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Very cool and great work! Will have it in my mind. GLWS.

Thanks for your interest,

Any questions or concerns please contact us. sac@gozfly.com

Hola! Muy bueno el script… hay alguna forma de limitar los clicks por IP? Le he estado dando clicks hasta que me ha tocado! jajaja

HI, very good script! Is there an option to limit the clicks per IP? I clicked the button till I won!

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Gracias por el interés en nuestro sistema, Notamos que en el panel administrador del demo tenía el valor “0” en la clave “nullprobability” lo establecimos a 5 esto soluciono el problema ahora ya puede continuar observando las funciones que el script incluye.

Si tiene más dudas o preguntas no dude con ponerse en contacto con nosotros. sac@gozfly.com

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Hi, very good script. It plans to purchase credit for attemps via PayPal?

Hy, Thanks for your interest in our system.

Currently the script does not have that functionality, but write it on the list to implement this feature next update this weekend.

If you have additional questions or concerns do not hesitate to contact us. sac@gozfly.com

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Congratulations you have won a gift! Gift Code #: hi,when i have won ,the gift code is empty (mysql aslo have no code in table winner/gift_code)

“purchase credit for attemps via PayPal”,can i update that freely?

Of course we will strive to release the new version as soon as possible, a few hours ago we released an update with corrections system. v.1.1 Please don’t forget rate us if you like the script.

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thanks,please let me know when you have released

Hi, this seems interesting. During my try, it seems that my ip changed few times making the counter reset and another time continue. And when i have the gift and entered my name and email, again my ip changed so the app says I feel you can not reserve this gift because your IP address does not match our record of winning attempts. (Contact Technical Support).

@atteam On Monday will be released the new version 1.2 of gifty no longer be based only IP but also for user authentication.

Cool script, good luck with sales! :)

@extreemer Thank you very much friend.


Does this system run based on IP? If I change my IP, am I’m able to continue getting raffles?


@Vincex137, Thanks for your interest in our system.

Yes, gifty is based by users ip because is designed to avoid filling long registration forms and validation of users and make a quick and easy game for the user.


Would it be possible to make it so each IP / Mac address only gets 1 click, or at least make it so only each user gets to click it once every 1 hours, 6 hours, 12 hours, 24 hours, or 7 days -



How can I add more fields to reservation form?

Hello, I meet a problem at present when a person gains(wins) the window modal verb displays but she(it) remains empty I do not why understand to help I please

im trying to preview your script but your site has malware on it, please fix.. thanks

No demo working. Malicious url redirect.