHER BUTTON IS CLICKED”. This performs a .parents() jquery scan, and subsequently selects using the html element. The delay ranges between 600ms, and 2.5 seconds. Which is a massive delay, every time someone clicks (or touches) the screen.

I recommend that you improve this by directly targeting gizmoMenu elements. I have rewritten it myself for example sake (and solution sake in my case):

$(’.gizmoMenu:visible’).stop(true,false).animate({opacity:0},{duration:100,queue:false,complete:function(){ // CLOSE ANY OPEN gizmoMENUS $(this).css(‘display’,’none’).find(’.active’).removeClass(‘active’).next().stop(true,true).slideUp(‘normal’); }});

Which has a super massive performance improvement on mobile devices. This doesn’t resolve your usage of .parents(), which is extremely slow as well, especially on well nested clickable areas (scans whole dom tree). I think the better solution would be to scan known gizmo menu’s to see if the is within it. Which I will be writing next.


And the semi-final solution is:

This has brought the lag down to a consistent 300-400 ms. I’m not sure it get’s any better than that.

Hi, I’m interested in buying your context menu. Is it possible that every item has a different color background? can i style it in css and add custom classes to menu items?

Yes, you can apply your own classes to individual list elements and then write different CSS for each :)

Can you provide a demo for preview in order to better understand you work

There is a live demo for this item

Hey, the live preview is not working, can you upload a new one?