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Anyone available for support? I’ve emailed you guys several times

You did not pay anything for this job, anything you initially asked me to do and sent you more than two months ago and several times!

That’s all, have a conscience!

Hey guys, the file you sent me is not compiling with cocoon io, can you email me please so that I have the correct zip project. armanirouse@gmail.com


I am trying to read the documentation to the game and all of the links are leading me to pages with 404 error. Is there an updated link to where I can learn how to compile the dress up game? Thanks for your help in advance.

): After clicking on the screen of the phone the game stop ??

Hi, I already answered your messages in the mail, we can continue the discussion by mail.

Can you convert Flash games to html5

Hi, I do not do this kind of activity, but among the developers I heard that it is possible, look for specialists in flash games, I only do HTML5 games.

Guys, I purchased this game months ago and all of the links in the documeation take me to pages with 404 errors. All I’m trying to do is upload the game to iTunes connect but I can’t access the documentation to know how to do so

So one purchasing this game with it clearly saying “iOS” in the description, how would one submit to iTunes without having a Construct 2 license? I’m more confused now than when purchasing the project and not knowing how difficult it would be and I’m getting emails about “confidential information”? When I paid for the revisions I had done none of this confidentiality was mentioned, I’m very confused and now I learn your servers are down but I bought the project 5 months ago and never had access to the documentation so it’s safe to say you guys have been selling a project users have no access to the documentation that shows setup and even your documentation from what you’re saying doesn’t show how to get the app working on Xcode so what exactly does the documentation teach one? Just want to get my project working on Xcode and I’m being confused by either not hearing back from you guys or there’s a disconnect in dialogue and I’m not being understood. First it was send $50 and I will make revisions. I did that. Then I got my game back with a zip folder containing no Xcode project and was told I didn’t pay for that. So I asked what I paid for and I was told to make the revisions to the game title and etc which I could’ve done on my own if the game had an Xcode project to open the file in Xcode for iOS. It seems one was assuming everyone purchasing was a pro and wouldn’t require any help when you’re selling a project with documentation that’s not even accessible.

We do not do the conversion for IOS and Android, you have to do it yourself, we dont make instructions how to convert the game into an android or an iPhone, since it has nothing to do with the game code at all.

I understand that now that you don’t know how to do it that would’ve been easier to say than to have one to think that you could do it. If it doesn’t have anything to do with code, how is one supposed to upload the capx file to iTunes connect? You guys are responding but not answering my question. I purchased the game with the intent to be able to upload the game to iTunes connect and google play, but you’re saying you don’t know how to do so? So one purchase this game from you and does what exactly with the project since it can’t be uploaded and you don’t know how??

Доброго времени суток, как с вами можно связаться по поводу расширения функционала игры. Спасибо.


Когда можно ждать ответа? Неделю назад написал вам письмо на указанную вами почту.

Письма от Вас, к сожалению нет. Напишите Ваш адрес.

hi dude i wanna exchange this game, cause i checkout 2pcs for same games..

this refund will approved in 3days?

I have already confirmed the application for a refund, how many will be checked by the time I do not know.

thanks that refund now accepted (y)

Hey how to edit this project, I thought it’s eclipse project, what to do with it, what’s that platform?

Write us your email address, we will send you an email.

Check your email.

How to open in Construct 3? It asks for plugins.

Nevermind, I found the solution.

Hi, please check email. I am getting error.

Hi, answered.