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When you go to Step 2, there’s no way of choosing a particular Friend by Search. The way you have it set up isn’t going to work…people usually have hundreds of Facebook Friends, and you have no way of looking through them all.

Right, but currently it’s in this state.

Soon that option will be available so you can easily select and search your friend. :)

pls add a screen how it looks when they get a gift !

More item details pls

at the moment please try the demo.

I will update more screens soon. :)

Hi, is their any option of downloading the list of users and data ? Also Could you post some snaps of admin panel?

List of app users is saved in database with users’ public profile. I’ll upload admin panel snaps shortly.

Hi! I’m interested, but you may, please, translate to portuguese brazil? Since now i appreciate.

Hello, I am not good at portuguese language, you can do it by hiring a translator + coder. Thanks

Images are not displayed How can I get the admin

wie komme ich in den Admin bereich?

You can access the admin panel at But edit admin/admintop.php file and put your Facebook numeric user-id at line 6 as below…

$admins = array(‘xxx’);

Here is how you can find your numeric user-id

Hi, is it easy to translate? Can it be done via .po/.mo file?

You’re free to try :)

I if you are a developer you can do it by yourself or hire someone to do it for you. Thanks

Hello neomaverick, I am trying to install your Gift for friend app. However there seems to be a server dependency that it needs that was not listed in the description or directions. When I run the code on my yahoo small business hosted site, the code tells me that I need to install something called “IonCube Loader”. the problem is my hosting company will not let me change my php.ini file. This is off limits to subscribers. As a result I can not run your software. Is there a version of your software you can send me that does not require this dependency? I have hit a brick wall and will not be able to install your app otherwise.

Please advise and thanks.

Hi! Unfortunately it cannot run without ioncube.

The demo is very slow. Please fix it. Make the Cyrillic to be supported.

Do I need SSL for it?

Hi moneff,

Demo works here at normal speed :) The app is optimized with English language only, can’t guarantee other character-sets.

Yes, the SSL is required by Facebook, here’s a reference,

How do y creat categoris end sub categorys?

Hi, sub-categories aren’t supported but you can define/change categories from the database.

ok thx

My app is not center your demo look good but in the rar the site is totoly broken

how to fix this issu

You need to set width of the app canvas from application configuration under Facebook Developers dashboard.

ok thx

Hi there what wrong i’m doing nothing appearing after clicking step 2

there was an error and now it’s resolved.

Hi there are you available for help ?

Hello, how can i help you?

there are few problems first i want to list app in facebook app store how to do it more it not show all friends and while sharing it popup twice

Hi faild to install pls help

Invalid query - SELECT `fName` FROM `users` WHERE `userid`=’1442072019414471’ - No database selected

How to solve thx

Fatal error: Uncaught Exception: 12: REST API is deprecated for versions v2.1 and higher thrown in /home/xservere/public_html/gift/base_facebook.php on line 1039

I am working on it, and that will issue will be solved ASAP. Thanks

Is the app working now ?


I have the same problem “Fatal error: uncaught Exception: 12: REST API is deprecated for versions v2.1 and Higher thrown”

I am working on it, and that will issue will be solved ASAP. Thanks

Have you solved something, if I want my money back, it’s useless app

please update demo

Hi, Why the live preview page is empty?

App does not work, please update and I want to buy it.

update demo and update the code

is there a working demo for this?

demo not working pls update