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Very beautiful game! :)

Thank you! ;)


vip3rb Purchased

How do I translate words

Hey, write me an email and I will explain to you all the details! muscle-ss@mail.ru


inkozi Purchased

have purchased the game can you send over vector files .. thanks

Yes, of course has already sent to you by if you need to mail something more, write me an email!

Can you please tell me what font do you use for the title of the game? Many thanks in advance!

many thanks?


can this game be added to https://cocoon.io so i can release ?


is there documentation on how to create/compile/publish on Cocoon ?

Yes, there are links to documentation in the archives with the game.


i bought your game, looks good, I am just wondering where in Cocoon do i add the ID for admob.?


Hello, your AdMob id, you can install in the game itself! More than anywhere else it is not required.

If that write me an email, I can help you in more detail! muscle-ss@mail.ru


I compiled app on android studio and uploaded to play store , I can’t open the game when I click the play icon , I have tried on severa tablets and mobiles.

Can you advise what is wrong ?


Try to compile with this: https://cocoon.io/

That is what I used

Watch this video carefully, and do as well as in the video. Use for export only construct 2, otherwise you will get errors.


SAV81 Purchased

Hello, I recently purchased this game buy every time I try to run the game try on the computer I keep getting and error message. It says:

Javascipt error! Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘load’ of undefined http://localhost:50000ATPAds_plugin.js, line 228 (col 34)

Also I saw in previous messages that you give the vector file, is this true?

Thanks for your attention and great gam!

I answered in the mail!

Hi, I’d like to purchase this game but am not sure how I would open this in Xcode? I develop for iOS so I would be looking to edit this script in Xcode. Thanks for your help!

Hey, to be honest, I do not know how to Xcode. I compile the game on Android and Ios through the online service Cocoon. Everything works fine and fast!

https://cocoon.io/ https://shatter-box.com/knowledgebase/cocoonio-how-to-build-a-game-using-construct-2/

So purchasing this game I would be using cocoon to publish to the App Store? I’ve never heard of or used cocoon before. I’m sure you include documentation on getting started?

Watch carefully the online instructions that I gave to you, they have everything! Includes sales of the game, cover those links!


inkozi Purchased

Hello I have purchased the game I want to know the cost to add a few new functions to the game as i will do the final art work i just need the functions to be added.. here is the list of what i need.. so what would it cost and how long to add this?

1. be able to change the model skin tone to about 10 different shades

2. be able to change model body type to 5 new body types, Short skinny , tall skinny, sort and tall fat , average)

3. eye shape.. Asian looking as an option

i will do my own art work for clothes , skin tone , i just need to be able to have the functions of what i ask and i will add graphics to match .

Hello! Of course, I can help you. I think I have already answered by mail, a letter not can come to you ?. Write to me on e-mail: muscle-ss@mail.ru


inkozi Purchased

i will email again under a gmail account as i have not gotten a reply ..so i sent the note here .. no worries

Yes, I received a letter and already answered!

Thanks, I will buy today, I wasn’t aware about building an app with cocoon. One other question, how much would it cost to add the ability to change the model to Asian or African American? Adding different shades and weights or is this already implemented? Thanks for your help

Thank you, we can discuss all the details of the game in the mail. My e-mail address: muscle-ss@mail.ru


I’ve opened the zip project in cocoon but how do I actually run the game and make changes? I dont see any documentation in the project. Thanks for your help.


I am trying to read the documentation to the game and all of the links are leading me to pages with 404 error. Is there an updated link to where I can learn how to compile the dress up game? Thanks for your help in advance.

Hello Friend! Write to me at mail I will send you a document. muscle-ss@mail.ru

I emailed you please check

Hey, I sended to you, + add a video document.


I downloaded the project again and I was able to find the capx file to upload to construct 2. The problem now is there are plugins it’s telling me to download and I’m not sure how to get these plugins. Can you assist me please? I really need to finish this project. Thanks for your help.


Hey guys, Pease check your email, I purchased another one of your projects and need some questions answered. I wanted to add th functionality to change the girls skin color as I thought this was already included with your latest update as other customers were asking for it, 8I figure if you have the ability to change the color of the hair why not add that to the actua model to give her different shades instead of just one?


Hi, can we use it without changing graphics? if not, can you give the link for graphic assets? Thanks.

Hi, yes, you can use the game to without any changes, you need to buy the game with an extended license.

hi, is this code source work with eclipse ??

Hello, complete the standard for all games HTML5 project and project of the game for the game engine Construct 2.


dmarcion Purchased

Can I easily modify the game so a member can’t play the game over and over but gets to create on complete look and then needs to refresh the browser page to play again.

I think all you need to do is remove the home page icon which restarts the game.

Also, can I add more clothes to the initial character…my site is for very young kids.

This is for a website which is responsive and plays in full browsers and mobile deices.

Hi, all my games can be completely and easily edited using the game engine Construct 2. You can easily add new features or remove what you need without any programming knowledge. https://www.scirra.com/

Yes, all my games are built on the HTML5 platform, so they work well on all types of devices!


dmarcion Purchased

Did you receive my email about customizing the game with my character?

Hey, no, I do not see any new messages. Write to me again: muscle-ss@mail.ru

Hi guys, please check your email


Hi guys, please check your email. I tried to send the payment and am getting an error each time


Hi, for reskin and put to App Store i must Construct-2 installed? or just replace images?


Hi, You can do without it, but then it will take more time.

One question, for mobile has support save image button like web app version?, i’ve try apk demo but save button not appear.

Please write in more detail what you do not appear.