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“Download error” With android 4.x and 5, with android 6 it works, please fix the problem. (real devices)

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Download error ? Mean can’t down APK test ?

Hi, I want to purchase this app, however when you share it on WhatsApp you cannot share it as a status, unlike this app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ali.alhadidi.gif_facebook

Can you fix it so that it works with new WhatsApp status update?

Yes. We can fix it. Give me screenshoot of differences. Contact: contact.codergalaxy@gmail.com

can it be updated to share the gif file , not the link ?

Yes, can do it. When you download the GIF to your devices. You can share with file, not only link

is Admob integrated in the source code or not ?

Admob included in source code. You only change Admob ID. Easily

i want it on eclipse m!!!!

You can convert to Eclipse. But the Project now is Android Studio

convert it to me and i will buy it

Can you connect with a personal Web site?