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GoodLuck for sales !! i like it.

Is there any document for Guidance , if we want some changes and more.., how to add more content in the given categories.

Thank you so much ! Email to us

Need the Video editor too. When will you list it on the market :)

Email to us to know about it


tahaweb Purchased

Hello, I have purchased today your gifs source code, the source code is working smoothly and everything is fine, but i’m having little issue and i would like to know what do you think about it, when i run the app on similator, the app take time to load data but its not the problem, the issue is when i click on category for exemple and i want to download the gifs the download fails and gives me this error ” Download Error ” so i want to know how we can fix that before i lunch my apps, i’m waiting for your replay and happy holidays


Please test on Real Device, it’s ok to download. Maybe on Simulator do not have good storage

Thank you so much

Hi I want video to gif option.. I am ready to pay more.. Is there any possibility? Plz reply ASAP.

You test on Real device or Simulator ?? Please test on real device and have exist video mp4 on it

tested on real device with Custom ROM. i will check it on other device and let you know.

OK thanks

cool app i have this questions 1. is posible remove “power by giphy” 2. is possible create php admin panel for upload custom gifs and categories 3. can rename categories 4. api have limitations on request day 5. have admob 6. is posible download gif and send as gif on whatsapp NO as link Thanks good develop

email to us

What does this do? Share gifs on social media? What else?

Yes, create GIF from video.

Dear seller, where are stored gifs in my server or its connected to giphy.com

Connect to Giphy.com, No server !

Is it okay to connect to giphy.com and view their content in our app? Do we need permission from their site owner before?

yes, GIPHY.com is free GIFs

your app sending a url to gif, not a gifs and many social apps like a hangout not show preview to url, do you plan to fix it? http://prnt.sc/dorlrp

you must download and share GIF files

download always error in app, tested on real device kitkat

Please test other devices. We test many devices. They’re ok


rootdee Purchased

this apps support for admob ?

Yes, If it doesn’t support we will do it for you free to support 1 banner + 1 intersitial


rootdee Purchased

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How do we add / edit / or delete gifs?? Is there admin panel to manage all these

From GHIPY.com, so you only add, edit or delete category or create fillter to get suitabe GIF for you


kotsh24 Purchased

Hi Developers at ….

Thanks for submitting your app to Google Play.

I reviewed (App Name), com.fez.gifsmaker, and had to reject it because of an unauthorized use of copyrighted content. If you submitted an update, the previous version of your app is still live on Google Play.

Here’s how you can submit your app for another review:

Remove any content owned by a third party from your app. For example, your app contains: images from media such as “Glee” within the App Experience. Read through the Unauthorized Use of Copyrighted Content article for more details and examples. Make sure your app is compliant with the Impersonation and Intellectual Property policy and all other policies listed in the Developer Program Policies. Remember that additional enforcement could occur if there are further policy issues with your apps. Sign in to your Developer Console and submit your app.

Hi !

Please email to us. Maybe you change image and have probleam with Play Policy. Maybe we must teamviewer for your case


kotsh24 Purchased

ok i have sent email with my skype because i cant find your skype there please help :)

Added your SKype

Please email to us. We will suport you

Maybe path is too long, please rename folder to shorter