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Nice! and in a game of dreidel Gimel is the winner!

Thanks! I didn’t know that. I hope Gimel will win me a nice amount of sales :D

Thanks for the caveat re: one-level submenus. Make it multi-level submenu capable, and you’ve got another purchase.

The menu can be very easily modified to handle multilevel submenus. The “one-level submenu” thing is just for usability reasons. If you have too many levels, some of the links won’t be visible on small screens because the height of the menu would increase too much.

Only css or not?!

I love it! I have a question though, does this work in the top as it works from the left? Or is just the appear from left option? would be cool to have this coming from top as well..

At the moment it’s not possible. Some pretty big modifications must be made for that. I am considering adding this feature.

Hi, from the comment above, just wondering if you added a ‘from top’ option, or do you have another menu for sale with the from top option? Thanks.

No, I didn’t added that option and I don’t have a menu behaves like that.

*which behaves like that.

Is there also an option that the menu also closes when clicking on the body?

No, there isn’t.

Hi, really useful item. Is it possible to make the menu collapse after you click a menu item?

I replied to your email.

If you watch closely, when you click close on the menu, the page jumps up a few pixels. This is due to the use of top:xx; on #nav and #hideMenu… if you change this to adding a padding to the child anchor… the problem is fixed.

Nice code and working great.

Thank you, I’m glad you like it!

I purchased this. When you click the open menu, it scrolls the page a little bit down. Then when you close the menu again it scrolls the page down more. How can I fix this? Tested with chrome and firefox, the problem only seems to happen in chrome. Weird :/

That behaviour is expected. The menu is using anchors, so when you click the menu button some browsers scroll to the target of the anchor.

whats wrong with the demo ?