Gift With Purchase

Gift With Purchase

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Gift with Purchase Extension extend the functionality of shopping cart price rule in Magento.Gift with Purchase Extension is very useful to promot your business.using this extension store owner can add coupon code for their customer to automatically add a gift to their shopping cart with other products with zero of coast.


  • Easy Installation
  • Possible to create multiple coupon code for gift item.
  • Easily Manageable With Shopping Cart Price Rule
  • Open Source

Frontend Url:

Add product on Cart and try this Coupon Code:gift2016

Admin Demo Url:



How does it works

1) Create A Gift Product

A gift product is nothing just a simple product with zero price.lets describe how to create that.

  • Create a simple product from catalog->Manage Product.
  • Make the price of the product to Zero
  • Now change the product visibility from General settings to Not Visible Individually
  • From Inventory change the Maximum Qty Allowed in Shopping Cart to 1
  • You can create multiple Gift Product in same procedure

2) Create a Coupon code

Now create a Shopping Cart Price Rule with a specify Coupon code from Promotion->Shopping Cart Price Rule

  • You can put any condition with a specific Coupon code in the shopping cart price rule.
  • just don’t apply any discount amount on it or don’t make it enable for free shipping – just don’t change any thing form Update price using the following information from the screen
  • You can create this type of coupon code as much you want with the regular coupon code.

2) Assign Gift Product to Coupon code

  • Now we will find out our extension at Promotion >Gift with Purchase>Manage Item like the following screenshot
  • After click on Manage Item you will see the screenshot
  • Click on the Button Add Gift Code you will se a form where we will assign the gift product to the Coupon code with a drop down of the gift product and the coupon list
  • Now Select the appropriate coupon code and the gift product like the screen shot
  • Press save button then our gift code created successfully completed and see the screenshot
  • You can create this type of coupon code as much you want with the regular coupon code.
  • You can assign same product to multiple coupon code.
  • Please don’t use same coupon code more then one rule.